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General Mario Games Thread

Update for me- Now on W9. Terribly finished W1-W8 100% them each with my bro. Now, I've only finished W9-8 and W9-1 with all 3 Star Coins.

Tatrion- It goes the same thing for me. The only thing I did is get the toad and kill him by an enemy or a bottomless pit. The only thing I would do is get a second player as absent while getting double digit endings (344, 188, 255, ect.) and getting toad houses. My highest 1UP score in a 1UP house was a 5UP.
2: Jubeat Saucer is coming! It's a great game in the series
- Super Mega Mario World. Current level in progress: World 3 LVL 5
- STILL Doing a Let's Play on Facebook
SMK: Getting started. No data available
DDR: Files and installer are Here. Link to blog is HERE. Pack 8: The SMASHING PACK. PM me if you want to put recommended Super Smash Brothers Brawl songs so I could put into my list (NOTE: 1 character per song (I only have Mario, Marth and Yoshi done) so I have like over 30 more songs to go). Next song: A song from Snake
Multiplayer mode in New Super Mario Bros. Wii is awsome, but it doesn't have seperate-player abilities like Super Mario Bros. 2 on the NES. :(
If I ever make a NSMB Wii Hack, World 9-1 would be a remake of SMB1 World 1-1.
Originally posted by GameGuy10
Multiplayer mode in New Super Mario Bros. Wii is awsome, but it doesn't have seperate-player abilities like Super Mario Bros. 2 on the NES. :(

This is a good thing! People who play it on single player can get all the stuff, unlike another game.
I play this in single-player. I like the game, but the difficulty level annoys me.Free counters!
I 100% it, it was fun though that one level in the special world (the level with the winter theme) was annoying to get everything. Took me like 50 lives. :/

I 100% this with three of my friends. We probably killed each other OVER 9000!!! times by accident.

Also, wasn't this thread supposed to be closed 3 months ago?

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What the possible Conecction with NSMBwii with SMW??
Originally posted by Roberto zampari
What the possible Conecction with NSMBwii with SMW??

I Thought is was going to be called New Super Mario World, if that helps at all.

I like the overworlds and the music in this game a lot. Loved the creative level gimmicks and overall design.
Oh, it is so on.
EDIT: Now it's Ontopic ;D
This is offtopic, but I heard that SMG2 will have a sharper difficulty. They expect you to have completed the first game and starts off as the same difficulty, almost as difficult as the end of this game.

Now Nintendo is assuming that only hardcore gamers will buy the product, otherwise it would be far too difficult to the average player.

Very offtopic, but I can't wait to see the day when there are Kaizo Super Mario Galaxy hacks.
Wasn't it the same case with NSMBWii? Allegedly it should have been much more difficult than the usual Mario platformer, yet it was super easy. I never got to see that super guide in action and I have the game pretty much beaten already...
Yeah. It seems that even when Nintendo thinks something is hard, it still isn't. NSMBWii wasn't hard, except for 2-3 levels.

But if Nintendo DOES create a hard game... It would be awesome.

But we must also consider that Nintendo probably considered the game to be hard for MULTIPLAYER. THAT would make a LOT more sense! And if NSMBWii Multiplayer was as hard as super mario Galaxy 2... Holy cow!
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Yeah dudes, play it with like, four people and its extremely difficult.

Also, I just got 100 percent playing con mi padre....

BUT I did get the super guide one, the nice five stars on my file image? they aren't sparkly. *sigh* time to start a new file. Once I finish Fallout 3 that is.
Oh, it is so on.
Decided to bump this and change the thread title because the Super Mario Galaxy 2 release date was set for May 23rd, so it's now a thread to discuss other Mario games, old and new!

So... anyone exited about SMG2?

I think what Nintendo is trying to do is something like they did with Majora's Mask. Taking the basic engine from the previous game and making it into something completly different. They said they would make it harder, with 90% new features. Sounds a bit like Majora's Mask to me. :P

Theres also rumors about Sonic being in the game. Playable even... Not sure what to say about this though... other than "co0l".

edit: (may contain spoilers)

zomfg this trailer for it looks awesome

do want even moar

edit 2: osh screenies

do want even even moar

Also, I still need to get through SMG1 before I even think about getting SMG2. I just can't bring myself to play it past Dusty Dune Galaxy, or whatever that sand place was called.
Damn, the new Super Mario Galaxy 2 screenshots and trailer are looking great. There seems to be a lot of very creative level designs. I really like the look of the tropical Galaxy where Mario is riding that bird. Plus, it seems that there's a more traditional level selection screen.

Glad to see this game is coming out in 3 months.
Originally posted by Bad luck man

ffffffff that eight screenshot

I think I just came.
About upgrading the basic engine concept with SMG2: WHY couldn't they do this with SMW? I still want that damn sequel.
Originally posted by Ambu Lance
Originally posted by Bad luck man

ffffffff that eight screenshot

I think I just came.

Same here from seeing in screenshot six...

CP_foothills has been canned. Therefore, this space is once again blank.
OMFG! The Whomps from SM64 are back and so is YOSHI! So can't wait for this game! :D

BTW, UK release date has been announced too: 11th June