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Ladida's Art Thread
Forum Index - Donut Plains - Creation Corner - Ladida's Art Thread
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I really like the Monday drawing as well.
The Tuesday one is nice as well. I was expecting something with more fires and stuff, but the idea is still nice.
This looks like a combination of tuesday, wednesday and guess 3 times. The ocean that can be easily seen, volcano the point of this drawing and the sun in the background. You can just skip wednesday and guess 3 times, but don't. I like your drawings.
can't wait for tomorrow's drawing!



just wanted to post the border i did for the NCFC video (check out SMWC's NCFC booth here):

hsl-altered one used in video
filter-less left side
filter-less right side

like i told k3fka:

Originally posted by Ladida
im going with an old english style since ive been reading about that recently and i figured people are tired of my japan fetish

bot edit: fixed dropbox links
Ladida, you're art is amazing! I couldn't get even close to drawing as amazingly as you. I can't wait for more!
oh hey there
a while ago i got a whiteboard for no real reason

though it should come in handy for game dev (i havent had a chance to put it on a wall so it currently sits behind my printer)
heads up: if you find a broken [dropbox] link here, replace the dl.dropboxwhatever/u/12161635 with

im too lazy to edit every post
i'm not
ive been gathering things that ive drawn, mainly things that look presentable. im posting ones i may not have posted before, or that i probably posted elsewhere

some gfx contest where a side-contest was to make a facebook banner. i drew this. we had recently added sections for sm64, all-stars, and yoshi's island so i decided to incorporate aspects from each in order to represent the site as a whole (toad represents sm64, luigi smb3, yoshi yi, and peach smb2). to emphasize creation/modding the bg is styled as a blueprint.

tfw i lost

a secret project i was working on with someone (or some people). was gonna be a visual novel. this was the guide. her name is Faerie. i gave her facial animations as well but 2 lazy to show those

k3fka and i were working on a rhythm game, i was in charge of drawing characters. dropped the ball hard lol (only did sketches), this was the only complete character i did. her name is Mika. yeah those are green highlights

wiiq, imamelia, and i were working on a homebrew (seems like any project i get into ends up dying...) it was a kart-racing game, and these were the characters. 4 original characters, and 4 characters representing us (idk who the 8th character was supposed to be)

for some CLDC, i had the stupid idea of making a short homebrew pokemon game featuring mario characters and stuffing that into SMW. when you beat the champion, it would return you to SMW as if you beat the "level". i obviously never finished it (1 month to make a homebrew...), but i did get these designs done, as well as a base rom that i may use for any future RPG endeavors

goomba -> spiked goomba
beach koopa -> koopa troopa -> paratroopa
nipper plant -> piranha plant -> wild ptooie
bullet bill -> banzai bill -> king bill (unfinished)
luigi was the rival/champion i think
peach was the "professor" also the secret final boss i think
yoshi was gonna be the starter pokemon but i never drew him
mario was obviously gonna be the player
lol, in your smwc banner thing, took me a while to catch the fact that everything was actually in a level editor. That's actually clever, tfw you lost you should hack smwc's fb and put your banner on it
It's also a shame most of this stuff is probably never gonna be used for anything, it looks very good. The art for that pokemon-styled homebrew thing is definitely what I liked the most, especially all the minions. They look like they could've been in a legit nintendo game. Luigi and Peach look good too, but there's something in them that makes me say "hmm smells like ladida" (ladida smell is a good smell don't get me wrong)

Seriously though, these are pretty good.
I like the art style on that character select project, I also like the pink haired girl a lot, your pixel art is really nice.
But my favorite is still the SMWC banner that never was.

Today unhappy,don’t worry,because tomorrow will be unhappy too

Cooking Mama did nothing wrong!

Oh, so you want me to tell you about my recent crimes? Hm... I've downloaded a ROM for a game I don't physically own and pirated some music.
I don't know why, but I really love the way that Luigi sprite looks.

Expect little to nothing from me for now.

Player graphics are the only thing I do right, so come tell me to make one you want.

Go to my profile for more trash of mine.
posted this on discord and twitter, but i drew Erika from pokemon

here (might as well upload to pixiv)

sketched her out first, then did pen for outlines, then erased pencil and used colored pencil. so i drew her all on paper, which is great because i havent drawn on paper in a very long time (actually drawn, not just sketches)

the stylistic choice (lots of white) is because i have a really crappy selection of colored pencils lol

as for why i drew her... this morning i wanted to draw Leaf, but midday when i actually decided to draw i felt like drawing Erika instead

Mod Edit: Don't link nsfw twitter accounts.
I really like how reminiscent it is of the older generations artwork and style. Its something I miss about Pokemon these days.

But yeah really nice piece the colouring and subtle shading is lovely.
the "mario" i drew for the banner. made her entirely in yychr (with the help of a drawing tablet):

here's the initial sketch (you can see the older palette i made):

and here are prior sketches i made before settling on the above:

That "mario" drawing is pretty cute! Nice job. I especially appreciate that you went the extra effort and did it on yy chr which can be a bit of a pain when doing larger drawings.

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not really "extra" effort; im just very used to yychr. i actually did some tries with aseprite and graphicsgale but they just didnt click with me and/or are too complicated for my sub-100-iq brain :(
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Forum Index - Donut Plains - Creation Corner - Ladida's Art Thread

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