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What Nationalities Are You?

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Discuss what other cultures you are.

As many of you know; I was born & raised in Canada and have never left Ontario, but i'm also:





What are yours?
German and Hungarian.
My nationality is Brazilian, though I descent of Syrians, Turks, Portuguese, and Italians.
Turkish. Only Turkish.
Boring, no?
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Nationality: Brazilian.
I descent of Dutch, Germans and Italians.
Canadian, Irish, German, and Ukrainian.
Also, isn't it nationalities?
Nationalities and cultures are different things.
Completely Chinese, but I live in Australia and can't speak any Chinese.
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I'm Brazilian, and I descent of Jews (Not sure the country they came), Spanish and Portuguese.

I'm Mexican. Wahoo.

We sorta celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Also my family celebrates Christmas a little differently than most people. We don't do Dia de Los Muertos though. I'm glad because I prefer Halloween. :D
I'm Australian, with descent of Dutch, Italian, Irish, English and Spanish. This reminds me, I need to get around to learning some of these languages...
Mainly Mexican but I've looked through family history and found out that I'm part Spaniard, Navajo Indian, Aztec Indian, Cherokee Indian and Iroquois Indian, (Mexican = Spaniard + Aztec/Mayan Indian). Along with small amounts of French (Canadian), Italian, Filipino and Japanese (I have a Japanese last name).

I hold true to Mexican, mainly because I was brought up that way, Spanish was my first language. The other races in me are just tiny percentages.
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I'm mostly Italian, as my father's parents both are pure Italian. They both sailed from Italy before my father was born. Besides that though, I come from Irish and Canadian descent...both from my mother's side of the family.
German, French, Irish, Scottish, and Mexican.

Quite the odd mix, eh?
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Originally posted by Twizzler
We don't do Dia de Los Muertos though. I'm glad because I prefer Halloween. :D

You fail at being mexican.

As far i know i´m mainly mexican, i don´t know if i have others but meh.
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Live in Canada, but my decedents mostly came from Norway.
Thus my blonde hair, blue eyes.
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Assyrian. Only Assyrian, purely Assyrian and proudly Assyrian.

(Apparently our parents don't believe in having children with different races.)
Norwegians ftw.
(My relatives is spread across the whole country also)

Your roots in Norway might explain your name. :D
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I am of German and Scottish nationality.
Your layout has been removed...NOT! :D
Filipino and Vietnamese. :D
My nationality is British, but I'm also part Malaysian and part Indian.Free counters!
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