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Chaotic realm Final Release!

Finally!, after months of working on this hack and other month testing and fixing stuff...
This hack its released!!.
here is!
yes. i woke up at 3 AM to make this thread.

now you want some screen shots?, take them.

I hope you like the hack.
I do pixels sometimes
Holy shit anonimato, this looks like an amazing hack! Your graphic edits are great, and your level design looks nice and unlinear! Keep up the good work!

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Gonna play this right now, I'll come back to you later.
The overworld looks qiote bland, but the rest looks awesome, and it seems like you put a lot of work into this hack.

I'll defenitly try it out soon. 8>
Hmm.. rather sexy looking screens, I'll make sure to play this one!
also cool 1000th post.
Great work, anonimato, the screenshots look awesome. I like every HDMA gradients you used, very nice choices! As I see, you didn't use too few munchers! :D I'll play this one, I'm sure.
Just done playing..
And GOD I hated that muncher boss. Hard enough :D

I cry when angels deserve to die <3
Lay-out made by Broozer

Your muncher boss is having sprite memory issues DX I can't beat it.

Other than that, I loovee this hack so far. I liked all the muncher-based enemies, especially the chargin' chuck with a muncher as a head XD
I've seen quite a lot of screenshots from you about this hack and I've been keeping up with it constantly. This hack looks really great. The levels seem to be really fun and the graphics look awesome. I'll have to check this out for sure when I get the chance.

This is probably the best hack I've ever played. Currently recording videos.
This was indeed a REALLY awesome, hack, though quite hard. I was glad to beta test anonimato!
The effort you put into making all the graphic swaps, and all the bosses was amazing. You, sir, are a dedicated hacker, and I applaud you.
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Wow, yet another very impressive hack! I have to play this some time as well... However, the OW seems quite bland, and the difficulty appears to jump and fall unevenly, but that's just judging from the screenshots. That pic with the munchers, lava, and bullet bill shooters looks quite difficult though...

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actually i don't know why you guys think this hacks needs savestates, i've played the entire hack without savestates (not counting the optional kaizo path of kaizo master's palace).

Originally posted by Ultimaximus
That pic with the munchers, lava, and bullet bill shooters looks quite difficult though...

That's the kaizo path of kaizo master's palace.
I do pixels sometimes