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Hunter's Revenge Recharged C3 Release

Hopefully, I have fixed ALL the bugs now. I had to remove this 2 times and just waited for C3 to come to release it.

Fixes: Midway at Hunters Castle 1 is fixed.
Shortcut in Hunters Capital is removed.

I have been wanting to release this for a long time. This is my first ever hack, just recreated to be up to todays standards. I hope you enjoy it.

(Forgot to include this in Hack Discription. I will hopefully get a MOD to add it.)

Original HR1

And now, the Download Link.

Hunter's Revenge Recharged

I hope you enjoy and please post your thoughts here.
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I loved the hack, it was epic, tense and a lot of fun to play.
People should defenitly check this one out.
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

Oh joyous days, another hack from Hunter.
I've always loved hacks by SCORPION, Hunter, Sniggerb0bble, etc.
I'm going to download this right away and play the night away.
eh, although it looks great, there's quite a bit of ugly status bar colors, and the GFX clash with other levels. The OWs also have very odd level tile placement. :\

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