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TSRP3 [infos,screens]
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Fall 2009 - TSRP3 [infos,screens]
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Yep. I never really did a thread for TSRP3 so I figured I make one now, yes?

Warning: This thread contains also lots of spoilers!

TSRP3 is (obviously) the continuation of the Second Reality Project-series, and it takes place after TSRP2. In fact, the game starts exactly at the point where TSRP2 ended: Zycloboo defeated, the Princess is safe, and Mario is ready to return to his own dimension yet again. When it comes to the 2nd Reality, the Powercats and the Happy Goomba-Clan take care of anything. When Bowser first appeared in the 2nd reality, they had to hide themselves in the Lost World, but now with all the troublemakers out of the way they decide to take a more active role in that dimension. They take care of the power switch Bowser brought to them (thanks to the Roboxx) and use it for "good" things for a change.

But not everything goes according to plan.
Six Month later:
Since his failure in TSRPR, Bowser tried to get his gateway working again and he succeeded. He figured the power switch is still in the Second Reality, it's still the best way to archieve the power to conquer Mushroom Kingdom, so... he tries to get this switch back. The powercats send a gateway to Mario, asking him for help.

And so, Mario returns once again to the Second Reality to stop Bowser from getting the switch... Mario's journey starts in the the Lost World, which is now called "The Not-So-Lost-Anymore-World".

In the last six month, the Powercats and Happy Goombas were quite busy and did a lot of changes to this world, and they're basically everywhere. The happy goombas are mostly present in bonus rooms since they are the ones who made these.

But you'll also see some new faces:

So it seems...

Mario's mission leads to Powercat's Castle, since Bowser appeared there with an airship, and the leaders of the Powercats might be in a huge danger. But to get to the castle, Mario's path leads also through the fair of the Powercats. They started building that at the time of TSRP2 already, but after they got the switch in their hands, they made a lot more progress.

There are some drawbacks, howerer, since Bowser's minions attack everything, and for example the Roller Coaster is a mess.

(You know, after the release of TSRP2, a lot of people sent me PM's and e-mails and called me with a telephone and whatnot and they all had one question:
What was in the birthday present Mario brought to the Little Goomba??????????
And I replied: Erm... wait for the sequel!!!
So... wait for the sequel - when Mario and Little Goomba meet again!)

The Powercats also build a huge ghost house for their fair:

But it seems, Bowser's not the only one to make trouble. Little Boo, Zycloboo's best friend makes also a comeback because he wants to resurrect him. And what better place to hide for boos than a ghost house?

And of course, Zycloboo, err... ZycloTwo is after the power switch, too. Figures. Will this ever stop?

But where is the switch? Mario continues moving on to the castle to get some answers...

Finally! Powercat's castle!

But getting to the King's Chamber isn't that easy. There are some smashers in the castle but they aren't working anymore, blocking the way. Puzzle alert!

Almost there. Bowser's Airship is also there, and his minions have some fun attacking the castle from above.

Also, Larry is there:

After the guardian is out of the way, the path leads to the King's Chamber... and yes Bowser is there, since he wants to get the information of where the switch is located. His minions couldn't find it so far and it's definitely not at the Power Supply station anymore.

After a fight with Bowser, he flys away. but there is no doubt that he will not give up until he found the switch.

But... seriously. What is this for a plot? Bowser and ZycloTwo looking for a power switch to conquer the world? We had this before. This gets old.

Yeah... I think you're right! Let's destroy this source of power once and for all to make this world a peaceful world again.

The Happy Goombas are the masters when it comes to hiding things so of course they are the ones who hid the switch away. Thanksfully, they have this great cannon which will get our newly formed fellowship directly to the switch's location - maybe.

So that's where the real mission starts. It won't be easy because Mario and his friends have a huge task ahead: getting the switch and throwing it into the Venom Volcano, which is located ath the Venom Valley. (Sounds familiar? Yep. TSRP3 is about visiting places Mario visited before, but don't think you are prepared only because the locations are already known. The Powercats had much time at hand to "change" the terrain to their likings. And they have lots of weird ideas in store. So, if you played TSRP2 before, I think it will be a huge fun to find out what the powercats did with the Second Reality after Mario's last visit there.

So... that's for the plot! Still, don't expect anything too soon. There's still much work to do. :/


Woah. No way.

TSRP 3 is being worked on, huh? I like the way the plot has shapen up, can't wait too see more of the levels!
Damn I look forward to this.
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

*Jaw drops.*

interesting plot twist. ZycloTwo really switched up the story and now we get to see more awesome TSRP continuation! The whole power cats changing previously seen areas idea makes this hack feel like the sonic and knuckles cart. that came with Sonic 3. Reaching new and redesigned areas! Awesome. just awesome.

More epic for C3 the year.
I like how the cut scenes are set up. They look like they were on a real snes.
Background image by Tzadkiel & Anomalin
:O This looks like it will be totally mind blowing!
although I still haven't beaten tsrp or tsrp2, I guess there's no better time to start, eh?
I can't wait for this. The story line and screenshots make this hack look promising. I'm so excited :)

wow, this looks absolutely impressive! I've never played the prequels, so I ought to do that sometime...

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Holy crap! I thought I would be dead if this hack wasn't finished untill then! Yay! *Inserts random "Yay!" voice* I really hope this hack will get to its end...
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Can there be a better hack than TSRPR?
I'll be looking forward for this one.
Now THIS is something amazing! Actually, the best story I've seen in a SMW hack (yes, better than SMW2+3), but the screenshots look awesome too! The cutscenes, the perfect BG/FG matching, everything is beautiful. Interesting characters, different places, and some epic graphics (especially like that cannon!). So, I really can't wait until the release. And I'm very happy, that you're still working on it, and you have a decent progress with the hack.
By the way, I'd be very interested for the OW, I don't know, if it's possible, could you post a picture of the current Overworld? But actually not very important, just if you don't mind. :)
So is one going to be as long as TSRPR and TSRP2?
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This looks awesome! I cannot wait to play it!
Will this beat TSRP2 in terms of level design and TSRPR in terms of sheer fun? Only time will tell. But this is by far my favourite C3 thread so far!

Nice to actually see how this hack progresses. Thanks a lot for making a thread, FPI!

Although I'm not a story fanatic, the plot really got me interested there. Seems pretty detailed and well-devised without being too irritating and full of twists.

The graphics are amazing too. You probably ripped lots of them from different games, but they fit together surpriingly well. I simply love that graphical style.

Very impressive overall. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of this! ;)


OMG! It looks AWESOME.
I liked Reloaded (and the 2nd too... a just a lil' bit too hard for me XD). I'm looking forward to the final result.

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Wow. I am definitely looking forward to this. It's good to see the progression of the hack. My fav so far is TSRP Reloaded, but I think this might just outdo that.

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Whoa-ho-ho, hold the phone here folks!

This is unbelievable!
I can't freaking wait for this.

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Wow, incredible. I never played the original preceding second reality projects, I'm definitely interested in the series now. The graphics that are presented look incredible, and the cutscenes are just... wow. (I can't think of a better adjective.)

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This is fantastic. The plot seems interesting, while it doesn't seem over-the-top, which is good. I like how you did those cutscenes. I also like the idea of going back to the same locations you went to in TSRP2. :O

As for the levels, they look fantastic. I like how the graphics go together, and the level design looks good.

Keep up the good work.

(Also, I might play through this like I did with TSRP2. Who knows.)

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