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Chocolate Level Design 2009: Results
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Phew. Well, as I already stated, we apologize for the week-long delay. Looks like everything is in order then.

I must say, I'm very disappointed that the judges did not remain anonymous. I've had people complain about bias/"waaah this mod hates me so he rated me lower" in the past, and I was trying to prevent that this time. Sadly, the cover was blown on IRC like, a day after judging began, so I said screw it.

Anyway, the judges were myself, Supertails, and Roy. Here are our TXT files which contain the ratings and comments:


And here are the final results. Trophies will be awarded soon.

LunarDrake: 91.6%
Kaijjyuu: 91.3%
Noobish Noobsicle: 90.6%

Jimmy52905: 88.0%
Atma: 87.0%
Aqualakitu: 85.0%
Spade: 84.0%
reghrhre: 82.3%
imamelia: 81.0%
Lynnes: 80.6%
pikaguy900: 80.0%
MajorasMask9: 80.0%
ZMann: 80.3%
cyphermur9t: 78.3%
SyStemkraSh: 77.6%
Kristian: 77.0%
Kyouken: 75.6%
superwiidude: 74.6%
Caracc: 74.0%
TRS: 70.6%
Senjan: 68.3%
insanehuman19: 68.3%
S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.: 67.6%
Electron: 66.3%
Mister S: 64.6%
King Boo: 64.0%
Insectduel: 59.6%
Zerio: 56.3%
super nintendo man: 54.3%
Merident: 47.6%
mariocool1999: 36.0%
Lespna1: 31.0%
fuzzyyoshi: 28.0%
dude4: 27.0%
Kaizo Bro: DQ

That's all. Thanks for participating, everyone. There were some truly amazing pieces of work here.
I lost by .3%?!

That's awesome! xD

PS: my name has two u's. No biggie though :P

PPS: Grats lunar drake! I'll try out your level and noob's soon :)
Crap I forgot to enter, oh well haha.

Anyway congrats to the winners and the all the peopel who took part.
I knew I wouldm't win. But I was a "not that great smw level maker" Still... congrats to lunardrake,kaijjyuu and noobish noobsicle!

YOUR layout has been removed.

I do non-kaizo beta tests!
Check my profile for more details.

A Mario and Luigi Story: The Universe's Star Demo 2:
Status: Dead until I regain interest. Link to hack thread.

Well, I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish, surprise the judges =D

Congratulations to the winners. Can we have an automatic level contest again? :P

I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
Yay, LunarDrake! :)
Congrats to you, and everyone that joined this contest! :D
Congratulations to the winners and everyone else, I can't wait to try your levels :)

(I kinda regret skipping this contest, but I didn't have much time anyway.)
I had a feeling LunarDrake would win. I played that level about 10 times. :)
Congrats to all the contestants!

Awesome job everyone, can't wait to try these for myself!
Congrats to everyone who won!

Well, looks like I did a rather good job myself, sixth place is rather nice, I didn't really expect that. :D

The problem was that a puzzle at the end got ruined, and I didn't notice it, and when I wanted to fix it, the submission time was already over.
And some other stupid things, like the miss-coloured pipe (which appearently everyone noticed).

For anyone who wants to play my level, please play the fixed version. It fixes some stupid glitches and the last puzzle. Get it here:
Congrats to all who won! I've played some of the levels, and I'd say that I still have a lot to learn about level design, and a few fancy asm tricks. Hopefully next year will go smoothly for me and allow me to finish. Better watch out guys! ;)
Congrats LunarDrake! As well as everyone else that entered.

Seeing as this was really my first level hack that I put effort into, and seeing as I felt I took out too much right before the deadline, I'm a bit surprised I was scored above some other levels. Especially SyStemkraSh; when I was playing through the other contest levels his really stuck out to me and was my favorite. Everyone else in general that entered did a really amazing job!
Wow...LunarDrake, if you read this, congratulations! I haven't even played yours yet; now I'm really curious what it will be like. Kaijyuu...bleh, the ASM in yours looked fantastic (someday, remind me to see what headaches I can give myself by working with windowing HDMA), and I really liked the music, but I got stuck at one point and never figured out how to continue. I'm curious about the rest of the level, especially that boss. Noobish Noobsicle, now, I played all the way through yours, and I figured that it would rank pretty high.

So, I guess I got 9th place. Weird...I swear I got that EXACT same ranking in the vanilla level design contest, which seemed odd because I heard that one had more entrants, plus my entry for it was full of glitches.

Seriously though, congrats you three. I'm honored to be in the top 5 =D.
As soon as I played LunarDrakes level, I knew it was going to win. It was just top notch.

And I can't believe I got tenth place, I mean, that was my backup,backup level! I wasn't too sure that Jimmy was going to score too high though, a bit too much glitches and slowdown for me.
Originally posted by The Hollow Wiener
Kaijyuu...bleh, the ASM in yours looked fantastic (someday, remind me to see what headaches I can give myself by working with windowing HDMA),

Ho ho ho... Have I got stories about windowing HDMA >.<
but I got stuck at one point and never figured out how to continue.

Really? Where? Might've been a bug or something.
Well, I must say that these were certainly some interesting results. I am a bit disappointed that I didn't make it into the top three, but I'm still proud of myself for what I have accomplished. It must have been all of those bugs/glitches that killed my score. >.< Oh well, next time we have a contest like this, I'll make sure it doesn't happen again. ;)

Also, congrats to the winners. :D

EDIT: P.S. I liked Supertails' results the best. ;)


I got third! That is... SO MUCH more than I expected!

Congratulations to LunarDrake and Kaijyuu, too!

*squeals with girlish glee*

I was actually working on the level ever since it was decided that we would have a chocolate level contest. I started by removing the whole status bar and working up from there.

I don't know how many hours I spent on #serioushax, learning and debugging and figuring out why my code wasn't working. For that, *ahem* I would like to thank the academy all the people there for actually putting up with my incessant questions and caring to look over my code to find that one RTL instead of an RTS.

Keep in mind that this IS still a demo, and versions with Hard and Nuts modes completed will be released eventually. (C3???)

*runs off to tell everyone I know about my success*
Well I did decent, I placed 8th place in this but I think it was the slow down that took me down a bit.

Congratulations to everyone else, I haven't tried much levels but I will try them all anyway.
I have now given out the trophies to the three winners.


(also, I must say, I am still disappointed at the quality of some of the levels. They were pretty ugh.)
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