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LM Creativity Contest 2009: Results

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Happy Halloween. The results for the creativity contest are here. I'd like to thank the other two judges, Alcaro and Raibys, for offering their time to help with this.

I must say though, this was the most skewed judging I have ever seen. It seems that what one of us hated, the other liked, and vice versa. Still, we managed to come to a consensus on the top three.

WhiteYoshiEgg: 121.5/120
TLMB: 117.5/120
TheDutchLuigi: 116/120

ChaoticFox: 115/120
PercentN: 115/120
pikaguy900: 113/120
Buu: 108.5/120
Tornado: 108.5/120
Luigi-San: 104.5/120
Hach: 103.5/120
Jayfeather: 103/120
The Oncoming Storm: 103/120
hackfan: 102/120
Blaze.128: 101.5/120
Caracc: 100/120
King Boo: 99.5/120
Ultimaximus: 99.5/120
Electron: 98.5/120
Spade: 98.5/120
Rainbowslime: 98/120
Snifit: 98/120
anonimato: 97.5/120
HunterMetroid: 96.5/120
Meirdent: 96.5/120
Midna: 96.5/120
mariocool1999: 94.5/120
THE EVIL CHEEPO!!: 94.5/120
Calvin: 94/120
GN: 93.5/120
MetaKnight 3: 91.5/120
darkguitar4life: 88.5/120
Chikane: 87/120
Yanama: 85/120
SonicBlue77: 82/120
marioVSshadow: 81/120
10204307: 75.5/120
ds777fighter: 67.5/120
Lespna1: 64.5/120
mariofan1000: 61.5/120
x-treme: DQ
Hadron: DQ

As always, you can read the full details for each judge here:


Badges and trophies will be given out later on today.

That's all! We hope you had fun in this contest.
Eh... I did well... ...I guess... I will try to get that halloween badge next year...
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I got a good score - better than I thought I would've, at least - and that's better than just getting some trophy, right?

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Yes, you could say I like Osaka.
Wow, that sure was unexpected. I didn't even put much effort into it, heh.

Anyway, thanks to the judges, and congratulations to those who've won and participated!

Congrats White Yoshi, You totally deserved it. EVeryone else's entries were just astounding, and blew me away. I think I could have done much better in this contest honestly. However, I only entered for the fun of it; when that Choco contest had rolled around, I didn't enter, and I only regretted it later.

I make sure to try harder next time. :)

Notte Luminosa Progress:

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Interesting. I got much higher than I expected, considering that all the Halloween-y stuff was added last-minute. Especially the bone. I only threw that in for extra Halloween. .-.

Ah well. I never intended to win, anyways. I entered solely because I could. XP Also, fun fact: The scene was originally going to be Mario kicking the shell at a ? Block, with a mushroom coming out of it.
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I checked my IPS patch. It worked for me.
Oh well. Good job to everybody else. :|

EDIT: I hope this one will work.
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woot, 17th via roflcopter! :D

Congratulations to the winners! ^_^

I could have actually made something good, but I couldn't refuse making a roflcopter. Totally worth it!

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Cool, tied for 4th place, 1 point away from 3rd :P. A lot better than i expected especially since it just had a few things for halloween, which were added last minute. congrats to those who won, and everyone who entered.
Originally posted by devil-treme

I belive you'll need this.
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100/120, I'm pretty pleased with that. I'll be honest though, I spent more time on the name rather than on the image.
I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
Wow. I did better than I thought I would! I wasn't expecting to win, I just entered for fun.
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Oh well, as I said before, I didn't notice that length rule. But congrats for the winners.
ok, i was expecting that score.

Congrats to the winners.
I do pixels sometimes
Originally posted by SNN's jugde log
GN - Huge Muncher


Comments: Well, the huge muncher is flawlessly made, and the animation looks great.
However, I really would have liked to see a wider variety of blocks besides the generic
solid ones. Nice creation though.


Originally posted by Alcaro's jugde log
GN: 26/45
I'm sure I've seen something like this before.

I prefer stuff made out of other tiles than F8-FF, even though FF-F8 are more convient.

Not much to say here (not counting the stuff I already said in Neatness).

Looks more blocky than anything else. I've seen more intresting stuff.

Not scary.
Except Mario standing in the middle of that Muncher.

...I think I'm running out of comments for this section.

Originally posted by Raibys' jugde log
34) Huge Muncher - GN

CREATIVITY: (9/10) This takes a rather ovious idea, and makes it awesome thanks to a perfect execution
NEATNESS: (10/10) Very nice! Completely true to the original
USE OF BLOCKS: (10/10) The Blocks and animation fit perfectly to make it quite smooth
OVERALL: (9/10) I liked this one very much - moreso than I had thought I would
TOTAL: 38/40

I must say that i am surprised by what score i got.
A LOT higher than expected.
also jugdes = awesomeness
aran - Graces of Heaven
Ok, little saddened by this, and Alcaro: are yellow eyes and a jack-o-lantern NOT halloween?

Edit: got in my chart... 1st is snn, then alcaro (not being mean, but you were a little mean), then raibys...
title:snn, alcaro, and raibys:

Creativity: 6, 4, and 7.
Neatness: 4, 5, and 6.
Use of blocks: 4.5, 4, and 7.
Overall: 5, 3, and 6.
Bonus: +1, 0, 5/5.
Total: 20.5, 16, and 31.

Lowest score by Alcaro :(, highest by Raibys...:)
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Originally posted by SNN

Originally posted by Alcaro

Originally posted by Raibys

Overall: 98/120. I expected lower, and actually got a 40/40. Again, I said I'd enter for the heck of it and because I didn't enter the chocolate level design contest, but that was fun.

P.S. Alcaro, I agree. It does look blocky.
Originally posted by ds777fighter
Alcaro: are yellow eyes and a jack-o-lantern NOT halloween?

Must've overlooked the last screen for some weird reason. No one is perfect.
<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
I will get a great score!
I'm sorry, but I'm not good at SMW hacking, so I gave up on it. That means I'm leaving SMWCentral. Bye!
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