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The Valley Fortress is crumbling.

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Also, have some lottery.

Choose two numbers between 1 and 10000, and then write a short story. In X hours, this thread will be closed and the winner will win a prize.

Here's my short story.

I am in a bad mood today. An idiot sends me a PM:

Originally posted by Yasamito
I LOEVDE U, why did you leave me, you use me and probably not remember me that mean I dont like it when people mean!

Being angry, I reply:

Originally posted by Tatrion
Shut the fuck up.

4367 and 9084
6 & 9. Here is my short story

one day when mario was walking in the mushroom kingdom he stumbled accross something which could be put into a salad so he jumped on it then suddenly arrived at bowsers castle and bowser tried to incirenate mario and mario dodged then bowser tried to slap mario but mario dodged again so bowser got pissed off and picked up an axe and threw it at mario but then mario used his fireball powers and melted the axe so the axe fell into the lava and the lava became hotter by approximately 0.0000000000000001 degrees celcius but bowser didnt care at all so he braethed fire at mario again and surprisingly mario dodged it but he fell on his back and bowser pinned him down but what happens is that an invisible question block falls from the sky on bowsers head which pins down bowser instead and mario manages to escape bowser and melts the bridge chains and bowser falls into lava and EEAAARRRGGHHH and it turns out that the princess was in another castle and toad was in this one instead so mario grabbed his gamegenie machine something thing whatever and turned toad into the princess but then luigi suddenly decided to shoot fireballs at mario so mario has a new nemesis now which is luigi but luigi only did it 4thelulz and also brought his donut xylophones so mario and luigi started to play some dod music which annoys the princess and the princess rises her power to extreme levels and eventually the whole universe explodes which marks the end of this sentence.
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574, 8261

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a forest. In this forest, full of life and shining with happiness, there was a house. It was an old, dilapidated house, built out of rotting wood. It was the most gloomy and depressing house you could possibly imagine. In this house lived a freaky old sage, aged around 20 or so years old. His face was wrinkly and pale, and he wore ragged, old clothes, covered in eugh. His name was Paul. Paul didn't like visitors, and when visitors came to ask for something, he chased them away with a large hammer. For this reason, sometimes the little children would tease him by knocking on his door and running away as fast as they could. They would almost always get away, since Paul was so old.

One day, while composing a horrible, horrible song, Paul heard a knocking on his door. He angrily got up and walked to the door. When he opened the door, the most beautiful man he had ever seen in his entire life was waiting for him. His skin was smooth and tanned, and his hair was luscious-looking and wavy. His eyes were like jewels, and his body was devoid of any fat and packed with muscles.

"Hello," said the man.
"What do you want?" said Paul.
"How do I insert ExGFX?"

Paul crushed his skull with his hammer.

And he never loved again.

fuck yeah meowingtons
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744 and 1337 are my number choices.

Short story:

One day, a lonely and curious Pikachu walks down his usual path in the local park, when he spots some weird mushrooms growing near a tree. "Ooh, these'll be good for a snack!" he says. The Pikachu promptly eats the mushrooms and the world begins to change... Now the Pikachu is as big as a castle! He promptly walks along his path, but trips and lands on the Valley Fortress, crushing it and flattening everyone inside.

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17 and 309

u kil the reznor into the lava nd the hole castel beggins to fall. u run out as fast as u cud to safet but then the fortess crumbs on u and u die. just befoar u die u r savd bi luigi becuz eh is culer and u r not.
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I choose # 89 and 2514.

Hot Red Passion on the Stream

Once upon a time, there lived a boy who lived up in a mountain village named Kiyo. Kiyo was your average young girl, born the middle of a family of 9. By age 3 she had learned to write the entire japanese hiragana alphabet, and by age 6, knew half of the Kanji in the entire language. Yes, Kiyo was nigh an amazing student.

One day, Kiyo was tasked to go shopping in Dentaro city, a nearby village which housed a market to rival Osaka. She left early that morning, carrying an extra set of clothes in a napsack, along with a box-lunch for the ride.

As she set out from his hometown, she merrily crossed a nearby stream which intertwined with the lush Denkaka stream. However, something was awry: there was a little blonde girl crying next to the river! Kiyo, being a good samaritan, went over to see what was the matter.

"Hello there" Kiyo calmy said. The Little Girl sniffled, and warily looked up to meet his eyes.

"Help me" the potential loli said to him. "These three hobos are chasing me because I slept in their cardboard boxes last night, and tasted their garbage" she exclaimed. Kiyo nodded silently, trying to absorb the information. The Girl was clearly exasperated, and looked like she had been on the road for a while. Yep Kiyo thought to herself, She's either a bandit or a hooker... The blonde loli was about to touch Kiyo, when Kiyo whipped out a stick from a nearby dead tree, and smacked the loli silly with it.

"Fuck you bitch" she screamed loudly! "You're not getting my money!" The girl caught the branch after Kiyo swung it a second time, and threw it into the stream.

"You little shit! I'll drink your blood one way or another" the psycho loli screamed. She suddenly dislodged her jaw, her eyes turning red with thirst.

"Oh Crud. You're... You're an ONI!" Kiyo exclaimed.

"What? Wha?.. No you asstard! I'm a vampire! You know, 'I vant to suck your vlodd'?" She retorted, with a hint of disgust in her tone.

"Vampire?.." Kiyo murmured surprisingly. Suddenly, Kiyo had been pushed up against a tree. The Vampire Loli's arms drapped her shoulder and cheek, bushing against them in awe.

"You know" the loli said "you're one of the most beautiful women I've ever gotten to suck off."

"Rrrghhh..." Kiyo muttered as she struggled to break free from the Loli's grasp. Here she was, hacing her neck licked by a ferocious yet cute as a puppy blonde girl, about to get her neck bitten. Suddenly, her eyes met with the vampires for a brief second.

"Little... Girlie..." the blonde vampire loli said, as she leaned in to touch Kiyo's lips. Their lips then locked-

Suddenly, S.N.N. awoke from his bed. Dazed and confuzzled at what had gone on to stop that wonderful fantasy, he looked around his room. His alarm clock had clearly not woken him up. He moved ever so slighty, until he felt something squishy.

"God fucking dammit" he breathed, before lying back down again.

The End! :D

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666 and 2526.
Once, a guy named Dadiro left a place named SMWC. Then another guy named Electron started to blame him because a place named TH got spammed, because the spammer hates him. According to a guy named Hadron (leader of TH), Dadiro was acting stupid.
Dadiro started to flame a god, named SNN. SNN z-lined him and Dadiro left TH.
After a while, Dadiro made a costume named "Drama Queen". He reregged in SMWC, but SNN discovered his trick and told him to fuck himself.
In TH, Dadiro got more power.
Later, Dadiro joined the IRC, but SNN discovered him.
Finally, Dadiro decided to leave TH Staff, because his friend Hadron now hates him.
Oh, BTW, Dadiro was walking, but smkdan crushed him. He died.

After a litte while, Dadiro forgot that thingy with SNN and now he is baaaack.
i just lurk sometimes
2525 and 5252.
Once upon a time... The end.
Once upon a time, Mario went into a random area, looking for the princess. He started jumping on Goombas, Koopas, and some other innocent guys for no obvious reason. He eventually came to a castle, where he fell into the lava and died when a big spiked turtle touched an axe. The end.
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Scientific genius!42 and 1337

Once upon a time there was a little boy man named SNN who really loved to make music. He also enjoyed beer, and anus, though not exactly at the same time. He decided to register at some forum called Super Mario World Central, and since then he's been generally well loved by it's inhabitants. He created wonderful and joyous music for all of their little modifications of Super Mario World. Everything was perfect for him... Until that one day... when he attempted to make a song... it ended up a failure. Legato... failure...
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32 and 2908

A long time ago, there existed a small, insignificant, putrid species known as the Chinfish. These horrible little goldfish copiers did nothing but sit in the water all day, not moving or eating. In fact, they were so lazy that only one was left in existence, since they lacked the motive to reproduce.

The last Chinfish was constantly trying to escape from a psychopathic fishing Mimiga, who sat at the reservoir, in which the Chinfish lived, for nine years. Sadly, the fate of the Chinfish was not that of being caught and eaten by semi-intelligent half bunny carnivores, but to be shot to death by a robot who lost his memory.

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666 and 1993.

Once upon a time, a random hobo was walking down a street, writing an essay, when suddenly a train hit him and he died. The end. Some of his blood squirted onto his essay, completing it. He was then resurrected back to life, and he had unleashed hell upon the world. Everyone had panicked, except one weird retard who had noticed that the occurring event is written in the essay. Suddenly, the weirdo exclaimed, in a manly tone:


He was never heard from again as he was hit by a train. His blood squirted all over the essay, destroying it and reverting the world back to order. Unfortunately, everyone was already dead. Nobody knows the cause of the death, but some theorize that it is because they are all already dead!

The End.

I actually think the retard survived, heh.

845 and 935.

Once upon a time, ORAn DECided to be MVN' on the beat. But in SEPtember, he REPeatedly got INCreasing amounts of SEIzures, so he had to go to a CLInic of some soRTS. ARTIficial hunks AND barbies wearing BRAs were added in, even though they used too many BITs. ORAn said: "Hey hot stuff ASL?", so one of them called the COPs, but ORAn succesfully STP'd them, while JMP'ing around and collecting some TAX accompanied by TAY Zonday. TAY then started throwing a bunch of STAring PEAs at ORAn, who, being eXCEptionally PERturbated by a surpassing PHArmaceutical, got knocked out immediately, just as PLAnned. When that happened, the SECreting COPs did a few barrel ROLls, but they got SEDuced by the aRTIficial barbies who were still WAIting at the corner.
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23 and 2525.

There was once a young boy who was yet to be named. He was a rather rude boy at that, and eventually discovered a country full of law breakers. Music did he write, and quickly at that. Soon, he met a boy not much older than him, and together they both insulted each other, both for laughs and to see who could top one another. Then one day a horrible SataNNic man came and stole the young boys greatness of insults, and was altogether more powerful than him. The following month, everyone in the country had come to despise this nameless boy, which eventually drove him mad. Then one day, he had finally been forever silenced by a great plague and was never heard from since.

tl;dr nameless shut up.
7331 and 255

I was just riding my bike and than just a normal beautiful girl runs up to me and kisses me. I ask why. She says: Because I love you. Than I just woke up 0__o.
But the girl was sitting next to me in the bus next morning. I was suprised and she kissed me again. That was real.
Everybody happy :D

I cry when angels deserve to die <3
Lay-out made by Broozer

I choose 42 and 6352.

Once upon a time, a goal sphere from the never discovered depths of the Valley fortress slept. In his sleep, he grew a pair of feet, and the ability to say F DIZ. He did not know about the intruder of these ancient ruins, which seemed to have a flattened silver P-switch as his foot. He walked up to this goal sphere, which suddenly woke up and said: "F DIZ F DIZ F DIZ F DIZ" and tried to run away. The explorer catched up with the goal sphere, and touched it. The goal sphere disappeared and a mysterious force took hold of him. He started to walk Mario's victory march. The room turned dark as he walked forth. After some seconds the room turned normal again, and he couldn't believe what he saw. There was a bottomless pit in front of him! He stopped, and the force made him turn right, and lift two fingers in the air. He walked, and fell right into the pit. The room flashed with some weird colors, and the explorer died.

The end.
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1, 10000

Once upon a time, some people discovered an old, abandoned fortress. They had heard a rumour that there was treasure inside, and thus decided to try to find it. However, while they were busy exploring the fortress and fighting various giant monsters living inside, someone dropped a nuke on it. The fortress was destroyed and everyone died.

The end.
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1468 and 7802

Once upon a time, there was a nice charming prince living in a nice charming castle. One day, his castle exploded along with everything he owned. The nice charming prince then turned into an ugly, mean frog and hopped away to mourn the rest of his small, meaningless life.


I choose 14 and 4967, here is my story:

Once upon a time in Dinosaur land, Mario was exploring the Forest of illusions and became tangled in a net of vines. Luigi was also exploring the Forest of illusions and heard Mario shouting for help. Luigi thought Mario was being attacked by Bowser and that this was a chance to prove he is alot more than a shadow in the dark. When he got there, he found Mario in the web of vines. ''Help me get out bro'' Mario cried. Luigi was mad because there wasn't a opportunity to prove himself and simply said to Mario ''Screw you Mario, get your lazy ass out of there yourself.'' Mario never got himself out of the web and died from starvation. Mario now spends his afterlife scaring Luigi because, after all, Luigi is scared of ghosts. The end.
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