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Greetings, you puny depolorable assmasters.

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The seaweed is the vines but lighter color and leafs ripped off, that should clarrify some things lol

I'm a Gradius addict... what?
Back to working on Mario and the Forgotten Flower:
World 1: 89%
Submap World 1: 98.9%

Woohoo, good for you! Kick Ass!

I wish I was a member of a rebellion.
Oh, it is so on.
Originally posted by Kh2playa
The seaweed is the vines but lighter color and leafs ripped off, that should clarrify some things lol

That would make it chocolate then; you're modifying the graphics.
Great way to introduce your hack. If the rest of the game is anything like this screenshot, it should be amazing.
BTW: I think the seaweed may be on the cave tileset naturally. I feel like Ive seen them before...Also the term "Vaniggas" he used is just vanilla except he replaced the "L"s with "G"s to make it look worse since the word now contains a racial slur.
Perhaps we underestimated you a little...just a little. For that, we applaud you. However, unforseen circumstances have arised in the process of attempting to send our contact new info to send. Rest assured, the one responsible has already been fed to the lions, where traitorous people like him belong. I pray none of you on your front make the same mistake.

Because of this massive act of treachery, more up-to-date photographs of our island were unable to be sent. Although we did not initially wish to send this out to you assmasters, instead waiting for you to find out for yourselves, it appears we have no other choice. And we were given the go-ahead by our leaders, for your most mature behavior. It appears society has improved since we have left. So behold! The beast of the darkness. The creature of crushing. The shadowed slayer. The formless destroyer. We have given it several nicknames, but few mortal eyes not amongst our ranks have seen its retinas and lived to tell about it. 14/15 test subjects agree - it is a real killer. Consider yourselves honored to look upon our most prized creation, the Crushola.

Do not laugh at its goofy look, as it is more than capable of sending you straight through to the other side - in both definitions of the term - with its bare hands. A makeover is in the works to give him more of a stone cold appearance, but is as of press time low priority. As mentioned, this photograph is largely outdated. The most notable aspect that is not depicted within this version is the blood of the creature's victims, which it flattens without regret. All the blood, all the gore, all the sinew it feels between its bony fingers...the only way to see it will be to see it first-hand, and you may only live a few seconds of it before it slaughters you.

For the record, those who are asking about the water reeds should look to a rogue who goes by #D5. A natural inhabitant of our lands, his likelihood was adapted to what you see there.
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