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Azure Chaotic's big secret

Darn it. The video there don’t work for me ether. I have the feeling that I’m screwed on this one.
sigh -_-
My software never has just develops random features.
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This is pure genius, Azure. Unbelievable. I bet you won the C3 in this year. Or for 5 years.
Probably one of the things that impresses me the most about you, Azure, is your way of adding something incredibly awesome to your hack, all the more augmenting it and making it that much more promising. First it was the sound test feature last C3, and now this. Having a second player sounds great: it's something I could easily imagine doing via netplay, and really adds a lot to the hack. How you were able to do this is beyond me, but it's great. Good luck as you continue to work through this project.

I have to add, that port of Voyage 1969 in the video rocked, especially considering how hard that song is to port.
This is the most impressive thing I ever saw, I hope you win the trophy :3

This. Wins. Yeah. *Note to self : Remember to vote for azure's entry for c3's best idea*

Just wait some years and a 4-player like game like NSMBWii will not be a dream anymore.

Oh and 1 more reason to play your hack.
Is Azure Chaotic vanilla? (Shot, stepped on the face and slapped)

I have a suggestion. You should change the colour when the players switch places.
Epic co-op is epic.

Nuff' said.
Background image by Tzadkiel & Anomalin
This is easily one of the best projects on the C3.
I just can't believe you made a second player.

I can't wait to see more of this.

This looks like it could lead to some seriously difficult puzzles.

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*jaw dropped*

*put jaw where it have to be*

The ASM (or whatever what you used) never ceases to amaze me.
I always thinked on a Mario game with two players... just like Doney Kong Country.

I still can't believe this.
How they post so much o.0?
That is really freaking amazing.
It also helps adding replay value and such to a game.
That, and Co-op puzzels are always fun.
It would be interesting to see how you utilize this in your game. I can see it being used in a non-mandatory puzzle which can only be completed by two players that could lead to a secret bonus or a new story path with "one of the best endings" in the game. This is a brilliant achievement.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Heh.. I remember when Smallhacker tried to do this. It ended up kinda bleh (He stopped the project). It's really nice to see that you managed to pull it off, though. Nice job, Azure! :)
Aww, Azure... I had this idea a year ago, and I was looking to put it together, but a certain,... someone.... had me beta-testing all his hacks and doing different things. It never got done.

Since you're far ahead of me let me tell you of what I was planning- Maybe it will give you some ideas.

The Mario Map and gameplay will be totally vanilla- no chocolate ('cept for the co-op part... a-hyuk).

This was planned to be netplay ONLY. Mario would have his screen, and Luigi would have his screen. Jumping off of Luigi's head would be like jumping off of a Chargin' Chuck. Tapping L or R would make a little speech bubble appear over Mario's head... lemme explain. If Mario Presses R (assuming Mario is player1) a little (Luigi!)- bubble would appear near Mario. BUT on player 2's screen, wherever in the world he is, there would be a (Luigi) bubble as well, but it would be against the edge of the screen, indicating to Player2 of Player1's location, and that Player1 is calling him.

Super Mario can carry Unsuper Luigi, assuming that little Luigi doesn't jump or walk.
Super mario can carry an unsuper luigi who is in turn holding another item.
Super Mario can kick unsuper luigi as high as a baby yoshi, and as far (over gaps) as a baby yoshi. Do you trust your netplay brother?

There would be a one player map path that inter-twined with a co-op required path. Both players would start in a yoshi's house of some sort, or via save-states.

Peach always pats luigi on his shoulder, and kisses mario infront of luigi- no matter of who was better at defeating chocolate-custom-bowser.

If luigi holds run near cape mario, then mario's twirl-cape (Y or X) will last forever, as long as Mario continues to hold Y or X. Luigi would swing around mario and defeat all jump-on-able enemies. If Luigi releases run, then it is as if he triggered a custom-run-block.

Okay, so one of what I just said is reely vanilla... But the level design, should be good ol, goombas and holes... You can make some fairly complex P-switch puzzles and what not.

If p2 dies in a level, he becomes a Boo. The boo would be a custom Luigi on a lemmy fence edit. He can then explore the entire level, but canot enteract with Mario. The gimmick is, once Mario finishes the level, that is when luigi looses a life and his counter goes down by one. Then they can both enter the level together.

If both die, then that's it- they die!.

Both players must be over the same location on the map to enter it.

Remember SMB3? On 2 player, you could select P2's location and hit A to enter, then there was a 2 player co-op battle with the turtles and the big ol' POW down there near the bottom? That's the style I thought to have the players enter the game.

The german kid who distracted me from my dream of having the first SMW co-op will be more than happy to be Luigi, so Please finish soon! We'd LOVE to play it!

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Wow thats complex o.o
this is OWNAGE
Well something happened and I’m able to see the video. I must say that you really out done yourself with this. The one thing that took me by surprise is the size of the helper. Guess that was the only way to fit him/her/it/whatever into the graphics sheet. He sure is small but I bet he packs a punch.
My software never has just develops random features.
Azure Chaotic SupporterChristianRomeo X Juliet FanFinal Fantasy XIII Fan

I just made him small because everything is cuter when it's small. Isn't that enough of a reason?


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!
Originally posted by Maxx
Does he just jump up walls upon finding one? This AI interests me as much as the patch.

Look at the video closely. You'll notice that the little guy follows the exact same pattern of movement as Cleru.