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Favourite Kirby game?

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I'm in the mood to play one of the Kirby games, but Idk which one. Any reccomendations? Please reccomend something that I'd be able to get the rom for.
Kirby SuperStar. I'll even play with you if you want ;D.
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My favorite kirby games are kirby superstar (ultra is good) and kirby's adventure. I just like those games because... ...Not too sure. But I guess fun. (Note that I got some glitches while playing kirby's superstar on my ZSNES)
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Originally posted by mariocool1999
(Note that I got some glitches while playing kirby's superstar on my ZSNES)

Make sure that the ROM you get is a verified good dump, Name[!].smc, and you shouldn't encounter any glitches other than the ones in the original game.

I have yet to see a bad Kirby game, so try any of them that you like.
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Kirby 64...Thats the best one there is...
It's really difficult for me to pick a favorite Kirby game, but both Kirby 64 and Kirby's Dream Land 3 were awesome titles. The exploration factor and "double" powerup gimmicks in 64 made it really fun to play. It's a tad easy though, except for the odd crystal (Aqua Star's wall-jumping one comes to mind).
Kirby superstar and ultra, because it was the most innovative and hard game in the series.

KKirby canvas curse, for the same reasons, actually.
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Kirby Superstar, hands down.

It's not just because it was the first game to introduce me to Kirby, but it has the best power-ups in my opinion.
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Kirby Sixty-Four. It was the inspiration for Subspace Emissary.
IMO Super Star [Ultra] but that's because it takes a long time to get 100% (4 months for me in which I was at 99% searching for 3 months)

Although Kirby 64 had a lot of good things, like 3d-ness and ability mixing, and Dedede on your side....ish

But all of the kirby games are awesome

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Dedede on your side was the best part. Dedede proved he was the only likable Kirby Character when he captured that coward Luigi during Subspace Emmissary.
The first one; on the NES. The Adventures of Kirby.

I've liked pretty much every kirby game I have ever played. But my favorite has to be Super Star (& Ultra). I also liked Amazing Mirror, and Canvas Curse as well.

Originally posted by Kuribo
Kirby Sixty-Four. It was the inspiration for Subspace Emissary.

Get super star, play the great cave offencive. That was the inspiration for the Subspace level.

Infact some of the bosses in that game are the inspiration for bosses there too. Infact...

Superstar is my favorite so far, folowed by 64.
Definitely kirby 64. It's just too fun to resist.
Kirby Superstar, most definitely. My gosh, all the memories...

Kirby Superstar Ultra.Nothing to put here at the time being.
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Kirby Super Star Ultra (Definitely). Why Kirby 64 and the Crystal Shards? I like the canceled (I believe) Kirby game better than that.
Kirby superstar all the way. Great music and gameplay.
Kirby 64.
Admit it, you loved Bomb+Cutter.
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