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OS' Late as crap stuff

So yeah, I decided this morning that I didn't feel like missing another C3 for the third time in a row XD

So for starters, I decided to make a collab'd SPC folder of the majority of some of my ports. None of them are on SMWC yet (Except Pallet town), but after C3, I'll upload them all when I get around to it. QUICK NOTE- The quality on some of these are sadly low, and the pitch is a bit higher than the actual song. Also, there's a joke song in there... <_<


The second thing I have is an old team hack that I had been working on with Demonsul, until he died. I had no intentions of posting this uncompleted work at this C3, until I saw something that made me very disconcerted... Apparently An00bis had also used the same idea that our hack was based off of. I talked to him, and he mentioned that his hack was technically different in the general buildup, as in, this hack would be levels with many screens, and his would be 1 screen / 2 screen levels. Although I still find this to be a bit iffy, I really don't care anymore, since I was planning on scrapping this hack anyways XD
Uhh... A plot idea? Bowser turns Mario into a normal white guy, so he can't jump well anymore! Er... Plots don't matter, just go out there and solve some puzzles and crap.
So the goal of each level is to get the key to the keyhole. Simple no? The overworld setup is that you can go to any level you want, and the number of the levels ranges from 1-1 being easy as crap, to the last being OMGWTF! Of course, I've also heard there is a secret, uncompleted level somewhere...
Demonsul made levels 1-3 and 1-6 If I recall the level names correctly

And last but not least, I decided to pick up and hopefully finish one of my old hacks that got canceled
CLICK HERE OR I'LL EAT YOUR SOUL... *cough* what? I didn't say anything...
For some reason I can't access the file bin. ):
Oh well, this sounds interesting enough for me.
Maybe I'll try downloading later.

C3 salesper-I mean, booth "I wanna go home" - Surprisingly, I find the hack really good! It may be just me, but it looks like a lot of work was put into it. I had no idea Demonsul died, either. Those SPCs are really cool, mostly because they are the musics I have started to like now... Well, I take that back. They are musics from games I have started playing recently on Emulator and System. That's a big step for me, because I rarely ever play many games, and usually I only care about programming in PHP and schoolwork.
Balloon Party.
At times like this, you need to step back and say, "Where's the Balloon Party?"