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What would you do...

What would you do if you found a book ALL about you and your life? It revealed your entire life, past, present and future, held your thoughts, your fantasies, your emotions, etc.

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Well I'd probably read it. Because after that, it's gonna be IMPOSSIBLE to 100% follow that what it said in the book and the whole story will become a paradoxon.
I would burn it, so nobody else would ever see into the dark deeds that make up my life...

Not really. But I would still burn it so nobody could learn to much about me.
Yeah, I probably wouldn't read it. I wouldn't want to know when, say, my parents die. I would be dreading that so much that I wouldn't be able to enjoy my life.

Oh, and I would burn it so no one else could read it.
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I would keep it and use it to write my autobiography when I get old :3

I would read it, too. Probably not my future, though, unless I get curious enough.

I would hide it in a very secret place.
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I would read the last page about how I am going to die, burn the book, and then kill myself in a totally different way just to screw with fate.
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Lord Deriath, the insane says: If it was allowed to be edited, I would write in it that I don't die. I will just watch the end of all come to creepy.

On a serious note, I would use it to perdict things and avoid some of them. Probably just to get into worse situations because you would avoid something only to actually end up doing it- the mind cannot understand prophecy very well sometimes.

Also, I would keep it for a laugh so I can look back at the stupid moments...good times.

Who knows, maybe I will publish a part of it. It would make an...interesting story.

SNN, I lol'd.

If I forget something (like an awesome idea), I would just read through the 'past' section of the book. You see, I tend to forget a lot of stuff.

(Woah, my chair gave up while making this post)
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I think I'd tear out everything beyond the present and burn it; I don't want to know my future, I want to make the right choices and live it myself. Then, I'd review everything that already happened, to see where I could have done better and use the knowledge to do better in the future, remember old ideas I might have forgotten, and realize just how different some of my thoughts feel when I actually read them in a tangible form.

I imagine even the parts that have already happened will be a ton of pages (maybe even more than the average person, since I think a lot), so while I was studying it, I'd hide it in the bottom of the box in the drawer next to my computer, for two reasons: One, no one ever looks in there since it's just a bunch of stuff I've drawn and written involving my projects and other things, and two, I assume the book's pages will have to be extra-thin in order to not be un-store-ably huge, like the paper they use in the Bible, so if that's the case, the box is big enough to hold several thousand pages. I could also always tear the pages into sections if it's too tall to remain inconspicuous.

Taking into account the astronomically small possibility that someone would actually go in there for any reason, I'd get some more box material and create a fake bottom of the box, under which would be the secret area the pages would be stored in. I'd get one of my friends to drive me to a hardware store (to avoid any suspicion my parents might have if I asked them), where I'd get one of those metal lock things and seal the pages. Only I would know the combination/have the key/whatever to open them.

I'd only read the book at my computer; that way, I could quickly stash it away in the nearby box if I had to go and do anything, and it would be easy to make notes on the computer. I would create a hidden folder with all of my notes in it, and password protect it as well.

Once I'd written down everything I wanted to take note of, I'd burn all the rest of the book and work on making sure my future is a bright one.

...Well. That turned out a lot longer than I planned.
I'd lock it away somewhere and have the key to it destroyed. Why? So no one, not even myself, could know what would be written in it.

Some things are better left unknown.
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Originally posted by Spadamned
I would keep it and use it to write my autobiography when I get old :3

Originally posted by The Heavenly Haunter
I would read the last page about how I am going to die, burn the book, and then kill myself in a totally different way just to screw with fate.

Both of those. :D
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Sitting here viewing the thread, I would logically burn the book before even opening it. I hate my past, especially if it would be in a massive amount of detail. I guess that's why I hate flashbacks.

If this were to actually happen, let's say tomorrow, I probably would actually read the book and learn about myself in the future. It would answer the serious questions I have about my future, that way I wouldn't have to worry about it.

I hope it actually doesn't happen that way I don't have to choose between opening the book or burning it.
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I would lock myself in my "super ultra mega secret fortress" and read it all then I would lock it in my "too much secrets by just looking at it room" and keep it locked until I decide to read it again to cause a TIME PARADOX!!! Just because I feel like doing that so I'll see what would it do.
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BUT! would the book tell you in your life that you were going to read the book?
i would just rip the pages out of it i did not like.
Originally posted by Reading
I think I'd tear out everything beyond the present and burn it;

But it would be written in the book that you tear out the pages of the book, thus creating a time paradox.

Me, I would take old stuff I can't remember and read about it. I would leave most parts of it unread.

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I would read it, then roast it and have some dinner.
id read it, to find out what id mess up. And fix it to mess with the future. THEN id get a really really, really, really FAT kid to eat it. The end.
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I would keep it in a safe place and read it so I can change events to my liking.

And I would burn it if someone trys to read/steal/take it.

Also, I would steal everybody's books so I can blackmail everybody for money. >8)

I would read it, spas out for like 5 minutes,(mostly because whoever created it could've told people and put it on the internet for all I know.) and burn it. Wouldn't want that lying around you never no what will happen.
I'd read it, see if it could drive a person mad, and, if yes, give it to many of my enemies. I'd also read the last page to get the spoilers on my life.