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General Submission Guidelines - read before submitting anything!
Forum Index - Important - Announcements - General Submission Guidelines - read before submitting anything!
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The idea of merging up all the guidelines we have made up so far into one single thread has been tossed out for a while by us, staff members... and after some discussion about it, we have finally decided to start this topic.

So, this a huge merge of all our current submission guidelines. This topic was made so that you no longer need to lurk around the entire Announcements forum in order to find submission guidelines for certain files. It is HIGHLY recommended following them if you really do want to see whatever you manage to submit to the database getting approved by us, section moderators.

For easier navigation, here is a table of contents of sorts:


Custom Block Submission Guidelines

1) Check if your block works CORRECTLY before submitting it!
Testing your block several times before sending it to the site is very important, because people would not want to download something that just does not work/has a couple of bugs in its execution.

2) Please mention what tile the block is supposed to act like, as well as the offsets for it, if you are submitting a BIN file.
Blocktool Super Deluxe/Blocktool do not recognize automatically the offsets for BIN blocks, as opposed to ASM blocks, because blocks in BIN format do not have information about their offsets stored in them. Therefore, please specify the offsets for whatever BIN block you plan on submitting!

3) (BTSD) If your block contains any jump tables in its code, make sure they work correctly!
Otherwise it will be denied automatically, despite actually working with its wrong jump tables or not. This is pretty much an addition to the first rule, but it perhaps deserved a more noticeable mention.

Custom Music Submission Guidelines

1) No matter what, ALWAYS include an SPC file alongside with the TXT file for your composition/port!
It is quite obvious that people would prefer checking out an SPC file before managing to insert your song into their hack(s), without even knowing how the song sounds like.

2) Text files must be reduced, using looping techniques.

3) The .spc file must play through the entire song. Text files must not output any errors.

4) Echo commands ($F1 $XX $YY $ZZ) must not have an XX greater than 04

5) Accuracy AND listenability are musts in all ports.

6) The X value in $ED $XW $YZ must not exceed 7.

Custom Sprite Submission Guidelines

See here (also contains rules for submitting patches).

Document Submission Guidelines

1) Please make your documents sound as descriptive, and easy to understand as possible!
If you want people to understand the process that is explained throughout your document, you obviously should make it sound objective.

2) Make sure your document is completely out of grammar errors!
It is important to use good grammar upon writing your document, because people would prefer reading something that actually sounds UNDERSTANDABLE to reading a tutorial full of non-sense and "internet language" such as "b4", "how 2", etc.

3) Elaborate the body of your document CORRECTLY, without making ANY mistakes throughout!
Your document shall be removed immediately if there are any HUGE explanation errors in it.

ExGraphics Submission Guidelines

1) Your ExGraphics must NOT come with palette files that overwrite colors that are NOT used by the actual graphics at all; additionaly, the status bar palette must NOT be overwritten; if you are submitting complex background ExGFX, please keep in mind that a MWL file must be included within the ZIP, as well.

2) When submitting ExAnimation ExGFX, ALWAYS include a MWL file within the ZIP, for easy animation setup.

3) Do NOT submit background ExGFX that require Alcaro's VRAM patch to work.

4) Do NOT demand credit for RIPPED graphics, since you are pretty much "stealing" them from a game; it is, however, okay to say that credit, yet not obligatory, would be appreciated.

5) Graphics that can be made in less of a few minutes will be instantly deleted; you MUST provide some effort towards the graphics you wish to submit!
People that browse through SMW Central in order to find some appropriate graphics for their hacking projects would prefer downloading graphics they cannot make by themselves to downloading material they could make on their own in less than a few minutes.

Hack Submission Guidelines

See here.

Patch Submission Guidelines

See here (also contains rules for submitting sprites).

Request Submission Guidelines

See this thread.

RAM Map Submission Guidelines

You MUST provide a clear description for your submitted RAM addresses; additionaly, avoid coming up with erroneous descriptions; test the address you have found MULTIPLE times before actually submitting it - therefore, do NOT manage to submit the wrong address; ALWAYS try to denote the amount of bytes a certain RAM address takes up.

ROM Map Submission Guidelines

Do NOT submit ROM addresses that modify a certain assembly opcode, unless you are aware of the purpose of it; ALWAYS check if the address you intend to submit is correct, free from any errors; do NOT submit ROM addresses that result in possible bugs/side effects, unless there is a fix for it; ALWAYS count your ROM addresses taking the ROM header into consideration.

Tool Submission Guidelines

See here.

This should be it. When submitting content to the site, it is also very important to keep in mind that you must NOT post content that isn't yours.

When you submit a file, please try to make the user ID box contain the user ID of the user ( The 'x' should be the specified number in the user ID box). Unless, of course, the user isn't from SMW Central, but in that case, do make sure you have permission to actually submit the file!

That being said, go ahead and submit whatever you have to the site AS LONG AS your content does NOT violate any of the above rules - thanks for reading, and carpe diem.
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Forum Index - Important - Announcements - General Submission Guidelines - read before submitting anything!

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