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ASM for Beginners: Basic, Basic Codes in 20 minutes
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Originally posted by wiiqwertyuiop

The reason thats happening is because AS SOON as you don't have the fire flower you die and it keeps repeating that and freezes.

Thats what I figured, thanks for letting me know that. What I'm trying to do is create a 'Perfect Run' type level, similar to Super Mario Galaxy 2's final mission where one hit kills you. Easiest fix would be just to force Mario to be small but I want him to have the fireball powerup (as well as a larger hitbox). Looking through this thread, the best fix I have so far is having Mario take damage whenever he doesn't have the Fireflower powerup but you still have those few seconds of invulnerability which I would like to get rid of. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi I am new to this ASM but quickly learning (I program in different languages).. ASM scared me because of it's incredible simplicity and the fact it looked like a bunch of jargon but I am quickly picking up thanks to tutorials like this. Keep up the good work!

To the last two posters -

wiiqwertyuiop your solution wasn't working for me. The JSL wouldn't get recognized by my xkas, so I tried a different solution - force the players into the 'overworld' once they get hurt.

	LDA #$03 	;\ Give mario a flower
	STA $19 	;/
	LDA $71 	;\
	CMP #$01 	; | Check if Mario was hurt

	LDA #$0B	;\ If so fade to overworld
	STA $0100	;/

Originally posted by deadestaco
The JSL wouldn't get recognized by my xkas

Better solution: Replace the JSL $F606 with JSL $00F606.

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Originally posted by Alcaro
Better solution: Replace the JSL $F606 with JSL $00F606.

I was trying to figure it out on my own but I had no luck. Thanks Alcaro & wiiqwertyuiop. It is working now and its time to get cracking on level design.
Thank you for the tutorial Maxx, i was looking for something like this.
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I'm not sure how far I'm going to get with this. I changed some values in levelcode.asm and I used xkas GUI, which is the only thing I can do because regular xkas hates me and you have to be better than Chuck Norris to get it to work properly, but maybe it's six of one. After patching it, it gave me a message that the author of the hack has restricted access to it in LM, the same message you get if you try to open a locked hack. That happened when I used your numbers as well as inputting my own. In case anyone's wondering, I was thinking about disabling spin jump entirely for one level.

Legacy custom music

LDA $$7E0073  ; Put a address to one of those values in SMW here.
CMP #$01  ; Put the number you want that address to be for it to do the store code here.
BEQ equal
LDA #$38  ; The value you want to load
STA $7E13E0  ; the address you want to store it.

Doesn't work. I want to assemly every mario's pose for one level.
Originally posted by Luigi370
LDA $$7E0073

Nevermind. It has many more bugs that are already fixed.
I have an issue with this, and it's pretty straight forward. I have everything in the folder that you do, nothing more. Every time I open the CMD Prompt and type in what's said (I tried both ways) there's an error message...
Super cool bump time bro.

Will uberASM work in place of levelASM? Also, will Asar work in place of Xkas?

- BlackMageMario
Originally posted by BlackMageMario
Will Asar work in place of Xkas?

As a general rule, yes. However, Asar has several xkas-incompatible changes that you should be aware of; check changes.txt for a list of them.

Alcaro has a bunch of patches converted to Asar here.

And yes, uberASM is meant to repace levelASM.
This is so helpful, thanks! #smw{^_^}
Ok first of: I'm new to doing things with snes or asm (not to programming though I wrote pong in Java for example) and I have my first Problem with Level.asm, Levelcode.asm or Levelpointer.asm. Where do you get these files? If I download LevelASM here on SMW Central i just get 2 exe files (one is xkas) but I don't know how to use them. (I know that this thread is old but I can't find any good tutorials or if I find any, it's just how assembly works and not where to enter the code) I really hope you can help me, because I find this really interesting but I just don't know where to start.
You probably downloaded the LevelASM tool instead of the actual patch. We now use UberASM; the use is basically the same (it's adviced to use Asar though).
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