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Why do so many people like pokemon?

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Seriously, WHY?
When I was in fourth grade, EVERYONE (no i'm serious)HATED IT.
So, what is this place filled of, people with no life?
Opinions. Opinions. Opinions.

Pretty much anything that's challenging to a certain degree can be seen as fun to certain people.

Also, insulting the community will get you nowhere good.
fuck yeah meowingtons
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Originally posted by Showboo

When I was in fourth grade, EVERYONE (no i'm serious)HATED IT.

True, but people don't hate it anymore around here.

Originally posted by Showboo

So, what is this place filled of, people with no life?

Pokemon has been one of my favorite games since I was a kid. I totally enjoyed it, and still enjoy it today. And I have a life, thank you very much.

So what you're saying is because people like Pokemon, they suddenly have no life?

Your logic is lol.
For me, Grade 4, everyone loved Pokemon.

I was actually alittle offended by that post.

EDIT: Ninja'd twice.
Meh. I don't LOVE pokemon, but I don't hate it either. And I have a life. >:<

Also, RC, I think that's exactly what he's saying. Just like if you go on the computer for a while, you have no life. >_>
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Pokemon used to be quite popular, until it got old and shunned by people as stupid or something.

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Originally posted by Title
Why do so many people like pokemon?

What's not to like about it? Sure, you fight with monsters, animals, or whatever else you'd prefer to know them as, but it is a fun and popular RPG franchise. There's a strong variety of combinations that can be found in one Pokémon alone, and it is quite enjoyable to play with friends. This series I doubt will ever get old for me. (And my entire class last year brought Gameboys into school and would play it in class. Only three Gameboys or so were discovered throughout the entire year.)
Oh i don't know, probably because we find it to be a fun game or some nonsense like that. You obviously know what you're talking about.
I've never really given the Pokemon series a try. It never looked that appealing to me. It just seemed...I dunno, weird. Then again, I don't go around saying that anybody who like the series doesn't have a life. But that's just me.
Because I'm an obese douchebag 6-year old homosexual who thinks he is cool because he's popular on an Internet forum.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Because I'm an obese douchebag 6-year old homosexual.

What he said. *shot*

I don't know, I cant explain it. I mean, it's just fun, gaining levels, battling friends, and all of the diverse places to visit in the pokemon world. Plus, some of the music is totally badass, and I'm sure everyone will agree with me there.
Why do so many people like Super Mario World?
Seriously, WHY?
When I was in first grade, EVERYONE (no i'm serious) HATED IT.
So, what is this place filled of, people with no life?
Originally posted by Blumiere

The sad thing is, pretty much everyone I know actually does hate SMW.

I don't like Tennis or Hockey. That automatically means people who play those sports have no life.

Originally posted by Raibys
I don't like Tennis or Hockey

:O I love hockey. It's one of my favorite things to play. But everyone likes different things. I don't really like Tennis either.

But on topic, I actually never played any Pokemon game. Even when I was 11 and was into the cartoon back then. I don't know, I'm more into FPS games... and SMW :)
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I watched the first season of Pokemon, then never watched again.

I think that it's okay to still play the videogames, as the are so much fun.
The anime series is pretty lame and the characters are dull. I loved it as a kid and it still has some nostalgic value, but eh.

As for the games... well, they're good games. There's no reason you should hate them other than because the cool kids tell you to. But who cares about that at this point if you can have fun playing a good game?
It depends what generation of people you grew up in. People who are 14-18 here tend to like pokemon, as we were the generation who could name the original 150. (Hell, I can name all 496 or so, but I'm too lazy). We grew up with it. You guys got the butt of it really: Nowadays, pokemon follows an easily predictable plot (at least, the anime).

1) Ash and Co. meet a new trainer with a cool new Pokemon.
2) Ash and Co. participate in some sort of event with this trainer (ie: Pokemon battle, contest, bug hunt, race, etc.).
3) Team Rocket shows up, wanting to nab the new pokemon and pikachu.
4) Ash gets some sort to Grass or Flying type pokemon to save the day
5) Ash and Co. Disembark, still trying to get to the next city.

Yeah, It's lost some of it's flair.

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EVERYTHING can be broken down in the same way.

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