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General Mario Games Thread

I need to go get it soon.
It is tearing me apart!
Can't wait for 20th November! That's when Europe are getting it! :D
Well, it's out today and I mite be be getting it with my birthday money (Yes, I still have some birthday money left).

Like everyone else is saying; Sucks that it has no Wi-Fi.
Its still too freaking easy. Maybe longer levels, or more levels as a matter of fact would of made it better. I also don't like how you can easily kill the bosses without even letting them attack you. Fighting the bosses a 2nd time also in each world doesn't really make them harder. Its a fun game of course ill give it that much. But it could of been made much better. Maybe more worlds or power ups, more new music and bad guys. A lot of the game seemed rehashed.
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Why the Hell should it have WiFi? I haven't bought it yet, but I saw the Intro on YouTube, and it was awesome, especially when the Koopa Kids jumped out of the cake. From what I understand, it has at lest ten Bosses: the seven eight Koopa Kids, Kamek (finally), & Bowser, of course, which means that after thirty or more years, Yoshi can finally fight Kamek.
I just got it and I'm about to play it! I'm so excited!:D Also, the case is red instead of white. Interesting...

And it doesn't have WiFi because the game already uses most of the Wii's power, so it isn't possible to have it.

EDIT: This game is AWESOME! I had to get rid of the Homebrew Channel to play it, but it was well worth it! ^-^ I'm currently on World 2. :D
What would wi-fi add, really? Playing alone is about as fun as playing on wi-fi, if you ask me. It's just that there is more replayability. That is, unless you can communicate with the other people, somehow, which would probably not be the case even if they did.

What is disappointing is that there is no level editor or something similar.
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Got the game today, so far the game is great but it is a little on the easy side.
I don't want to have to get rid of my homebrew! There has to be a way to update my Wii to 4.2 right now without getting all the anti homebrew stuff :[
I just got back from playing it for about 8 hours or so, and I can honestly say the game is AWESOME!!!
As soon as I got home from Gamestop I packed up my Wii and me and Pancho walked over to my friend's house for Massive, non-stop, Multiplayer action!
Having a bunch of friends makes it much harder, but at the same time it makes it way more fun.

lastly, the final boss is extremely epic.

I love this game. <3
UhHHhhHHG! My dad is torturing me. He bought NSMBWii and I can't get the game from him for another week. And look what he emailed me!
Aww poor you. Im not allowed it untill christmas DAMNIT D:<
Just to say for all you homebrew people, you can either get Preloader, or run your games through Gecko OS so the updates don't appear.

Waiting very patiently for this....
Well, you guys might get tortured in some ways, but my way is much more sadistic. I have the game, I may even waggle it in front of the computer and dance in victory, but I don't have a webcam, and am not weird.

The point is, I don't have my Wii. My brother, who lives 120KM away has. And he is coming I DON'T KNOW WHEN. And even if he does, HE MAY NOT HAVE THE WII. Because of the zillions stuff we have with it, like, two dance carpets and a drum and a guitar and 30 games and 2 classic add ons, 4 remotes, 4 nunchuks and 2 Wii motion plus! THAT'S TOO MUCH! OH YEAH, I FORGOT THE WII BALANCE BOURD!
Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
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Originally posted by Blumiere
play the game with as many people as you can. The game is a mountain of fun, the fact it's offline multiplayer just sucks.

Yeah, I only got to play with my brother for like, 15 minutes. :<
I'd be freaking AWESOME if it had online multiplayer, too bad they didn't include it.

Also, I've 100%-ed World one and two. Damn some of those Star Coins are hard to find.
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Originally posted by Kristian
Also, I've 100%-ed World one and two. Damn some of those Star Coins are hard to find.

I think I remember some star coins to be impossible, if not really hard to get without friends.
This might be too early, but is this the future of Mario-hacking?

Yep, a hacked level in NSMBW that resembles SMB 1-1.
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Click here for more details.
As it appears, someone has already made AND released a NSMB Wii level editor in one day. Here is a thread about the editor, in Rom Hacking:

When I saw that title I expected some n00b asking for something like a NSMBWii editor, but as it turns out it is real.

Anyway, the game is coming out in like 3 days, but I guess I'm gonna get it for christmas too, since I have no money at the moment. >_>
Does the Level Editor work with the ROM, or with the actual Game?
Wow they even have a secret world in the end to keep you playing. My only complaint now is how bullshit most of the star coins are, and how annoying the desert world in general is.
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