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Aionios Dynami (Includes 1 world demo)

Atma-Beetle Faction Presents:

Aionios Dynami (Eternal Power)
By Atma and Buster Beetle


Anicetus, the Goddess of humanity. Her influence on the world is tangible, and her children, humans, vowed to protect Gaea, home of all life, in her name. Time passed, and humans relied on their Goddess many times to save them. Though she was happy to help her children, they felt helpless when they relied on her. So humanity became self-sufficient, and Anicetus fell into a deep slumber, confident that humans would be fine on their own now. The year is now 2036. Humans have colonized planets far from their home of Gaea and have reached an era of uninhibited scientific discovery. Humans have long given up religion and Anicetus became just a memory….

What is Aionios Dynami?

Unlike most hacks, Aionios Dynami is very different from the game it was created from. It offers a gameplay experience that you will not forget, because you'll likely smash your computer due to frustration. Think "The Second Reality Project" on crack, with a touch of Bullet Hell shooters (like Touhou on lunatic difficulty), and throw in Mega Man for HOURS upon HOURS of hair pulling fun.

You, the player, play as Chloe, a young Officer in the Hiryuu Military unit. She often acts on her impulse to be herself and free of the strict rules of the world.

BusterBeetle and I have been work on this project for some time, and...
Screw it, lets skip the backstory, and just show the damn thing already.


We have a 1-world demo of the hack available for download. Think of it as a tech demo or a taste of what you can expect.

Be aware that the demo WILL NOT work well on ZSNES version 1.42 (according to our tests)

Aionios Dynami, Demo Version

Also keep in mind, that we will not be hosting more demos, and aside from this, we will only give a full hack release when we are finished.
Amazing looking hack! You wouldn't even think that this game used to be SMW! Good work :)Free counters!
Woah.. this looks really good Atma and Buster Beetle.
Did you draw all those graphics yourselves btw?
Woah. Didn't expect something like this out of you two. Very nice, especially the player graphics.

...I must say though, that FG palette in "Grim Woods" really bugs my eyes. Eh.
When I heard you guys were doing a team hack, I really didn't see this coming! This is awesome, you guys!
Cool to see that you are doing a somewhat harder hack. It's always good to have a few of those on the site.
With your guys' porting skills, ALL the custom music better be effing amazing. Or else.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Atma and I have put a lot of painstaking work into this hack, and I must say, I believe it paid off quite well. It was a pleasure working with him, and probably for the better, this is likely one of my best works (and only completed one).

Since we did almost completely revamp SMW's physics, there's bound to be issues and it'd be great if you guys point them out if you find any, and any other suggestions as well, like the palette for the Grim Woods as SNN pointed out. After all, it is still just a demo.

TheDutchLuigi: We didn't draw any of the the backgrounds, or much of the foregrounds. We did however, draw all of the sprites ourselves.

And thank you to everyone else who replied as well.
As I said on IRC last night, it looks great! I can tell how much work you guys put into this...the status effects, the new physics, and more. You really created an entirely new game, with few to no traces of the original Super Mario World.

I have to warn everybody else, though...they're not exaggerating about the difficulty. I beta-tested it, and I can honestly say that it was the hardest hack I have ever played. (No, I haven't played Kaizo.) Just the first boss is insane. If you're the type of person who likes to relax when playing video games, you've come to the wrong place. It does play quite a bit like Mega Man, though, with the gun, bosses, etc.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
I was one of the betatesters, and i have to agree with SpeAmelia, that hack was hard as hell. But is a pretty good hack, with great graphics and cool ASM.
i just lurk sometimes
Blaze's Booth Review: Aionios Dynami

I must say I am impressed with the GFX feel of this hack. The player GFX looks very well done. I can see this turn into something bigger.

Rating 9/10
Working on something!

Better than the cape!

As Buster Beetle said, we worked ourselves to our limits over the past 3 weeks on this. However, it was all worth it and we became great friends along the way. We also had alot of fun on etherpad with our patch comments:

;LDA #$09 ; play death music <-not needed?
;STA $1DFB ; ^^^ probably not k let sdelete

;LDA #$90 ;not needed, Y launching
;STA $7d ; what for?
;JML $00F60F ; I'll check this, oh, kills mario duh
;lda $0dbe ;deals with lives we're not using lives i thought?
;inc ;increase though?

(edited portion of ICB's Metroid Health Patch)

We also caused TLMB to develop an aneurysm

[18:12] * TLMB is now known as TLMB|Rage
[18:12] <TLMB|Rage> Earthquakes
[18:13] <TLMB|Rage> dear goodness, this hack is hefty on the difficulty
[18:15] <TLMB|Rage> The earthquakes
Reminds me of when SNN tought me porting on etherpad.

Anyways! I'll be sure to try it out. If I know you guys as well as I think I do, it'll be great.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Well, I just finished playing the first 3 levels. Some stuff was really great (music was awesome, graphics on second level were amazing, and the ASM/custom etc stuff). Just a few things I think you should implement:
-Fire bullets while ducking. Idunnolo if it's just me, but I use the duckjump a lot when there's projectiles around..
-Get a new FG GFX set for shattered bridge. It seemed really repetitive and un-forest like.

Keep it up :>
<-- this is the dope on dope
Well, I've had the chance to play through the first level and record it, and here is the result! Looking back without the heat of the moment on me, I'll definitely play more of this. For your viewing enjoyment, here's the video. Moderate amount of swearing at a couple of points, which is to be expected.
This is one of the best hacks i played... It's just amazing and nothing else. Though character could use little improvement in the gameplay section, but still it's only a beta only, i think.
Thanks everyone,

Notice: FS4 found a big (read: really really obvious) error in the hack. When you get to the cutscene with SINN, it warps you to level zero (the graveyard) instead of level 28. I fixed the problem, but I still need to get the actual hack in the hacks section updated. For now, you can open the hack in LM, go to level 2A and add an exit to screen zero for level 28 or download the filebin zip.
A great potential "opponent" for Azure's Chaotic (I mean, how different is the hack from the original SMW). The story is the most interesting I heard a while ago, and the player GFX is very well drawn. That "before-death conversation" is a great idea, and I was really surprised, when I saw, that I didn't die after my energy went unter 0.

At all, this hack is incredible, honestly this is what I expected from you, Atma and BB. Great work.
TBH, I don't really think that this competes with Azure's Chaotic. Not because it can't, but because they're really separated in HOW the deviate from the norm.

One thing we forgot to mention, most of the songs in Aionios Dynami are made by Buster Beetle or myself (the exceptions are the town theme (I think) and the battle theme against SINN). Here are some of my SPCs that are used in the game.

Fastest Finger Question
For Endless Fight
Hidden Land
Sigma's Fort (1)