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L or Kira - Which is Justice? (DeathNote discussion)
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I've been thinking about this kind of thing for a while, and I was wondering what people around here thought.

Personally, I see arguments for both sides, but basically, L is the more typical view of legal justice. Reason being, vigilanteism is still illegal, and by the end of the series, Light becomes the same type of scum that his Kira persona would have doomed to death.

I am still in the begining of the Anime. However i think Kira is justice.

He properly punishes people who deserve it. Although some of his decisions I question. In the end he does more "good" than any justic system has done.

But at the same time he has become a murder himself. With his state of mind he himself should be put to death.

In the end I think Kira is justice despite getting carried away at times.
i dont think it should be the decision of a high school boy to decide whether someone lives or dies, although i understand how kira feels
Putting it very coarsely, Kira is copying Adolf Hitler's actions. (If you don't know who he is, you need to do some serious study.
Personally, even if L is working for the police and all, I'm on Kira/Light's side. I don't like the way he would kill innocent people and acted like he was powerful, but his plans for keeping the world at peace by killing every last criminal I would support. I honestly think that if he were real then I would be supporting him for the whole time, since something does need to get done about criminals, even if the crimes they do are minor.
I wouldn't support Light for one simple reason: How do you determine a criminal? What makes Light think he has the right to judge wether a person is a criminal or not? Personally I think the person who judges criminals is a criminal himself. Also what about the people who commited minor crimes? I mean even downloading the SMW ROM to hack it is a crime, ergo making us criminals, so if Light was real he probably had to kill us all. In fact he might have to kill himself.

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I've watched the series from beginning to end, and it's one of my favorites (one guy made Hikaru No Go and Death Note? Awesome!) but I do think Light got carried away. In the beginning, he aimed at killing the most vile of criminals, such as serial killers, and he saw that as justice. I had to agree with him. However, as the series progressed, Light became more of a villain, killing all law-breakers and those who opposed him. According to Light, a burglary was enough reason for someone to be put to death.


I think it was right for Light to be killed at the end. He saw himself as God and would do anything to create his ideal world.

Regarding whether L or Kira is justice, Light became L, so from that point on, both were the bad guys. Strangely, Kira was the kind of bad guy you wanted to succeed, and you didn't see him as the villain until the very end. But, a villain's a villain, so I'd have to say Ryuzaki/Near is justice.
Originally posted by ChaoticFox


Regarding whether L or Kira is justice, Light became L, so from that point on, both were the bad guys.

By "L" I mean the original L Lawliet, or Ryuzaki as he goes by for the series.
Light had a good idea going. "Destroy all of the worlds criminals, and no one will commit any crime ever again!" However, that has three major flaws.

1) What defines a "criminal?" How far should he go with that? Only kill murderers and big-time thieves? Kill anyone who so much as lies or does something selfish? It's too vague.

2) No matter what you do, there's bound to be a couple of murderers and whatnot left over anyway. People often do things simply because they shouldn't. I guess that wouldn't be too much of a problem, but...

3) Light couldn't live forever. Any way you slice it, he just can't. He could always try and find an heir, but does that ever work? They always have slightly different views than their mentors.

Ryuzaki basically thought the government was doing everything right. He thought due process and the justice system would find and eliminate all crime eventually. That's not quite true.

I: The police can't catch everyone. It's that simple. Some people can hide, some can do evil in a technically-legal way, and some ARE policemen.

II: The court system isn't perfect. There's always going to be corruption, loopholes, and missed evidence. Some guilty people will stay free, and some innocent folks will be imprisoned. That's fair, right?

III: The government is composed of many people. Not all of them will agree on what's right and wrong. There will be conflict. Light's way is much simpler. There's no disagreement to be had among 1 person.

You know what? As crude as Light's method seemed to be, it's actually a lot more efficient. Only one person, no criminals can escape. The only downside is, eventually he would die. Whoever succeeds him would ruin things.

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L because he's cool lol immature answer


Well, I don't think that either are really "true justice". In the beginning, Light is probably the most justified, because he only uses the death note to kill people who are genuinely guilty but aren't getting proper punishment. Later, he starts to use the death note for his own purposes (controlling people to get away from being caught) and he manipulates Misa horribly. On the other hand, L is willing to go to any lengths to get what he wants, and the way Whammy's house worked out for choosing the new "L" was terrible. Ultimately, neither are true justice.
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Well, since a certain person died, I think that Kira is 100% justice. Well I thought that from the beginning. I'm kinda like Teru, people are jerks, and they deserve to be "DELETE"ed. But my mom is awesome. So in my sense Kira is justice, the Death Note would be one of the best creations evar. Except for those who uses it for evil....*coughobamacough* Hmm? Anyways, L is a good person, I think anyone who would watch the anime would feel sad and be prepared to cut themselves if he dies. I think its unmistakable that L is one of the coolest people ever, I mean, look at how serious he is! L in someone else's view would be justices, those like Light would see bad people, we don't need, that would be me.
So in my view Kira is seigi!
L's just too shexy to say no to.
The Game
You just lost.
Light was a Well Intentioned Extremist.
L was the more lawful one.

I need more caffiene.
Hmmmmm, meh.
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