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Game idea thread
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I like the idea that Nintendo ported Super Mario Bros all stars for the wii, I would also like to see if they would perfectly port SMW and Yoshi's island for the wii, oh and I'm waiting for a Yoshi's Island 3! :p


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I want Super mega fun walrus with a hat the is filled with pudding town junior to be real...but one can only dream

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I want a Pokémon game for the 3DS!:P

Lovely greetings, Mario-San.<3
For those who are familiar with or have previously played Pokemon Puzzle League, I am very sure you have questioned a lot about these two ideas that Nintendo did not bother to implement:

1. Play as (Champion) Gary in 2P mode
2. Select Pokemon for Mewtwo stage in 2P mode

I took this pic off Spriters Resource:

This is the unused 1P backdrop of Champion Gary.

Generally speaking, if Pokemon Puzzle League were to be hacked, then these two aforementioned ideas plus a couple more should be implemented.

If the four unlockable characters plus the Mewtwo stage can be accessed in 2P mode, then why isn't Champion Gary playable? Nintendo made the backdrop only for it not to ever be seen or used. I would have highly praised the guy who ripped the PPL graphics and uploaded them onto Spriters Resource. And with playing the Mewtwo stage in 2P...
... both sides are forced to play with Pikachu and matches last forever because you won't be able to return to the 2P game settings screen after the match. That's another critical flaw Nintendo should have fixed.

Other minor ideas I would highly suggest:

- Create own 3D puzzles in Puzzle University
That would be very, very, fun--and we could possibly make a possible max combo of 216!
- Mewtwo as a "trainer"
Mewtwo vs Giovanni? Well, it would be feasible if Ash was selected and some code was put in to make Ash use Mewtwo's Pokemon, voice, and theme but using Ash's backdrop. The backdrop would have to be drawn manually, though.
- Both players select the same trainer
This was done in Tetris Attack, so it needs to be possible here too.
- Garbage block bugs/glitches
a.) What if you cleared all your opponent's garbage blocks and you're still attacking? Well, I think, due to a sprite limit or memory issue, when you're attacking your weakened opponent, you will notice that you're actually firing blanks, throwing nothing.
b.) If you throw anything greater than a x13 chain, then the resulting garbage block will be glitched with the top of the block cut off.
c.) When 2P is attacking while clearing garbage blocks, you'll see that the preview randomly cuts on and off and you may not even see what he is throwing! It'll just come at you as a surprise!

Even though these are game ideas I listed, I want to really share this with those who are familiar with N64 hacking. If you are among the ones who have seen all these flaws before, then please state your opinions.

Hack under construction: SMB Odyssey (SMB1 Hack) [not to be confused with the Super Mario Odyssey SMW hack]

Will (willj168)
How about Super Mario Maker 3?
That might be a good game for the Nintendo Switch or other future
Nintendo Console.

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I would like a sequel to DKC Tropical Freeze, made on the Switch as opposed to being ported, and the level design philosophy of the brutal bonus levels being more reminiscent of the SNES games (where it's more about gimmicks than just fast-paced platforming) and the return of riding on animal buddies other than Rambi, like Enguarde, Squawks, or Squitter, for example. Maybe even K. Rool as the final boss once again.

Originally posted by Koop the Koopa
How about Super Mario Maker 3?

If it has a Super Mario Sunshine or Super Mario Odyssey style (where you could make levels revolving around the F.L.U.D.D. and capture mechanics in 2D), I'd be down for that.

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
The trilogy of Chrono Trigger saga #smrpg{ohno}
Hello I'ts a Me Kirbo.
So many people want just that but Square Enix has been really rigid about it because the sales of the Chrono games and remakes weren't blockbuster like Final Fantasy and they taunted the fanbase, daring them to buy content they already experienced (most releases are remakes) more, if they want to see more Chrono. Then of course, they don't even have an obligation to produce a new game even if we do pony up. It could just end up being another remake. They haven't provided us even with a venue to express monetary support for Chrono since CTDS, either. But then despite wanting nothing to do with Chrono, they C&D'd Crimson Echoes, a passionately-worked on ROM hack of CT.

At this point I doubt they will be able to get Yasunori Mitsuda and Akira Toriyama on board for music and art to be anything like what we remember, and I know people were really split over Chrono Cross. I would love to see another Chrono game in the direction of the first.

If Squeenix would revisit Final Fantasy Tactics for a new Nintendo Switch release (no remakes please, I played the PS one enough,) I would be thrilled. Though I really loved the first, I am a huge fan of the Advance series and may actually want a continuation of that more, but I want to be able to name recruits and not rely on questing entirely for a chance at getting a recruit. It makes it feel more personal. Bring back the Jagds too.

I also really want a new Joe & Mac game. I found out there was an HD Joe & Mac "Returns" type of game officially in the works but it got memory holed and abandoned. Tired of all this stuff in the modern day in modern cities with modern themes; I just want goofy cavemen beating up pesky dinosaurs with their clubs and eating magically cooked meat off the ground, you know? They were fantastic platformers with great prehistoric beats. I think everyone should give Joe & Mac 2 a try.

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Originally posted by Counterfeit
At this point I doubt they will be able to get Yasunori Mitsuda and Akira Toriyama on board for music and art to be anything like what we remember, and I know people were really split over Chrono Cross. I would love to see another Chrono game in the direction of the first.

I don't think that would be too difficult, to be honest. Akira Toriyama to this day remains the character designer for all main-line Dragon Quest games, so obviously Square Enix still has ties to him. As for Yasunori Mitsuda, he recently joined as a quest composer for Sea of Stars, a kickstarter-backed game strongly inspired by Chrono Trigger, so it's safe to say he's still interested in composing for this kind of game. I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to get him for a new game with Square Enix' money.

I also think it's not out of question for at least a remake of Chrono Trigger to happen. After all, even Trials of Mana got a really decent remake, despite in comparison probably being way less successful than Chrono Trigger (I mean, the SNES version wasn't even originally released outside of Japan).

As for a new game, though, yeah, that's a different story. Square Enix did release I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear, which were both new games strongly inspired by Chrono Trigger, but I honestly didn't like either of them very much. They not only didn't feel like Chrono Trigger (which in and of itself could be looked past), but I also didn't think their gameplay was as good. Well, I didn't actually play I Am Setsuna that much, so I don't know if that's quite true, but as for Lost Sphear, its gameplay really puzzled me. They added the ability to move around on the battle field and aim attacks, which is a really useful thing that might have even benefitted Chrono Trigger itself, but they completey gor rid of dual and triple techs, which in my opinion where the entire point of Chrono Trigger's battle system. The mechanic of waiting a little longer with your turn in battle to be rewarded with the ability of using a way more powerful dual tech was a brilliant one in my opinion, and one that gave the ATB system a purpose in the first place. I never liked ATB in Final Fantasy IV to VI, but I loved it in Chrono Trigger because it made so much sense there. Lost Sphear basically threw that ouf of the window by removing this brilliant mechanic. Dual techs still exist in the game, but they can only be used by a single character and only under certain circumstances, and they don't even require the bar of the other characters to be filled, so they pretty much miss the entire purpose.

Digressing here, but yeah, I don't think a new Chrono Trigger game or at least a remake is impossible, but it's also clearly not the priority of Square Enix, as games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are simply doing better.

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If I'm not mistaken, Trials of Mana was going to be released in the US (as Secret of Mana 2 I think) but due to technical difficulties or something it never materialized.

A bundle of Chrono Trigger, Radical Dreamers, and Chrono Cross would be pretty neat but I don't think that'll ever happen. To be honest, I'd want a new game over a port/remake because those are fairly easily accessible in some form other than RD I suppose. I'm not really sure where you could go with Chrono though.

It'd be pretty neat if there was a new Persona game that was more like Persona 1 and 2, like no dating sim crap, no calender (which Atlus should ditch anyway regardless) but same great story and (applies more to P3 and P4 of the modern ones) great characters.
Or heck, an actual Majin Tensei 3 would be pretty neat. Or Raidou 3. I think I'd want the latter more, as the setting of the Raidou games are pretty neat.

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