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General Mario Games Thread

Originally posted by Camerin Neede
I'm at 155 stars and counting. The best way to get the Green Stars is to do it world by world and to have a good ear for the distinct tinkling sound the stars make. I've been using Luigi to get them because it's just easier to reach the high-up ones.

I've been doing the Green Stars randomly. I don't know, guess it makes it more fun for me. Anyway, I'm up to 176 stars right now.

And yeah, I also listen closely for the glimmering sound effect the star makes in order to track it down. Although, you have to keep a lookout for midpoint flags and Comet Medals too, as they make the same/similar sound.

Overall, the Green Stars are reasonably challenging. The last one in Starshine Beach took me a short while, but that's only because I forgot about the Cloud Mushroom. I was actually trying to use the bouncing pad on the sphere type thing underneath the star for a little bit.
I think I'm in the 170's on stars now, with all the Green Stars from Worlds 1-3. I'm starting to run into some ridiculously placed Green Stars (Fearsome Fleet and Rolling Masterpiece come to mind), but I've been able to collect this many without too much trouble so far.

As for star bits, I'm up to about 8700 already. I should easily be up to 9999 when it comes time for the final star.
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Is there a benefit to collecting so many Star Bits? I know the Banktoad changes costumes as you amass more of them, but does he help you in any way? It'd be nice if those stupid Toads did more than get themselves captured or float around in a ship.

Also, where's Green Star 2 in Hightall Falls Galaxy?
Originally posted by Camerin Neede
Is there a benefit to collecting so many Star Bits?

Depositing 9999 Star Bits with the Toad unlocks the Comet mission in the final galaxy.

Originally posted by Camerin Neede
Also, where's Green Star 2 in Hightall Falls Galaxy?

If I remember correctly, it's in the final area. Get to the part where you first see those purple wedges that you have to navigate in between. You need to jump on top of the the purple wedge. Then, hover to the right with Yoshi and it should be mid-air.

Enjoy getting the Green Star in Melty Monster's rolling area, by the way.
Agreed, Buu. I hateed the Ulumate Ice Skating Challenge(The 2nd challenge)! You had to get 600 points in 40 secs.The 1st one was easy with 40 secs. But, the 2nd one, Oh, boy! Whenever time ran out, I was screaming at the TV," GIVE THE PLAYER MORE TIMMMME!"....
And," Nintenndo! I hate your Chimp Challenges Idea!"
The Chimp's challenges were way too easy. I want them to be harder. I got way over the high score each time.

As for Green Stars, none of them were that hard. Once you know where they are, you can grab them pretty easily.
170 Stars and counting. I hope the end result is worth it....

Flip-Out's second Green Star was a pain; dodging the Cosmic Clones while wall-jumping in a narrow space was no easy task, and I got the star on my last life with one wedge of health left.

Of course, other Green Stars are like, "Walk off the edge, don't move, and slide down the wall to the star." This challenge is grossly uneven.
We interrupt this thread for a breaking news bulletin:

Originally posted by IGN
There are many, many tech demos for the Nintendo 3DS at Nintendo's booth, both on the floor and off. One of the more surprising of the tech demos was something called "Classic Games." In this interactive but nonplayable demo, you could cycle through 18 different pixel-perfect NES and Super NES games and see them reprocessed in 3D.

Basically, all the sprites and backgrounds have been pulled forward or pushed backwards to provide the appropriate illusion of depth using the stereoscopic LCD of the system. It's obviously a proof of concept to show that you can bring back the classics in a whole new way: in 3D.

The list of games in this collection included Mario Bros., Tennis, Super Mario Bros. The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Musasame, Punch-Out!!, Excitebike, NES Open Golf, Twin Bee, Super Mario World, Kirby's Adventure, Mega Man 2, Castlevania, Urban Champ, Kid Icarus, Yoshi's Island, and Smash Ping Pong.

Hm...maybe I ought to buy a 3DS....

You know what? No, I'll stick with my Wii and let the 3DS bandwagon trundle on. SMW in 3D is tempting, but new Reggie developments will inevitably lead to a SMW remake for NSMBWii.

But still...all those new titles, and a 3D Mario adventure for a handheld could sway me.

...And thus concludes my bi-polar post.
Oh, I totally forgot to mention that I got the last star in SMG2 the day after I said I couldn't get it. :>

also, Luigi-san, that's just a tech demo, so it might not become a real game. :<
But if it does, then fuck yea.
So I got SMG2 on release day last Friday, and finally unlocked Grandmaster Galaxy earlier this morning. The normal star wasn't that hard (only lost seven lives), but the comet star... I have given it a few tries, and I think I can say that it is my favourite challenge in the game. I wish there would be more genuinely difficult platformers these days...

though it's almost a pity that the first three sections of the level are completely trivial
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I can't believe you were able to beat the entire game that quickly. That's impressive, to say the least.

How anyone managed to get the first Green Star on Rolling Coaster Galaxy is beyond me. I think I'm supposed to lead a Bob'Omb along the skinny path and have it blast me to the star, but I hope that isn't what I have to do.

Also, people have said that the GS on Stone Cyclone were hard to get, but I got them both pretty quickly.
Originally posted by Camerin Neede
How anyone managed to get the first Green Star on Rolling Coaster Galaxy is beyond me. I think I'm supposed to lead a Bob'Omb along the skinny path and have it blast me to the star, but I hope that isn't what I have to do.

Not necessary. All you need to do is a build up a bit of momentum and jump just in time in order to reach the star. Took me a few tries, but it wasn't too daunting.

Originally posted by Camerin Neede
Also, people have said that the GS on Stone Cyclone were hard to get, but I got them both pretty quickly.

Yeah, those weren't too bad. The first one took me a little bit, because for some reason, I couldn't get in the exact position needed to do a back flip into it. The second one was quite easy, just jumped to it and got it on my first try.
As my sig shows, I now have 71 Stars after having just defeated Bowser. The fact that I have like another 169 Stars left to get is crazy! #w{O.O}
I also still have to get the remaining Comet Tokens and another 2,000 Star Bits! Wow, this game is gonna keep me busy for WEEKS! :D
Originally posted by 1UPdudes
I hope there is a DS lite/DSI version of Paper Mario DS, Seriously I dont think many will buy seeing as there is the DSI annd DS lite out.

I highly doubt that there will be a DS version of the new Paper Mario. Also it's quite the opposite: There will be tons of people buying a 3DS just to get the new games, myself included.

Anyways, I got the last star 2 days ago woo

my death count was at 505 tho D:
SWM in 3D?
Personally its cool but theres not way I would by it just for that seeing as I have them on wii and emulators.

Im actully annoyed at nintendo for realsing the 3DS. Many people have bought DSI's and now this. ¬¬

So yeah I might be the first to break the mould here.
Ive heard of realsing games when your making a new console but not a new console when your making a console. ¬¬

If they make another Wii thing........FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUU

Anyway back to SMG2.
Im nearly at 100 stars. The game is going good for me. :P
93 Stars and let me just get one thing off my chest:


I died like 15 times trying to get those Silver Stars and the Comet Token. The fact that this Galaxy is STILL not complete is annoying me. At least I did get 401 Star Bits!
Stone Cyclone Galaxy is indeed one of the worse levels in this game and I died a good amount of times in that level aswell.

Anyway, I got into the range of ~160 stars now. I finished the most hated and annoying galaxies right at the very beginning so I won't have to bother with those later.

Flip-Out Galaxy with the Shadow Mario's is the most annoying level in the entire game. Seriously.
Ive nearly go the stone cyclone. Just gotta get a few more stars.

Luigis Comsic Chaos....I hated with a passion.
Personally I like shadow levels because I find them funny and annoying at the same time.