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Ladida's Art Thread
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Yeah, this will be my random art thread. I might put my random sketches here, and hopefully I can also take some good pics of my Mario comic called The Mario and Yoshi Adventure :)

For now, here are some pics of the main character of my hack, Bonni. I was trying to attempt the anime style, so tell me how it looks plz D:

(Sorry about the bad quality. I got no scanner, nor does it look like I'll be getting a scanner any time soon :( )

Bonni pic 1

Here's Bonni after she gets the fire powerup. This is also the first one I drew ^_^

Bonni pic 2

This is Bonni throwing a ball. She is mad, if you can't tell.

Bonni pic 3

Bonni is scared and running away from some evil spirits D:

Bonni pic 4

Bonni is angrily about to stomp on a jellyfish. This is the first real attempt at an anime style, and I was just testing out emotions.

Bonni pic 5

Also testing emotions. The monkey took Bonni's hat, and she's crying ;_;

Bonni pic 6

Attempt to draw Bonni in a different pose. She is looking down while climbing a ladder. Her head came out a bit longer on this one :P

And that is all. plz comment!
Woah. Those look really really nice, Ladida! I like your way of drawing. :D

My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
moar pitchers :)

Bonni pic 7

Bonni is doing some deep thinking.

Bonni pic 8

umm.... don't look D:

Bonni pic 9

A cat is tugging on Bonni's clothes.

Bonni pic 10

Bonni is having fun sliding down a slope :D

Bonni pic 11

Bonni's sister Kaira is a bit of a nuissance to Bonni...

Bonni pic 12

Little does Bonni realize that there's a monkey on the ball she's carrying D:

Bonni pic 13

Bonni sure does love rice ^-^

Bonni pic 14

Don't fall Bonni!

Bonni pic 15

Bonni is drowning in water D:

That is all for today. Again, excuse the quality :(
Funny and skilled sketches! You are good at drawing her in different angles, thats something I'm really bad at. I just love Bonni, she is such a cute character:P

Btw, you should try to scan them and paint them with some colors in photoshop or illustrator, or you could always just use MS paint:)
Woah! You got some really nice drawing skills. They're all nice!
Wow. Very nice job on these drawings! I love your style. Bonni looks really cute in these pictures. ^^
As i said, everyone that draws cute girls or creatures or gradients, wins the art thread.
Ladida, you won. Bonni looks extremely cute.

i just lurk sometimes
These drawings look very adorable, indeed! I'm actually sort of fascinated by the cuteness you were able to give Bonni in each single drawing you showcased. I should actually attempt to draw her someday... would you mind if I gave it a go?

Also, I would like to second this message:

Originally posted by Uhrix
Btw, you should try to scan them and paint them with some colors in photoshop or illustrator, or you could always just use MS paint:)

This would seriously make your drawings look way cuter than they are, in my opinion (...heh, is that even possible? XD). Perhaps instead of going for MS Paint, you might be interested in trying Paint.NET or GIMP... both of these offer better results, IMO.
Well, once I get a scanner, I'll be sure to paint these.

And yes, I don't mind if you guys draw Bonni, so go ahead if you want Broozer :)

Anyways, here's some random pics of food I drew in YY-CHR. I was bored and showed them in IRC because people were hungry.

A grilled cheese sandwich originally made for Ultimaximus, but he apparently wanted a 'real' one. Psh

A hot dog, with no ketchup D:

Lemonade, which Jayfeather rudely called pee in a cup }B(

A watermelon slice I made for PercentN, cuz he asked for one :)

An edible explosion I gave to Noobish Noobsicle. Hey, he asked for it :P

and that is all

And no, I'm not taking requests >:(
Hah, those look quite nice for 16 bit graphics. I'm sure Mario would love those. >_>... But anyway, great job with those! (Sorry that a certain two people didn't want your SMW food.)
I'm starting to get hungry now...


Anyway, those pictures look really nice. I love the way you drew them. My favourite one is the BOMB one. For some reason it reminds me of SMB2.

Oh, those Bonni pictures look really nice too! :D

My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
Nice 16-bit food, Ladida!

But how dare you not put ketchup on the hot dog. >8(

*takes the hot dog and watermelon and runs*
Looking very good Ladida.

Check out my Youtube page
Taking a small break
whoah bump

Just wanted to show two Touhou-related drawings I made

Reimu Hakurei

Marisa Kirisame

I actually colored them too :o

Still no scanner though, I'll try to get one next Christmas (or my birthday, which is soon :P )
Originally posted by Ladida

I love you. DO WANT. <3
Those are pretty nice. I like the style that you used. It's very simple.
Oh wow, Ladida. You're very good at drawing. I just wish that I was a good artist. >_>

Anyway, I agree that Bonni is a fun character with a good design. She's simple, but that's not a bad thing. I mean, a typical character nowadays is doing something like carrying a huge sword, wearing a bunch of belts (never understood the reasoning behind this one), etc. and Bonni is a nice change from that.

Anyways, recently, we got like an all-in-one thingy, so i can now use a scanner. The first thing i scanned (after multiple attempts to get it right) was the first page of my Mario comic, The Mario and Yoshi Adventure (which inspired my veeeery first hack).

link because its kinda big. goes left to right, top to bottom in case you cant figure it out

the rest of the pages are kinda messy and have pencil smears all over them (they're pretty old), so i'll fix them up and post them some other time

Ha, cute. I'm curious to see how the rest of it goes. I like it so far, in any case.

By the draw Touhou stuff; will you ever draw any pictures of Cirno or Yukari? (I don't play Touhou, but I'd always thought Yukari was one of the more interesting characters...and Cirno, well, I just happen to like fairies in general, and she's rather interesting as well.) should draw a tengu. About the only reason I even know what tengu are is from playing Mega Man 8, but it would be interesting to see what your interpretation of one would be.

I almost forgot you had this thread. I'm glad you updated it.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
another lolepic bump

I was bored in my web design class and made these three

First two i made in GIMP, the last i made in Paint, zoomed in.

The first two i was kinda testing out GIMP (since i hadnt really done that before)

On the last i made two separate images (first the girl on the tree, then the background) and pasted one over the other. I also used the default colors :P

Haven't drawn/pixel arted (or actually tested my drawing skill) in a while so i welcome responses/criticism :>

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