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General Mario Games Thread

Just got SMG2 yesterday and I just got to World 5 with about 60 stars. I'm astounded at how much this exceeds the first. This game is one of the most fun games I have played in a while.

I just figured that I did the green star in Stone cyclone galaxy COMPLETELY THE WRONG WAY.

If anyone wants to use some REAL challenge, then do it my way. Ground pound the switch to slow down the time, then long jump to the other side of the gap, wall jump and spin on the block and then get ON the block. Finally, leap for the green star. THAT'S HOW I DID IT AND IT WAS HARD AS HELL.
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I was worried these green stars would be too easy to get...but no.

The whole idea reminds me of collecting Emerald Shards from the Sonic Adventure games.
I've gotten approximately half of the Green Stars (just finished Worlds 1-4). I really like them, although I was disappointed at first that they weren't new levels. In the end, though, I've always liked looking for secrets or collectibles in video games, so this is pretty fun.
I have 100 stars right now, and I'm not looking forward to the green stars.

Most of the stars I collected today were fairly easy; I even took Slipsand Galaxy's Comet star (Daredevil run D:) on my first try. However, Melty Monster Galaxy's second star was nuts. Since Rock Mario is so hard to control while he's rolling, I easily lost probably 10 or more lives (and gained over 600 star bits, heh) before finally making it. I didn't even bother with the Cosmic Guide since the goal was still clear.
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I swear I could throw a baby into a wood chipper while getting the Wide Fleet Comet Medal. Not only is it hard to gt on of the goals because you can't rotate the camera but but I got all of the goals four times, and went past the comet medal 3 times out of 4 because the controls for Fuzzard are crap.
Just nabbed my first 8 Green Stars. Some of them are nigh impossible without Luigi, so I just stay as him from now on.

Though some of the stars are dead simple to get, this is a much better end-of-game challenge than Luigi saving Luigi in the first game. That one felt tacked on; these green stars have effort put into them.
Oh my god...the final galaxy's Comet Star is so difficult! I've died, like what, 40 times? I've completely memorized the first 4 sections, and keep dieing on the 5th, or along the way.

I know of a way to get Yoshi past the Cloud section, but I just can't pull it off. If I could, this could be a lot easier.
@above: Meh, the hardest section is really the fourth one. And then again, it is much more easier when you have 2 more clouds with you. Yoshi is useless, too. I can't see how he can be of any use :/ Actually, the first time I got past section 4, I made it. So I just died 10 times in all.
Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
Awesome video game music on my youtube channel
I've had 3 Clouds before, and I think Yoshi would be a much better help than 3 Clouds, since I don't need to worry about spinning when I don't have any clouds left. And I'm not very used to Cloud Mario's floating.
Well I got my first 18 green stars maybe some more later. I didn't think they'd be in such odd places because I was confused it when I did Sky Station Galaxy and I saw PeeWee Piranha's egg and then found a green star by the first pipe.
Moving slowly along, I've only got 95 stars. The Prankster Comets are pretty tricky. I'm not sure how much deeper into this game I'm gonna go, but I hope I can at least unlock the Green Star missions to see what they're like.

I still haven't beaten that second Fluzzard galaxy in World 5. I totally suck at controlling it.
I have, what? 22 stars, I think.
I got it the day it came out, played it, then kept it away until yesterday.
I certainly like this better than the original Galaxy, now that I look back at the original, it wasn't that great IMO.
I'm in World 3 so far, and just beat the Haunted Galaxy place.
Pretty cool, with the SMW Ghost House remix.
Now I've got 99 stars. Just one more until I can unlock the next Galaxy in World S. Damn, the purple coin mission in Mario Squared Galaxy was pretty tricky, but luckily I beat it within relatively few tries. I just had to memorize the best path and roll with it. The first time I got all 100 coins, I was all the way on the other side of where the Star was, and I hadn't left a decent path of collapsible panels to make it back, thus I jumped to my death. On the second time, I made it back with a few lucky jumps.
I have this habit in games of trying to 100% areas as I go through them; As a result, I'm at the start of world 4 with approx. 50 stars.

Also, I have definitely been loving all the SMW song remixes, especially the one in the first level with the dash fruits.
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I'm at the Grandmaster Galaxy now with 241 stars, I have to get the comet medal there and then do a perfect run of that level because you have 1 health and no checkpoints. I really like the boss blitz galaxy, fighting the SMG1 bosses was fun.
Some of these Green Stars are in the strangest of places, like hovering in mid-air a fraction of an inch away from the death barrier. The second one for Melty Monster is particularly tough to get, and I still don't have it.
Man, you people are way ahead of me. I'm lagging behind at 105 stars, failing at the Comet Missions. On a positive note, I finally beat that damn second Fluzzard galaxy. I just held my Wii remote a different way and it seemed to work better for me. I didn't even give a shit about the Comet Medal as I just wanted to beat the damn level, although I know I'll have to go back for it eventually.

I'm finding these Comet Missions to be at various difficulties, especially the purple coin missions. Some are pretty easy (Clockwork Ruins Purple Coins), some are moderate (Mario Squared Purple Coins), and some are insanely difficult (Rolling Coaster Purple Coins).
Puzzle Plank had the easiest purple coin challenge, in my opinion. They are all right in front of where you start!

Some of these Green Stars are in odd places, like the one behind the rock in the second Bowser level. Of course, I'm hardly complaining!
Well I joined the 242 star club yesterday. The Perfect Run prankster comet isn't even that hard if you know the galaxy. There's only a couple enemies replaced with others in the first part of the level.