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Megaman 7: 2-Player Arena GFX

Look, I know I said I wouldn't enter this year, and this isn't my best work (the hack) but I am entering for the hell of it, and this is my most recent.

From the game Megaman 7, this is the 2-player arena graphics remixed for better use. I includes some of the origional tiles, plus some more edited tiles like slopes and 32x32 cubes. In a way, half ripped, half origional. Here's some examples:

I might go back and post this as a ExGFX submit in its respective spot on the site, but for now, it resides here.

contains the following:
ExGFX file
Level (40) file (ExGFX80)
Map16Page (tiles on page6)
screenshots seen above


Credit is not necessary, but is appreciated. do not claim as your own. please rate, comment, criticize, you get it.

Hint: with some color Exanimation, the tiles would look really cool
It looks good, would fit a sci-fi themed hack.

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