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Super Mario World: Fawful's Revenge and other stuff now...
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(Somewhat copied from C3 thread)

I've went through, many, many hacks, none of them ever came close to even finishing a first demo, until this one... This hack focus a good amount on story and music, with several plot twist along the way, but, what is the story? Nothing to do with Peach, that is...

But what is this orb?

It all started with with two kings,Aorta and Suran, each having a grand power, and entirely bent on world peace...

Together, the utilized there power for great things,but they felt it wasn't enough, they wanted the world to be better, better than it is.

So with all they power, they create a new world, aptly named the Foreverrealm, for it's forever endearing peacefulness...

But with power, comes corruption...

If you didn't get it from the title, the main antagonist is Fawful. Fawful comes around in the first level, you'll see how it unfolds.
But, I should clarify; There's actually three orbs, Fawful has one, the old guy another, and one is shattered into eight pieces. Yes, that is what you have to find. These orbs have a direct relation with the Forverrealm, by the way.

What about gameplay, though? You tell me.

Taurence Beach

Casini Ocean is filled with secrets...

Misty Isles with layer 3 rain.

Ruflix, The Beach Town

<embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src=""></embed>

Target Smash (Green Room) In Ruflix

So, thats it for now. Expect Custom Asm, music, HDMA, layer 3 things, ExGFX, and other things. Might have a demo by the end of the year, if you're lucky...

Comments, anyone?
How did this not get any attention? You seem to have something really good here. The graphics match their location very well, and the story is interesting. I hope to see more from this project.
Originally posted by ChaoticFox
How did this not get any attention?

Right, this hack is a good one, it looks awesome, it has potential, and it will be way better with all that stuff that you´re going to add:Asm, music, HDMA,etc, this thread realy needs attention
@ChaoticFox - I gave it attention!
Originally posted by Kristian The Master Of Everything Awesome
Holy shizzle, Lynnes. Your overworlding skills are outstanding.
Always good to have Fawful as the antagonist. (You better make him say 'A WINNER IS YOU!' sometime in the hack. >:<)
Your HUD looks good, and I was always fond of the water shooting up as platforms. All your ExGFX choices seem to fit with the hack. The town graphics are different than most, and it looks nice. The Forever Realm looks awesome, but I agree with you, it needs a huge ominous castle.

Your hacking skills are getting insane, Lynnes.


Well, anyways, in closing, this is an amazing hack so far, Lynnes, keep it up.

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Heh, thanks for the comments, guys.

Here's a short video to hold my fan(s) over. It is of a secret level, Misty Isles. (Not the whole level) There is a few underground paths which I did not get a chance to show in this video.

<embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src=""></embed>
Photobucket stretches it weird.
I can't believe I missed this at C3. Looks good so far, the plot seems very mysterious and appears to have a lot of room to develop. I can't wait to hear more about the hack and how it progresses.

Oh yeah the level looks really good I especially like how you put edit's level ASM to good use. It's nice to see a level without any cut-off rain.

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Just a small update on the first castle today.

Wow this hack looks nice. I dont really know who fawful is but Ive heard about him and making him a hack based around him seems cool.
Here's a picture of the first time you see Fawful.

Still dusting up on my Fawfulspeak. Also, the Fawful graphics are by Ittan-Momem
The fawful speech is close, almost identical however, it seems a little off in my opinion.

Originally posted by Lynnes

Shouldn't it be surprise instead of surprised? It seems a bit grammatically incorrect but hey, it's your hack.

I gotta say the drawn graphics for Fawful look perfect, they look exactly as he did in Superstar Saga. The castle graphics look really good as well, the vibrant blue colour looks really nice in the level.

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actuallu E-Man if you sound it out even though it will sound like sur-prised it is actually suprised

Hacks I Support:

He meant the word "surprised" should be in the present tense rather than the past.
Wow, this hack looks really great. I sort of feel bad now that the fact that I'm such a huge Fawful fan is probably the only reason I even noticed this. Nonetheless, I like a lot of the ideas you're using in this hack, like the story and the town, and the overall "feel" of the hack just seems really nice. That music you're using on Misty Isles is excellent - what is it? I can't put my finger on it, but something just sounds very Fawfully about it. It sounds perfect for a game featuring him. I also like the graphics in the first castle - something about them really catches my eye. Those ! Blocks and the puzzle I presume accompanies them is very, very similar to the puzzle in the first castle of my current hack, actually. What a coincidence.

Fawful's speech doesn't seem perfect to me, though. I know you're still "dusting up", but what you've shown so far still gives me a little of that Fawful vibe, so that's a good sign. If I had to give my advice, I think Fawful would shout one of his trademark phrases upon first seeing Mario and Toadsworth (say, where's Luigi?), and he'd probably flower it up a bit rather than just saying "Lord Fawful is smarter than you!" Perhaps those two screens would sound better worded something like this: "I HAVE FURY! If it isn't Mustache, being naught but turnips in a steak dinner! Are you and your simple mind overcome by surprise? Lord Fawful certainly is not, because his intellect is greater than yours like the sun is greater than an unplugged lightbulb during a power outage!" I don't think I'm perfect either, but you get the point. You should be able to improve by studying his speech in the Mario and Luigi games.

Also, Fawful's sprite is nice, but there's something I don't like about his mouth - it looks more like he's gritting his teeth than displaying the wacky smile he always wears in the Mario and Luigi games. This should be pretty easy to fix. Just make the smile curve a bit more. You might want to add the faint "swirly" blue circles to his glasses too, like the ones on his sprite in Bowser's Inside Story.

Is Fawful's theme from Bowser's Inside Story going to play in this game? That would be neat. I'd be willing to port it for you if you don't have it already, actually. I don't have much else to do in my spare time at the moment. :D

Oh, yeah, one last thing: Is "Fawful's Revenge" the final title? I've mentioned a few times before that I think if a hack is about Mario, it should have his name somewhere in the title. I'm not saying you have to do this, but it's just a suggestion.

Looking forward to more info on this!
I see your good ripping skills by the Fawful sprite. I can't imagine how the boss sprite might be. Fawful is my favorite boss. All I can say is


Your layout has been removed.
This hack looks amazing! Seriously, that is some nice work!

Oh. Yeah the hacks pretty good. Looks nicely put.

EDIT: Upichu.
Heh, thanks guys, I will update sometime tonight with Della Island, a completely optional, side-quest island with a main bizarre, a port, and a little forest area. This island is on the main map, and is basically a big city. There are shops, but the currency isn't coins, it's actually Power Stars, which are essentially just like the stars in Smw TKO, but they have a use in the main demo. These stars are rare, also making the items to buy rare. Items you buy here go up in the ITEM area in the status bar, and are permanent. Items include a bunch of neat, useful, stuff. SO yeah, that's it for now.
the fawful sprite looks better than my fawful boss. In fact, this hack looks very good.
Cool hack, the Fawful spirte looks cool.
Eh, the Fawful vibes need alittle work. I like what Reader did with it, to make it better, but instead of Mustache, he should say Red Fink-Rat. Im also a Fawful fan, never that much when I first got ML:SS (because I liked Cackletta alittle more).
And Fawful does look he is kinda gritting, but nice work with him. I also loved what you did with HeadGear.


"Whoever thought that BrutalMario was a vanilla hack is a fool"- The fool
Seeing the screenies caught my eye. I love the cutscenes and I happened to be yet another major Fawful fan. This looks so amazing and I will keep my eye on this. Good Job and keep it up!

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