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Mario's Ultimate Journey (SS+Videos+Demo)


BUMP! Gosh, I'm terrible at updating. :(

Desert pic! Featuring Pokeys and Monty Moles, which do belong in a desert-type environment after all. Note the hand-assembled BG.

The Monty Moles are out to get Mario!

Jumping across pipes...

Mario's missing his P-switch. The desert will feature puzzles like this, small and big.

Jump to reveal the note block!

Yup, the desert has kill-on-contact quicksand! :D

Underground area. Watch out for the Buzzy Beetles...

How to get back there under the ledge?

Go further to get a P-switch...

And bring it back to exit!

So...feel free to leave more comments, feedback, and constructive critisism. The one-world demo is up as well, for those who are interested.
I would fix the desert palette a bit, the ground seems a little too bright and the dirt is a little dark. Quicksand looks all right.
It looks good, the desert BG looks almost natural like if the creators of SMW utilized a desert world, those would be the graphics for it. It blends in real well and the hand assembled BG does fit in, though a little bit of it feels less like a BG of a Mario game or even a 16 bit game somewhat, to give the atmosphere a look that this isn't somebody urinating all over the ground. Good work, Pie Guy.

So far the desert graphics are the best things in your hack, but that might be because I love desert levels, especially when they are done right.
I am not a hacker by trade, I am an observer and I can be very observant. I tend to lurk around here to prolong the good experience of playing the original SMW. Whatever can add onto it is something that I will definitely do when I am bored which is often. And I will rarely post and give praise when needed to the hacks that may make me interested to relive memories.

My worst enemy in Mario isn't Bowser but my controller that keeps on getting disconnected from the inside. Might be my memory count.

Uh...sorry about the infrequency of updates, but progress is quite slow, and I've got a lot of other things going on right now. Here are some screens:

So, this level is sorta a little maze that Mario must find his way out of. It consists of an above-ground and an underground section, seperated by pipes that Mario must go through. Of course, he must bring things with him to get out.

Jumping over enemies.

There's the exit pipe, but Mario needs a P-switch to get to it.

Use the springboard to get items...and for maybe something else later.

Mario enters the pipe...

And it takes him to the other side of one of the pipe walls.

Ooh, tough! :O

I hope you remembered the springboard!

Feel free to leave comments critisism etc etc...
I I like the yellow pallette on the original FG.
How have you the pyramid in Background?
It was hand-assembled from the original SMW graphics.
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It's updatin' time! :D

Desert OW pic before any paths are revealed. The Ghost House is actually going to be a pyramid, but I need to find good graphics for it first.

It's an oasis! Featuring mushroom platforms and fish! :D

Here coms a Porcu-puffer, out to get Mario...

Yay for line guided platforms!

Can Mario make it?

No, he can't.

The correct way is to stay ahead of the Porcupuffer so that Mario has time to take a quick dip.

What does that switch do?

It creates loads of coins! :D

Bounce off of the Koopas to get to the other side!

Uh oh...falling platforms. And now there's two Porcu-puffers! :O

Mario should bounce off of that Koopa, or else the Porcu-puffers will get him.

Almost there...

Yay! The end of the level!
I had fun well when I saw the pyramid line guided platforms!
This level makes me think a bit of that of the world 2 of NSMB (with Porcupuffer)
Not much of an update, but I changed the desert palette.

Is it better or worse than the other one?
Originally posted by pieguy1372
Not much of an update, but I changed the desert palette.

Is it better or worse than the other one?

Try using ExGFX.
Its not hard as everyone sais it is.
Before coming to assumption that ExGFX is some sort of complicated thing to do, you should ignore what people say about not knowing asm and stuff.
ExGFX is as simple as working a graphic editing program and Lunar magic in order to insert graphics.
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I know how to use ExGFX. However, this is a traditional hack, meaning NO EXGFX.
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Alright, I have updates. Please leave feedback, there aren't enough people commenting. D:

A pyramid level! w00t! :D Since the whole level is one huge puzzle, I'm not posting that many screens of it. D:

What's up there?

zOmG hOw 2 eNtEr t3h p1pE?!?!?!11

Get the Koopa Shell...

And use it to get rid of the blocking turn blocks!

Watch for Thwomps!

The coin of fate...

Also, two more levels until the second world is done. Just a heads up. :)
Here's my feedback: Change the background in the pyramid. For a second, I thought that the background was the foreground and vice versa.
I could tell fine... ._.

I really like that FG palette, BTW. :P
Originally posted by Haaaaaach
For a second


Ontopic: The palette of the olive stone blocks is a bit too dark, too. If you made it light, they could hopefully look like sandstone blocks.

Update! Got a new level done real quick, and from the looks of it, it's mainly climbing nets, spiky awesomeness, and Layer 2 gameplay. Yay!

Yay, climbing nets!

It splits in two paths, one leading to a powerup and the other going on.

Watch out for the spikes!

Jumping across the climbing nets...

More spiky awesomeness! :D

Climbing nets + spiky awesomeness = this part.

Ooh, Thwomps!

Woohoo, layer 2 crushing walls of doom!

The last part is a sprint to avoid being crushed. I may tone down the difficulty here, though.


The end. Wait for the boss door to come up here.

So...comments, feedback, and such appreciated. One last level and it's ready. IF YOU WANT TO BETA TEST, PM ME.

Meanwhile, I'll post a few screens of the level I recently did.

As you see, there is a line guided platform, and it will meet a certain end if it drops too far. This level takes that concept, and expands, expands, and expands on it.

Stay on to get the Yoshi coin...

...But don't stay on too long.

The level also has Grinders.

More reqired quickness.


Grinder + quick-fall = tough obstacle.

Jumping through spikes...

More grinders.

Jump over the Grinder, on the platform, and through the spikes. Hard...

Avoid the grinder and the spikes simultaneously. Whoa!

At the last part, they fall immediately to give a "collapsing bridge" feel before the boss door.

There aren't enough people commenting, you all want me to continue the hack, right?

EDIT: I made a userbar.

Now I'll see how many people support this hack...
This hack does indeed prove that you don't need ExGFX to make it good. It looks awesome and well thought out from the screenshots.
So.... When are you gonna release the beta demo? *cough*
I just did. ;)

I'm still looking for more testers though.
Your layout has been removed.

I need a break from my hack, so I can test =P