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Life Sucks

and that ruiend your life Tails_Doll_fan666 i had to spend 3 hours in my car to go to fresno for thanksgiving ugh:(
Originally posted by zero
and that ruiend your life Tails_Doll_fan666 i had to spend 3 hours in my car to go to fresno for thanksgiving ugh:(

There are way worse things in life.
Way worse.
I'd say one this that made me mad was when I fainted twice in a row at a Robin's Donuts, so they stupidly sent me to the hospital feeling like crap and I had to sit in a room doing absolutely nothing for 6 hours.
Once the doctor was there, they didn't even know why I fainted. :\
Yet my doctor here figured it out in five minutes, saying it was a common thing.
I just have some thing where I may lose blood sugar every once in a while. Everyone overeacts though, I just faint and wake up seconds later feeling horrible.

I also had broken my ankle two years ago, which ruined 6 months :(.
Originally posted by zero
and that ruiend your life Tails_Doll_fan666 i had to spend 3 hours in my car to go to fresno for thanksgiving ugh:(

HAHAHAHAHA sucks for you zero.

PS I'm only saying that because I know zero in real life.

Originally posted by siravit191
My leg was broken because my friend (nemesis) fight with me (Obnoxious friend....).

That guy's your friend?...
Currently working on a website that lists Minecraft Servers... if you have any suggestions for my Minecraft server list, let me know.
Not a very good friend
I dont have a BMW, big house, harem of women to screw, or a country club membership.
I keep getting annoyed by other kids at school. I had one kid call me a fag & a queer.
I'm tired.

Sonic 3 Restored patch coming soon
OK, let me sum up my day.

I hurt my foot because this freak pushed me over the safety bar on a ramp, fracturing a bone. And the Doctor charged $200 to put a foam boot on my foot. AND, due to a glitch, my save file got deleted on Brawl.
-My grandpa died today.
Something is wrong in the Mushroom kingdom.

Click here to see my epic hack.
My friend through food at me so then I through it back and i missed and hit his friend/brother in the eye... I think it cut it.
I am sick, and get nauseated after eating anything. X_X

FFFFUUUUU... No moar cookies D=
Now I leave my IPS patches of my hacks for everyone play and edit as you want to.

Bramble Invasion & Surreliatus

I just paper-cutted my tongue and cut-offness I find in my hack. That really annoys me. More than AddMusic! MORE!
I will become alive again sometime soon.
Oh, today was excellent.

-My sister stole my bike, and left it in the middle street, where it was soon run over by a truck.
-I was fired from my job. The new employee is a drug-addict.
-My breakfast caught fire.

Yeah... A Pretty crappy day really. On christmas eve too. (Jesus hates me.)

Notte Luminosa Progress:

Click here to download It! :D
- My grandpa died so long ago. I'm never gonna meet him.
- School.
- The IRC.
- Yanama
- I'm ugly as hell.
- My family is a bunch of picture fans.
- I'm not a picture fan.
i just lurk sometimes
I bit my tongue HELLA hard and it started bleeding
- My house caught on fire on Christmas Eve. The entire front room is ruined. Ah, it'll hopefully be fixed within the year of '10. Hopefully.
- I have no clue of my health, for I inhaled quite a lot of smoke.
- We just got new furniture for that room
- we have no heat until the hole in the wall is fixed, because we have a coal stove, which if there's another way for the gases to escape, it will probably go through a different route than the chimney
- I am sick
- We have machines still pumping the wetness and smoke out that keep me up.
- I messed up my ankle falling down the stairs running from the fire.
- I didn't have internet for a few days, so I couldn't post for a while
- It's a maze to navigate through the rest of the house.
- No Xbox360 or Wii running yet
- Bored all day
- People asking the same question over and over, over a few days. The same people, about 4x the same question EACH
- It's questionable if many people cared, due to the uncaring ?'s
- My dog's very upset, especially at me because i would'nt let her inside the house when everyone was there.
- We have to redo many rooms, from water damage. (you should see our awesome celing, which has to be replaced throughout the ENTIRE house because its all the same throughout the house)
- My neighbor wants to kill me. (every day)

Good news: No presents were ruined. That's about it. And Yanama's Christmas Eve sucked? Hmmm i wonder what is worse.
*Off to yet another sleepless night of loud machines*
I've learned the collective intelligence of the human race amounts to roughly that of a bar of soap.
In other news, why am I here.
Last night I was sitting in my air conditioned room, by my computer my parents were kind enough to get for me years ago. Then I accidentally scratched my cell phone.

There must be a god, because he obviously hates me. :(

Z. Raffle: That sounds pretty awful though D:
fuck yeah meowingtons
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-Zerio's phone is messed up so I can't call him

- My life always explodes in my face, every time I think something is going to be perfect something goes wrong and ruins my day.

- My f***ing computer keeps reseting itself
A really close friend of mine signed out of MSN Messenger a few hours ago and hasn't gotten back on, so chances are high I won't see her until tomorrow. You might say I'm kind of lonely, but that would be an understatement.
"Lip: A Fairy's Tale" project status: Slow (Visit the project thread here!)

Yes, you could say I like Osaka.
*sigh* Exams are annoying me lately...