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Message Box Hack

When I didn't complete my originally planned C3 project (not an ASM hack), I decided to dust off an old ASM hack that was still not completed and make it a bit more presentable.

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It replaces message box text with something else. Just type in the text in LM's message editor and it will be replaced when the message is displayed. Here "(you)" is replaced with Mario or Luigi and 'c is replaced with your coin count (I still need to fix the s for "1 coins"). Coding it to use convenient tables to structure the replacement texts, organize them, and allow for easy expansion was tricky. There is still a bug to fix and I need to clean up the code so it is not yet releasable. It already is reasonable for someone who knows a some ASM to easily create a new replacement text. (ex: "test" to "this" or "that" depending on a RAM address, something like the number of coins is more difficult) I plan to eventually add more changes to SMW's message box code.
Wow 1024 =o

This looks neat =D

But can it count down as well? =/

Edit: Nevermind, of course it should be able to do so XD
This is very interesting! You can make a puzzle hack out of that!

- Well done!
That is actually a very clever idea. I like that.

I think it should be able to count down as well.
Hm, I don't really see many possibilities with using that... but it's pretty awesome, none the less.
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I'm sure someone out there would be able to think of a puzzle that this could be worked in to. There are some pretty creative minds floating around.

Cool idea. It would be neat to see the boxes tell other things as well (i.e. Mario's current status, how many lives you have, etc.) Looking forward to seeing whatever you have planned for this.
That's pretty cool. Could you change some things here or there to make it show lives, powerups in the item box, or other stuff like that?
This could even replace the status bar if you wanted to. Pressing L+R or something would bring up a message that tells you everything you need.

Of course, that wouldn't work so well with time limits, and I don't know how easy it is to make it show anything other than the player's name and the coin amount, but meh.


What about a ranking system? Like keeping track of all the coins, deaths, and powerups you've had? Or keeping track of gameplay time?

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Wow, this is cool! I hope to see some creative uses out of this! ...and hopefully some customization?

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About the 1 Coins thing: you can simply write Coin(s) so it works 1 coins and x coins.

This looks great.

The only flaw I see is the colour of the numbers.

I could barely see the numbers because of the pallete it uses.


odd yet...intriguing.
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