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The Broozer Cave (nothingness, as well as GFX included!)
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Fall 2009 - The Broozer Cave (nothingness, as well as GFX included!)
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So... welcome to the Broozer Cave (I really couldn't think of a better name... >.>), centralians, also known as my C3 booth. This is basically a place related to GRAPHICS, as you should have already found out, but I will already go straight and say that I haven't designed much ExGFX like I did last year. In fact, you people will only be getting able to download TWO ExGFX files by now - hopefully I can get done with a few more tomorrow or so.

Without further ado, let's go onto the graphics themselves...

Graphics Sets (FG and BG)

  • Fall GFX Set - a graphics set that includes a fall-themed background, alongside with a fall-themed foreground. Contains 4 (four) graphics files in total - two of them being related to the foreground (in which ExGFX80.bin is supposed to be inserted into the FG2 slot, and ExGFX83.bin into the FG3 slot), one of them (ExGFX81.bin) being related to the background, and the last one, ExGFX82.bin, being an ExGFX file used for ExAnimation. Also includes a PAL file (palette), and a sample level, which affects level 105.

  • Background ExGFX

  • Snow Field Background - basically, a background that resembles an open field covered with snow. The ZIP includes the graphics themselves (...duh), a PAL file (palette), a sample level, which affects level 30, and a Map16Page.bin file.

  • Mountainous Landscape - a somewhat mountainous background, based on the several landscapes of Canada/northern USA (believe it or not... :P). The ZIP file contains two graphics files, in which ExGFX86.bin must be inserted into the BG1 slot, and ExGFX87.bin must be inserted into the FG2 slot. Also includes a PAL file (palette), a Map16Page.bin file (for obvious reasons...), and a sample level (MWL file), which affects level 32. It is recommended that the horizontal scroll of the background is set to "none", as seen in the sample level, so that the background doesn't look somewhat repetitive throughout the level where you intend to use it.

  • ...and that's it, at least until now. Now have fun and feel free to stare and laugh at me for providing little to nothing graphics leave feedback, if you would like to do so.
    Wow, Brooz. Absolutely fantastic graphics. The snow background is amazing. We have WAY to little snow backgrounds on the site. I looked everywhere for one and ending up using Chill Penguin Stage background.

    The autumn set is really great, too. I know you got a million comments in the SS+Video thread about them. The effect of the candle is flat out amazing.
    I guess I should have expect this, from you, though. :>

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    Awesome graphics Broozer! I wish I had your talent when it comes to drawing! :DFree counters!
    Well, two magnificent ExGFX files is a lot better than nothing =)

    I really like that Fall GFX set. The way you shade and draw decorations feels so fitting with each other, the details are really awesome. (Take that scarecrow for example, who would think to draw that?)

    In short; I simply adore your drawing skills and those are definitely some of your better graphics.
    I instantly fell in love with the Fall GFX set. o.o
    Great job, BRRrrrrrRRRRrrrRrrRRZER!

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    Awesome GFX! Wow!

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    These are really beautiful graphics, Broozer. It's really kind of you to share them with the community. Great work as always!


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    If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
    Wow Broozer, these are just plain magnificent. I mean, the fall tileset is absolutely jaw-dropping. Nice work, I love it :3.
    Very nice work. The foreground and background in the Fall ExGFX set fit together very well, and I really like how you included things like the scarecrow and the candle. The snow BG looks really nice as well. :O

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    I honestly wasn't excepting to get such nice comments - thanks for the feedback, guys! ^_^

    Amazing. Simply Astonishing. Looks like it belongs in an official game. How long did it take to make these?

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    Originally posted by Broozer
    I honestly wasn't excepting to get such nice comments - thanks for the feedback, guys! ^_^

    Hey, you did an excellent job with the foreground and background Fall ExGFX set . You should expect to get good comments :)
    Awesome job, Broozer!

    Be a cool person and check out this thread and comment on it!
    There's custom dimensions and really neat sorcery you can enjoy!
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    The winter background looks good, but it feels very empty especially compared to your other BGs I've seen. Of course, it could feel that way because it's following up on your fall set, which I feel is easily one of your best works. I never really considered using your BG/FGs before since it would clash with he art style I'm using in my hacking adventures, but damn does that look more than awesome enough to make an exception for.

    Awesome work, Brooz.

    Awesome Graphics as always Brooz! ^-^

    The snow field might look a bit plain though. =P

    But the clouds really look delicious and make up for it =o
    Incredible work, Broozer. Your graphics never fail to amaze me. These look very detailed, and I love your hand-drawn style of graphics. Both of these sets look nice but I REALLY love that Autumn set! Keep up the good work! ;)
    Dear broozer.

    1.- i don't want to be the one with a kinda negative comment but i think the hole in the tree in the fall tileset its a bit too big.
    2.- your drawing skills always amaze me.
    I do pixels sometimes
    Originally posted by anonimato
    Dear broozer.

    1.- i don't want to be the one with a kinda negative comment but i think the hole in the tree in the fall tileset its a bit too big.

    Any smaller and the fire would burn the tree =P
    Again, thanks so much for the feedback, guys. They really mean a lot to me. ^_^

    Originally posted by cyphermur9t
    How long did it take to make these?

    It took me about 2 hours to get done with the winter background. As for the fall set, it took me approximadely 4 hours to get done with it.

    Oh, and for those who are fed up with how the winter background looks kind of plain... do you guys like this? Took me a while to get done with this one, but I finally did it... and I must admit that I'm rather pleased with it, actually. Check the first post in order to download the thing, if you're interested to do so.
    Wow, nice artistic skills you have, Broozer.

    Is that some sort of snake head in the upper BG? never cease to amaze me. Your skills keep on getting better and better! I remember how much I loved your graphics from the year before, but looking at these now, I'm amazed at how much you improved! Your latest background is downright stunning, and it a true piece of art.

    Keep it up Broozer!
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    Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Fall 2009 - The Broozer Cave (nothingness, as well as GFX included!)

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