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Chaos Chronicles Demo (C3 Edition) [screenshots added]

With not much time to spare I've managed to get a demo of sorts ready for C3. Unfortunately its not the complete demo 2 that I was hoping to have done for this C3. So I present to you Chaos Chronicles Demo (C3 Edition).

Download Link

This is no where near a completed demo, it may contain some errors but hopefully nothing too major (such as half the first cutscene getting cut out (no pun intended). Contains 16 Levels, 1 Bonus level and 2 Previews of levels from world 4/5

Screenshots Below

Default graphics will be changed eventually (add the level that still has Redrawn FG graphics)
As for my other hack Flame's Adventure, that is currently on pause until I feel like working on it.


My one and only tileset so far (incomplete), ignore cutoff/ugly tiles

Heart restores Hp, Potion restores Mp (and the Green Heart which is not shown also restores Mp), Mario GFX will not be in the game