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The Big Boo's Legion 2

Download the demo!

The Big Boo's Legion 2

The Curse of the Magic Wand

The "Big Boo's Legion" saga returns, with full of life, more story orientation, different and exciting levels and more!


- updating -


What's done for now:
- about 35 levels (I plan 40-50)
- most of the OW
- the title screen, intro, story development etc.
- characters, secret plans

- 'Active' story
- Longer levels
- Many custom graphics
- Custom sprites, blocks
- custom music
- etc.


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Please enjoy this 3-minute trailer.


NOTE: Most of the screenshots are outdated now, so check out the pictures from page 9 instead!

The first actual level, the Wooden Bridge.

The second level, Rocky Path.

The second part of Rocky Path, the dark cave.

Two different caves as the third level.

And the Pirate Ship.

edit (2010.07.01.): Added here some new screenshots.


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Thanks for visiting, and please, comment and give feedback. I'm really interested for your opinions!

I'll upload a video of a level a few days later.
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SMB3 overworld skulls as graphics in a level? I never would have expected that! And that pirate ship level reminds me of the ship levels from Donkey Kong Land in a way. This is a nice set of graphics you got going!
Your layout has been removed.
The trailer really wants to make me play this... but yeah. the graphics are awsome, and the pallets are nice, too. keep up the good work, as i'll put this on my hacks to play list.
That trailer was cool.. and there was a little jungle in it that sounded like when someone comes online on msn ( i use pidgin ) I kept checking everytime i heard it xD
Title Screen

That is a spectacular title screen, and the HDMA really adds some flare to it. But I don't like the red to black transition, maybe make it blue to black instead. But it's probably just me...


The trailer's great, and the music really fits the theme.

Anyway, so far the hack looks brilliant, and it certainly looks much better than the previous BBL. The only thing I didn't like about the preview of the hack that I could see from the trailer was the graphics for the Toads' houses. They look...odd. Maybe you'd be better of using the actual Toad House ExGFX instead of that. Than again, I could only see glimpses of the graphics from the trailer, so it's probably just me.


The only screen-shot that stands-out from the rest is the blue cave. The reason is the palette, it's perfect. But other than that I can't really see anything interesting that I don't see in the trailer.

Overall the hack looks really wonderful, and I hope to see the levels soon. As they look great so far.

Keep it up. ;)
Oh, nice. I was wondering when you were going to be making a thread here. Well, I don't have much to say on the trailer. I voted it for best trailer, and that pretty much sums up my thoughts.

Everything you're showing here is quite high quality. From the Title Screen to the generic screenshots. Everything is great.
The only thing I can point out is that in the fire/ice caves your HUD colour changes. Probably not what you wanted, but I can't say for sure.

Also, hurray, userbar.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Thank you guys.

The Thunder: Well, really, that skull reminds me of the SMB3 OW skull too. I didn't notice that, since I just used The V's cave graphics set.
And the Pirate ship graphics are from the SMB3 Airship FG rip.

LPY: Well, I think the red gradient makes the whole title screen more "evil".
And yeah, the Toad House graphics. Well, I really tried to draw a good Toad house by myself, and I thought that not everybody will like it. But I spent a lot of work into it, and the whole Toad Village is done, so maybe it isn't that bad to re-do everything? :(

Also yes, the sequel will be waaay better than the first part. I'm totally sure in this.

Kristian: Thank you! I noticed the HUD colors in the caves, but I didn't think that they're too horrid, so I keep them.

I'm really glad that you like the stuff that I showed.

Here are a few more screenshots:

Sunset Meadows.

The sublevel, a cave.

This is a secret level...

There will be a lot of secrets by the way.
I like your level-design.
The newer screenshots look just awesome. I can't find any errors and I liked your trailer. I might request one : )

I cry when angels deserve to die <3
Lay-out made by Broozer

The hack looks really good! Loved the trailer it was epic. Looks really fun to play
I like your hack; there are some unique ideas.
I especially like the rain effect in the trailer. How did you do that?
I also liked the title screen, it is good without being too complicated!
Screen-Shot Uno

Epic glimpse at what seems to be a Dragon Coin replacement. Other than that there's really nothing much to say about this screen-shot.

Screen-Shot Dos

I spy a Toad, and he seems to want to speak to me. Oh, and nice vine palette. ;)

What I meant to say was...
Really great job with that palette Hadron, it looks great. ;)

Screen-Shot Tres

Really nice job with the palette. It looks like the moon's sunlight (well it's technically the sun's) is shinning directly onto it, making it glisten. And is that a piece of crumpled-up paper I see?

Screen-Shot Cuatro

I can't tell if that's underwater or it's just nighttime. It's still awesome though.

Anyway, they all look spectacular.

P.S: I just noticed the status bar edit. It looks quite nice. ;)

Edit: It seems my randomness is at it's peak today. Joy.
I seen this at C3 and I was really excited to see it being made so those new screenshots look good. Also the trailer was awesome.
Thank you everybody again!

JDC: With ExAnimated ExGFX. You can find a SMB3 rain rip in the ExGFX section. Then insert the rain as exanimated graphics (if you don't know, how to do that, check out the tutorial in the actual forum), and voila!

LPY: thank you again for this long comment.
Yes, that Toad says something interesting, however, not a big thing. And yeah, there's a message on the paper...
The fourth screenshot is the second part of the secret ruins, and that isn't underwater, but "night shading". Actually the BG was cramped in that vertical level, so I used the creative way: I inserted a HDMA gradient as a BG!

The last screenshot-pack today:

Inside of the pirate ship:

A bonus game in an underwater level!

And a mysterious cave...

The pirate ship is probably a puzzle (See: reset pipe)
Nice idea with the bonus game underwater.
The mysterious cave hasn't got any error in it and looks very cool

I cry when angels deserve to die <3
Lay-out made by Broozer

1st Screen-Shot

Second the puzzle level, and is that a vine-replacement I see on the horizon?

2nd Screen-Shot

Epic teal palette + bonus game fun = WIN

3rd Screen-Shot

Is that BG a reeeeally dark green or a black? As I see some green in there. (Probably just the reflection...or not.) Other than that it looks nice. ;)

Keep it up. ;)

P.S: Look at your level-enemie. It's a Boo, isn't that epic.
Thanks guys!
LPY: yes, it's a vine replacement. :)

As I promised:


This is the first castle in the hack, Iggwig's one. Please enjoy.

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Simply AWESOME!!! A great choice for graphics, particularly the evil-looking Thwomps!

I just wonder how you got that music for your title screen. I could have sworn Carol used it for a 3-D shooter level in Brutal Mario.

But seriously, this hack is off to a great start!
Your layout has been removed.
That boss was really cool and the castle was very creative.
Also I like your OW music,

Sounds like Onett to me..
I see you used the 64x64 presents logo 'hunh. And I know the title screen music from's on the tip of my tongue...ARGH! I forget!

Anyway, that castle is amazing, the music and graphics are great together, they make me feel like I'm in some haunted sanctuary somehow. And that huge Thwomp is hilarious. (It is a Thwomp right?) Iggwig is the freakiest boss I've ever seen. (Even freakier than the running goal sphere...) And is the boss music from a Final Fantasy game? Becuase that's what it sounds like it came from.

Overall it looks amazing, keep it up. ;)

(I'm surprised more people aren't posting here...)

Originally posted by 1UPdudes
Sounds like Onett to me..

I believe that theme's 'Just Bein' Friends' from Mother/Earthbound Zero. (Yeah, it was used in Onett in Melee & Brawl) Mother has amazing songs, especially 8 Melodies.
Thanks a lot again to everybody.

The Thunder: I found it on a Japanese SMW hacking site.

1UPdudes: well, the answer is at LPY, yes, it's that Mother music.

LPY: No, it isn't the 64x64 logo patch, I used d4s' HDMA kit, and it patched this presents logo to the ROM.
And the title screen music is Kirby Superstar - Battle with Metaknight. ;)
The boss music at Iggwig is Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Dr. Robotnik's theme.
Thanks again!

New screenshot:

Please warn me if there are grammar errors. I'm still not really good in english.