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The New Mario World V 1.1 - It's Even Harder!


But that's not the most important thing. Video does a good job showing off the differences:

Thread for the original hack:

Thread to the new hack (with pics):

For those unfamiliar with the hack, this was a straightforward attempt to do to Mario World what Lost Levels did to Mario 1. That means of course making things much harder and sticking to the same story, but that also means adding tons of new secrets and making the absolute most out of the original sprites and objects with very little new added. In other words, it uses your expectations of Mario World to build tougher challenges expecting you to be prepared for it. While I don't quite demand pixel perfection, the hack does expect you know just about every trick in Mario World in order to complete it without save states, and I made a point of making a challenge out of just about every enemy and obstacle (and various combinations of them) to mine just about every good idea I could out of them. Yes, even bubbles can be dangerous.

This new version is about 95% the same, like I said in the hack description, but it fixes various bugs, removes a lot of lag and sprite limits (though the FastRom and NoMoreSpriteLimits patches primarily) and, most importantly, updates the Koopa Kids, Reznor, and Bowser. Now, especially with the last few battles, they are no longer the pushovers that we all know from Super Mario World, and I think fit the hack much better than just using the super simple versions we've all battled time and again.

(Also, for those that want to know, most of the changes to the bosses were done through simple hex edits. However, in the case of Morton, Ludwig, Roy, and Bowser, the hex edits I made were not in the Rom map. I'll probably submit those variables I changed shortly. Also note, despite popular belief, you can add sprites to Morton and Roy. However, they must be to the right of Morton/Roy as shown in Lunar Magic when you go to edit them in if you don't want to screw up their opening. This gives very few good options in a vanilla hack like this, but I'm sure with new sprites and ExGFX, somebody creative could probably do more.)

Anyway, I'm sure the mods will let me know if there's a game breaking problem (I doubt it, I tested this a ton, but between the patches and the hex edits, it's possible something broke), but otherwise this will probably be the definitive version. Also, I'm sure it's probably fine to submit an update like this, but if for space reasons you only want one version of the hack on the site, let me know of course.

Edit: With Rom Address 0D0D8, I meant the larger the number the lower the bounce, not the other way around like I wrote when submitting. Also 0D32F is one byte, not unknown.
I must say, after LPing most of this hack for YouTube (I'm just starting the Special Stages), I'm glad to see that a lot of the little issues are being fixed, especially the slowdown in some of the levels.

I'll also say that you have definitely achieved your goal of making this hack "Lost Levels style" - the first couple of worlds aren't too hard, but once you enter Forest of Illusion, it gets REAL challenging.

Oh, and I LOVE Forest of Illusion 4 and the whole "Four Seasons" set-up (or is that FoI 3? I can never remember what order those levels are in).

Keep up the great work!
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Thanks for the comment. I've been watching the LP. I usually try to avoid directly letting the LPer know I'm watching if I discover them until they finish, but at least the Pokey change was from watching your video so you should know. The slippery slope issue too partly, but I would have tried and fixed that anyway since I've known about that for a while now (very pesky bug by the way, and even now there's still a slight problem, just not a game breaking).

Also, yes Forest of Illusion 4 is the four seasons stage. Shame you weren't doing commentary then and had to start when you were falling through walls...

From what I've seen doing two play through tests, Chocolate Island 5's first half, Tubular, and maybe parts of Soda Lake are the only stages still with serious lag issues. There are also still little hiccups here and there when Yoshi's in a stage too, but generally speaking it's far better than having at least a fourth of the stages slow down and it's, I think, now at an acceptable level.