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Area 6 start

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Entering Venom air defense zone.

Everybody stay alert!

Space mines ahead!

Bogey behind me! Am I gettin' slow?

Hold still and let me shoot you!

Incoming enemy missle!

Shoot 'em down! We're being marked!

Did we get 'em?

Not yet, Sir!

They're on me! I'm getting careless!

What's taking you so long, Fox?

Ah, the son of James McCloud!

Those tin cans are no match for me!

I'm looking forward to this!

They've broken through the first line!

We're gonna break through that fleet.

Do a barrel roll!

They're through the second line!

Fire! Fire! Don't let them through!

Venom's right there!

The last line has been breached!

These guys are crazy!


Enemy ahead. This one's different.

Crud! We were SO close to Venom.
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Link Thread Closed