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BowserLand [DEMO 1]

This is the first demo of my first hack: BowserLand.

Mario has returned from his vacation to find that Bowser has captured not only his land, but the princess, too. Now he must go and defeat Bowser to restore peace.
This is my first hack, so I'm open to criticism.

In this demo, only the first world is done. The first world is called Iggy City, and I think it's pretty fun.



I also have a userbar for those who care:
BowserLand Supporter

This looks very nice. I'm definitely going to give it a try. I also like the city theme shown in the screenshots. Could you tell us what the other world may be themed about?
8 Trials Await (2010) lol|
Okay, sure. I am going to have an airship/sky world, an ice world (of course :P), a haunted world, an underwater city world, and I'm not exactly sure on the rest. Anyway, thanks for your interest in my hack.

I also already have a unique idea for the star road/special world, but that's a secret for now.

Edit: Leveled! :D
The title sounds like the perfect name for a theme park. I've always been a fan of those city graphics, and it looks like you've been using them well so far. I hope the game is as fun as the name sounds.

Yeah. The first few levels are a bit short, but the length increases, so don't worry. So far I think it's pretty fun and feedback I've gotten has been good.
The haunted world is a nice idea, and somewhat different (not many hacks have one). You can't really go wrong with an underground/lava world, so why not have one? One more quick question, how long to you think the final release will be (about, in levels, not worlds)?
8 Trials Await (2010) lol|
Hmm...Well I'm aiming for 8 worlds plus star road and/or special world, so I'd have to guess around the 60-70 range?
This si a great idea for a hack and the screen shots look nice. My only "complaint", if you will, is that the towers on the OW have too much contrast in colors with the rest of it. But this is an uncomplete demo that's only 10% done. I can't wait for the final version! wktk

Originally posted by K3fka
Hmm...Well I'm aiming for 8 worlds plus star road and/or special world, so I'd have to guess around the 60-70 range?

That's a very good size hack. Also, the name does seem like it could be an amusement park :)
8 Trials Await (2010) lol|
I will consider changing the colors once I figure out how. I was just thinking it would be a great and creative way to use them since you're in a city.

Big edit: So I found out there were some problems with overworld events and cutoff, so I uploaded a fixed version. Please redownload if you still have the old verison.