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Very First Level EVER
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I remember the first few levels I ever made. They had little cutoffness that I can recall, and definitely no floating or stacked munchers, but I do know one thing: Although I'm pretty sure I deleted everything in the level before reworking it (although I doubt I knew about the Ctrl+Delete shortcut for deleting everything), I designed each stage in exactly the same style as it was in the original game. E.g. Yoshi's Island 1, 2, and 3 still had the grassy graphics, Yoshi's Island 4 still used the mushroom platforms and Rope tileset, etc. Also, I didn't know how to insert any custom stuff except blocks with the old Blocktool. I don't have a screenshot of it right now, since I made it before I got a laptop, but I'll update this post when I go home for the weekend and can grab a picture off the other computer. Heck, maybe I'll even make an IPS patch of it if anyone is interested.
I've lost my real first level, but this was the first thing I've ever had done in Lunar Magic:

Yep, a crappy 105-edit.

Good times. Good times...
It makes me think, about the newb's mindset. What makes newbs do the things they do? I would say that the muncher use can definetely be attributed to it's position on the Add Objects window. But what about cutoff, blatent edits, and bad palettes?

I wouldn't know. My first levels did not contain such things. I was not even influenced by SMWC at the time, I had not found it yet. I had actually read the entire help file, and made some decent levels, though it had a "puzzle" of finding random invisible coin blocks to continue, and a bounce block maze I got tired of and dumped into 192 or something for safe keeping because I could not stop Mario from glitching in it. I still have the rom, though I'm not going to distribute a patch... until the true release of the entire planned hack.

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Though I don't exactly remember my first level ever, as stated before, I do remember some older hacks that I worked on before I got better at Lunar Magic. The first one was a garbage hack in the style of but not as "classy" as Chaos CompleXX; the first level involved you jumping around on cutoff ground with cutoff water haphazardly thrown around, with the ground disappearing midway through the stage accompanied by a message box telling you that the developer got lazy and said that you had to deal with swimming through water from now on in AOL-speak. Yes, this was in fact an excuse for not knowing how to make a hack.

The second hack I remember wasn't trying to rip off something that had already been done better, and all the better for it. The plot was something about Kamek using magic to teleport Mario to an alternate universe that looked exactly like the Mushroom Kingdom universe (somehow), as an excuse to get around editing the overworld (which I hadn't mastered yet). There were no blatant newbie mistakes like noticeable cutoff or floating Munchers, but it put walkable ground on the bottom row in Lunar Magic, had massive lag in places, and forced you to die if you entered the second level without beating the yellow Switch Palace first, so it'd probably be removal log-worthy in any case.

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I never did it with everything I do, I forgot, or just deleting ... and also have no recollection, but I wanted to remember how good it was that time of exploration.
As all of you might imagine ive done weird stuff also. But my first level had really no cutoff until the end of the level. When i find my rom ill export the level to bitmap and put a link here.

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In other news, why am I here.
I see you're an avid savestater, like me.
Nice first level, it's understandable you didn't know how to fix the graphics problems.
Who were you referring to?

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Yes, you could say I like Osaka.
Mine was a 105 edit, and since I didn't know you had to have the layer 1 activated to paste objects, it wouldn't work for me.
Suprisingly, when i wanted to paste sprites, I had it on layer 1 all the time, and vice versa.
Yeah, i dealeted that though.
My second hack had good level design, to say the least.
I edited a few levels, then dealeted it.
Here is my first level. Not actually full of errors...but I was a horrible player back then. The level is also incredibly boring.

Now this video shows more of my early work. It shows my first 5(?) levels. The video is 10 minutes long, so just keep that in mind.
I actually can't post my first level, as it's the final level in my hack.(when it's fixed)It's a castle with a lot of rooms, to say the least.

Here's another really old level I made:
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My first level wasn't a 105 edit...I deleted all the objects and sprites before I made it, though I didn't change the background or anything. In any case, it wasn't filled with cutoff ledges or random things or anything, and it was actually pretty good design in my opinion...I had some experience creating levels before I found LM (I would draw stuff out on paper, especially ghost houses). It did have a few cutoff ropes in it though.

In any case, it started off with a few slopes and a bonus area which had a pipe that I couldn't get to work properly. Then it continued and then it had a vine which you climbed up (the vertical scroll here was rather screwy and I couldn't fix it o.o) and then you jumped down some platforms to the goal. The design was kinda good actually but it could be improved quite a bit.

No, I don't have it right now. D:

Your layout has been removed.
Well, I have a video about my very first custom SMW level, so I don't really need to say something...

<object width="445" height="364"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="445" height="364"></embed></object>
I don't have my very first try level in lunar magic, but I'm going to show of my first complete stage. It is not in a hack tho. I'm not showing all of it bucause it's just a kaizo level that has the same pattern all the way. I used quite alot of time on this actually. I'm glad it wasn't just an usual poor 105 edit.

Picture from LM
I don't really remember my first level because I made it like 4 years ago. I just remember one part that was a cement block maze with 5 moons at the end.
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Well, I think my first level was almost flawless. The only thing I had a problem with (Which actually made it a fatal problem) was using too many sprites. I overloaded it without realizing back long long ago. I think I used sprites 140 without paying attention. However, I didn't just spam them either. It was a long level, pretty long actually.
Other than the fact it crashed half way through the level, it was pretty decent until then. Not super hard but fairly challenging.
There wasn't any cut off. (It bothered me then and it still bothers me now.) I wondered what the problem was but figured out soon after.
I still actually have the ROM it contained.

Oh, did I mention I made a joke hack soon after? It was so evil, I deleted it. This hack was really sad. I actually gave it to someone as a prank and needless to say, I told them to stop. Then I promptly deleted it.

So yea, fun times. Now I look back and laugh. Now to see if I can release something fun. It is in the making...

It was an actual DECENT 105 edit with NO cutoff, munchers, or any removal reasons besides the fact that it was blatantly 105 at times. It still had new design that had remenance of SMW, no boring flat/slopes, and I guess it was good despite a few screens of unedit. It also had no custom palette.

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I just saw the level, and I honestly think that it's absolutely horrible. Glitched graphics should never be used in-game. Ever.

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Good thing it was his first level. He's learned since then.

(Seriously, did you not see how screwed-up the sprites were in Lunar Magic?)

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Yes, you could say I like Osaka.
Well, here's my first level:

Ladida's 1st level

Its a blatant edit of level 106, though I, like, more than doubled the length, causing the level to reach 1F screens D:

Its got some custom blocks and stuff cuz I added them over the years, but I kept the basic design. I removed some n00bish stuff as well (an example being the feather near the end of the level. It used to be a 3up moon :X)
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