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[Updates] The Big Boo's Legion 2 (Trailer + Screenshots)
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Fall 2009 - [Updates] The Big Boo's Legion 2 (Trailer + Screenshots)
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Yes, it's back. The "Big Boo's Legion" saga returns, with full of life, more excellent story telling, different and exciting levels, and more!
So, what's done for now:
- about 11 levels (I plan 40-50)
- a very little part of the OW
- the title screen, intro, story developement

Probably I'll release the hack in 2010. It will take very much time, I'm sure.

- Many-many ExGFX
- Bunch of custom sprites and blocks
- Custom boss battles
- nice choose of custom musics

I'll post screenshots in this thread in these days. Check it out later for sweet new stuff!

What's the plot for now? Check out this epic trailer, and find out! :)

<object width="500" height="405"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="500" height="405"></embed></object>

Background music:
0:00 - 1:18 - KillerTracks - Eternal Darkness 2012 Soundtracks

1:21-3:00 - Craig Armstrong - Escape

Please enjoy, and comment in this thread, or on the video. I'm really interested for every opinions!
I worked quite hard on this trailer. I hope it will win something, or just be in the top 3. I'd be very-very thankful, if you will vote for this! :D

Also, this is my 900th post here. Yeah!
I like this hack... Me wanna play :(

This demo is awesome!
I never played the whole first hack you made :D
But I will do this one!

I cry when angels deserve to die <3
Lay-out made by Broozer

Me like Trailer!
Me wanna play!

No seriously, it looks really good!
Originally posted by darkguitar4life

I never played the whole first hack you made :D
But I will do this one!

Well, if it's true...then play it. :D

Anyways, thanks guys!
Whoa, whoa, whoa... this is actually one of the most professional trailers I have seen in a while! The hack also looks quite promissing - it's nice to know that you intend to include more levels in this one, as opposed to the original hack which only had a few. And oh my, the levels themselves just look excellent. Really LOVING your use of palettes, as well as the graphics you're using. Nice use of custom sprites, as well - I especially like that green monster boss who throws hammers everywhere, heh.

I remember playing the original "The Big Boo's Legion" (as well as I remember accidentaly rejecting it when you first submitted it... my faught. >_<), and I must say that this looks like an impressive sequel. Looks even better than the original, which really caught my eye when I played it.

I'm really, really looking forward to checking out this one!
This looks really good, Hadron! The trailer is epic win, and all the custom stuff you put in (Palettes, graphics, custom sprites) really add to the awesomeness of this hack! Keep up the good work!Free counters!
Looks awesome Hadron! The first one was really well made, and it's cool that you're making a sequel.
The trailer is awesome. Pretty epic for a Mario rom hack (Though so is my trailer) and all the graphics and level design and such looks great.
Nice work.

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The trailer was very awesome, I liked it. I could tell you put hard work into it. The demo looks excellent as well. I am looking forward to playing your sequel. The first one was great. And now you are making an awesome sequel to it. Well done.

Many-many thanks for the feedback, my friends! This means me a lot, and I'm very glad for every comments.

Also, as I promised, here are a few screenshots:

The title screen. Also, I'm not really contented with this, since my graphics skills aren't the best. So it needs more work, I know.

The first actual level, the Wooden Bridge. Some places it's breakable, so be careful!

The second level: Rocky Path!

Some walls are actually "wall-jumpables"!

This is the second part of Rocky Path, a dark cave.

The two caves!

I think the difference is highly noticeable.

The pirate ship! These Koopas aren't land rats, yarr!

That's for now. Expect more screenies tomorrow, so stay tuned!
That title screen looks awesome! And that was good planning to ge your 800th post into your C3 thread : ]
Awesome, a 2nd Big Boo's Legion! And this one looks to be better than the last!

But the title "Curse of the Magic Wand" sounds very similiar to "Mystery of the Magic Wand". But that doesn't matter, the hack still looks superb.

That is one of THE BEST title graphics I've ever seen, but maybe you could add something in the BG and the wand looks funny going through the word magic.

Altogether this looks like a great hack. :)
Your trailer is absolutely amazing, it's like a real professional movietrailer. I guess those blue eyes are the villain's - the trailer is letting you want to know who that is. The music fits perfectly...
I'm astonished by this...
I definetely want to see this one completed.
Many thanks guys for the comments! I'm really glad that you like the trailer and the pictures. :D

@Jakester: it's really that good? Honestly, I didn't expect these good comments. By the way, that was my 900th post, but not a problem. ^^

@LPY: Thanks, yes, it'll be waaay better than the first part. And yeah, I know it's a bit similar (since I played the SMI series too), but I can't think on a better title. And I'm totally done with the hack story already, so I even don't want to change it.
You like the title screen too? That's great! Actually, the BG is scrolling automatic fast, so the title screen is a bit more exciting than you can see on the picture.

@TheDutchLuigi: Thanks, I'm really glad that you like it so much! Yeah, I think I did a quite good work with the trailer. Fortunately I'm a bit good in video editing, and I thought I could make a trailer, so why not? And I think I have a little chance to win something, maybe just be in the Top 3. ^^ are more screenshots!

Inside the Pirate Ship!

The next level, Deep Sea. You can find this little bonus-game, if you're clever.

Another level, Sunny Fields. I hope you like the palettes! ^^

Iggwig's castle, exterior. If someone can guess, where is "Iggwig" from, gets a cookie! :D

So, that's for now. If I'll get replies, you can expect more screenshots (since I can't double-posting in 24 hours, eh).
I prefer a consistent SMW-SMAS graphics style, but this seems pretty nice too.
I really love that Wand in the title screen, it looks really awesome. I've never been good at making title screens. :P
So yeah, best luck with this project, I hope to see it completed some time, because it looks very promising so far!
Very thanks Aqualakitu!

I think this will be the last screenshot package, but who knows.

Inside Iggwig's Castle! I redrew the Thwomps a bit, they're more scary now.

It's kind of dark here...

The last level I can show now, Rainy Day. As you could see in the trailer, it's animated, and looks quite nice in my opinion.

The end of this level.

(I'll add here a HDMA gradient, so don't mind on the bland background)

Hope you like the screenies. Please comment and give feedback! :)
Yay more pictures ftw !!!
Cool. I like it :D
The Thwomps look scary 0.o
Sweet Hadron!

I cry when angels deserve to die <3
Lay-out made by Broozer

This is an excellent reminder for me to play the first in the series. I always thought it looked incredibly professional.

The message box text always amused me for some reason :O
Looks good! I noticed a couple of minor grammar errors in the trailer, but it was very well-done nevertheless. The title screen looks okay to me. The design seems pretty decent from what you've shown us. I don't care for the palette of those red and yellow spikes in Iggwig's Castle, but just about everything else looks nice. I haven't played The Big Boo's Legion, but now I just might have to; I'm looking forward to the full version of the sequel.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
Originally posted by imamelia
Looks good! I noticed a couple of minor grammar errors in the trailer, but it was very well-done nevertheless.

You've got to remember, that Hadron is bound to make mistakes with grammar since he's not a native English speaker.
Thank you Atma and imamelia! I hope you'll enjoy my first hack. :)

@imamelia: thanks for noticing, I'll fix the palette fast!

@Atma: thanks, and yeah, there are possibly grammatical errors, but I try to do my best. My beta testers (later) will fix them for me, I'm sure.
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Fall 2009 - [Updates] The Big Boo's Legion 2 (Trailer + Screenshots)

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