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SNN! I found your BRITISH numberplate!

Well. Guess what. I waswalking home from school today and guess what I saw.

Well. English number plates go lke this...

Two letters.
Year the car was bought originally.
Three letters.

The umber plate I saw was...


That's why I want WYE to look...
This isn't that amazing... Consider how many cars there are in the world. An incredibly large majority of them have number plates. This also means that many of them could have WYE on them. It's not that amazing to see.
Well. I was quite shocked. And since I live in a small village. I'm used to seeing most of the cars around.
Numberplates over here in NSW Australia go like

LOL 999

(made up one)

or they also go like:

AB 12 CD

This thread sure is random...

I saw one here in norway:
UR 13375

amazing isnt it.
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I once saw a GAY 666 plate.

No kidding. I wish I had a camera cellphone back then :/
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That's kinda... cool, I guess.

For the sake of content, this is how number plates are like in Germany:

AAA-BB 1111

AAA stands for the county [word?] and can be up to three letters long, BB are just one or two random letters, and 111 is a random number (up to four digits).

Wow, I never knew German license plates were so long. Here in the US, each state has something different I think. I know Virginia is XXX-####, though occasionally there will be 6 digit on special plates.

Edit: Ack I'm an idiot, it's XXX-####, not ###-XXXX in VA.
I am pretty sure that people can request that their plate thingies can be changed, but you probably can't change the state or something. So you may end up seeing:

GAY - 666

as a license plate.
Wow, I thought the USA had a standardized system. New York's format is XXX-####, three random letters and four random numbers.

I think they've got a system in place that takes out "offensive" words, cause I've never seen "gay" "ass", "cok" or "tit" before. I have seen "vag" though >_>

I think if you specify what plate you want, you can get around that system. I've seen Seinfeld's famous "Ass man" plate while driving through Syracuse awhile back.
Ack, thanks for saying that kate, I realized I swapped the # and X sides. It's really XXX-#### in VA.
My friend saw a custom Number plate where we live in the UK, saying "fuck you"Free counters!
Well, here in Venezuela number plates look like that:

GAY 911



B4C 3A5
i just lurk sometimes
ours go XX ### XX or in vienna, the capital, W ##### X

so yeah.

One of our teachers' car has the number plate OP 666 AO.

You get it. 666, alpha omega.
Here in Brazil car plates are like:

OMG 1337

(just an example)
WYE I thought the first 3 letters of the German car plates resembled the city name of where the car came from or something.

I don't even know the pattern of the Dutch car plates here. It is just xx-xx-xx where xx is either a letter or a number. One of the xx consist of only letters though, but I don't remember which.
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There's some pretty wild license plates here in my city in MA.

Couple of 'em have something dirty with a bunch of random numbers, but one time, I saw a license plate with 12345 on it ... well, it was letters, and then counted up. Kinda weird ...

There was another time where I saw a license plate at a house address, both numbered 1337.
In Sweden, the format is AAA 111

However, there was a foreign car that was often parked outside of the building where I live with the number plate PB JC 6666. When my brother and I saw that, I commented on how it stands for "Pope Benedict, Jesus Christ, 666". Who knew that Christianity is the path to Satan?
I saw one which said "007 ?JB"
Don't remember what the first letter was, though.
Here in Victoria, Australia, our license plates are in xxx-### format, well, usually. If we're desperate enough we can get a custom plate that we choose, as long as it isn't taken by another owner's vehicle.

For instance, my car's number plate is "SXE 193".