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Latest Anime/Manga Thread

Well, this place has felt dark and dull. It always makes me sad when I see a forum that has been inactive for three days. As such, I propose we make widespread discussion thread. This thread will cover the latest installments of your favorite anime series, whether it be the manga, comic books that you read right to left if you aren't familiar with it, or the new episodes of the anime.

There are some important rules to note regarding this thread:

1.) You must note at the beginning of the post which anime you are talking about, its issue, and if you're discussing about the manga or an episode. For example, if I was discussing the latest installments of Naruto, I would use the following format:

- Naruto/Anime(or Episode)/No.133/(Title if it isn't suggestive.)
- Naruto/Manga/No.470/(Title if there's no spoilers as above.)

2.) You MUST use a black text box around your discussion or anything revealing to prevent anyone from casually seeing any unwanted spoilers. No one wants a vital moment of their favorite anime ruined by you gibbering about it in plain view. If I notice anyone not following this or any of these rules, I will contact someone of authoirty. If there's a picture you'd link to share, then just link it under the black box. To use a block box that I'm describing, enter the following code:

<span style="color: 000000; background-color: 000000;"> *insert your text here* </span>

3.) There is to be nothing inappropriate, mature, or explicit in this thread! That pretty much applies to the entire site, but I do not want to see anything that follows under that in this thread. Hentai definitely fits under this catagory. Unless you get personal approval from a moderator or administrator, I expect to see none of it. Violence does not fall under these terms.

4.) Do not flame or troll! If you don't like a certain anime, then simply do not talk about it. You can still obviously show negative criticism about a series, but saying things such as, "oh i hate that cuz it sux and its gay," is not permitted here. Something along the lines of, "Personally, I do not enjoy that anime. There are many unnecessary scenes that do not contribute to the story at all, and I feel that it is overly repetitive," is a perfect response. Also, don't use your "outside" voice when talking about a series. Calmly talk about the series you like/don't like.

5.) Share with us your outlook on the installment. Being part of the discussion is great, but it's even better when you show new, personal views on the subject.

6.) If a series is near arrival, it is already to speak about it beforehand without the black box text, but this does not apply to new seasons of an already running series.

7.) *Inspired by an odd dream with me in a truck with...Hach?* I hoped this is simple to understand, but stay on topic. This is an anime thread, not a hacking or reality thread.

That about does it for the rules for now. If any others come to mind, I will put them in the thread. Tell me what you think of this thread, and hopefully we can bring this forum back to life with lively (*cackle* *cackle*) conversations and discussions.
7th season of One Piece started in Germany this week. I could watch any of the episodes yet, though, so I'll have to get up at 6 AM tomorrow to watch the reruns. I'm pretty excited for it. It's actually still the end of the previous season, right after Ennies Lobby.

Also does anyone watch the Fairy Tail Anime? I've read quite a bit of the Mange before the Anime was out and from what I've seen the Anime was done quite well and could even become the next big Shounen thing.
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To be honest, I haven't seen much of One Piece. It looks a bit strange to me, but hey, aren't all animes strange in a sense? And I have heard of Fairy Tail or something around those lines. Is it worth looking into?

Anyway, today I watched the new Naruto episode and read the new manga! Episode 134 and Manga 471 to be precise.

Naruto/Episode 134
Overall, the episode had a nice blend of things. Sasuke is getting ready for his clash with Itachi, so that will be one of the battles I'm highly anticipating probably next week. Suigetsu fighting Kisame is somewhat boring, but whatever. And also, if anyone here has read the manga too, which I'm going to discuss below, do you remember Madara folling around so much with the Hidden Leaf group? They connected his silly side quite well, yet I swear I remember him being more serious here.

Naruto/Manga 471
This manga was a bit short to my liking but suspenseful as always. And, it was somewhat ironic too, hearing about the Samehada's chakra absorbing powers twice. It seems that the Samehada was much more powerful than I thought, and Bee's going to have a rough fight ahead with this "shark" Kisame. Not only that, but how much longer will his demon chakra last? Finally, I'm a bit interested in the trap that the Byakugan user is stuck in. Such an interesting ninjustu-related trick.

So yeah, that's my thoughts on the latest chapters. Anyone else have any thoughts to share?
Well if you like One Piece, then chances are you'll also like Fairy Tail, since they are kind of similiar in some way. Since you didn't watch One Piece yet it is hard to say. Probably you should just check out either one of them and see for yourself.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
- Kanon 2006/Anime Episode #15/ TITLE: "Frankly, I don't remember the title, but it had nothing to do with the episode anyway."

I only have two words to say about Kanon: Absolute Awesomeness, and Awe Inspiring. If anybody else has any two worded phrases for this, then throw them out! Also, have you noticed that both phrases begin with vowels... don't see that everyday.

Anyway, for those that like really REALLY good animes, this is the perfect anime for those that are a little tired of the action animes like Burst Angel (which I am not about to get into because I utterly dislike it for reasons I might mension later on.) or Shakugan no Shana. If you've watched Clannad, you will really like Kanon, I think Kanon is one of the best animes ever! And it is also (as far as I'm aware) voted as the #1 dub in history.

Warning MAJOR Spoilers!
This part I think is the saddest of the whole show. Sayuri Kurata, Mai Kawasumi's best (and only friend besides Yuichi) was attacked and what I first thought killed by one of the demons. (the demons are actually manifestations of Mai's powers.) That was also the first time Mai cries in the Anime, and I'm speaking chronologically, meaning that I'm talking about her first time crying in the anime as a whole, not in her life. I though Sayuri was dead for a few seconds. Second time I almost cried while watching it and I'm still willing to go on watching it, for it is really good.