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sideways munchers

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so like i know how to make munchers upside down and stuff but i dont know how to make them sideways. if its a simple process can someone explanep lease?
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Not really too simple but simple if you understand how to do it already.

It requires ExAnimation. Just create a new ExAnimation file, then rename it something like ExGFX80 or something like that. But if you don't know how to do ExAnimation check the tutorial.
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Finishing what cyphermur9t said:
...and then apply the ExAnimation tile to a MAP16 and make it act ike the muncher tile.

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thanks buddies. if nothing left is to be added then this can be closed. i wil look at the tutorial sometime since i dont know how to work exanimation.
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Ah yes, here we see Internoob trying to live up to the "noob" part of his name.

Please go away already instead of making one big parody of anything and everything you post about. No one thinks this new thing you've been doing recently is funny, except maybe you.
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