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for people who celebrate christmas
what do you want for christmas i want a wii
I want:

-- A G3 Finesse diabolo

-- A pair of decent headphones with a manual volume control(My speakers don't control headphone volume)

-- A grindmaster 2.0 yo-yo

I think that's about it.
A laptop
A job
A life

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I want a Wii and PS2 game, with some sports apparel and METAL music.
Your layout has been removed...NOT! :D
- A MP3 player,

- Some new video games

- A new DS (My old one broke)

and some other things.
-a tablet
-New super mario bros. wii
-KilloZapit =3

that's about it =P

Well considering I'm saving up for a TV for my room...


And that's practically it. Hopefully I'll get enough to get it!

KilloZapit is mine. Or so I may think.
Originally posted by Santacus Clausimus
A laptop

Saw that one coming.

Er, let's see.

-New Hockey Net
-A Dazzle (The thing that lets you record stuff off your TV onto your computer.)
-I dunno what else. I'm not really asking for much this Christmas. =P
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To be honest, I really don't want much for Christmas. I mean, I've gotten to the point where I don't need so much gifts to be happy or anything, maybe I'm losing my Christmas spirit...

Though I'll be satisfied if I get a cooling pad for my laptop. :><:
I want a X-box 360 and a i pod and many more
Some games, CDs, and money. All the normal stuff. I'll probably get clothes, though.
8 Trials Await (2010) lol|
I want...

Money, Friend, Girlfriend, a Knowledge Book, and many more
Sorry, about my bad english. Because I'm Indonesian.
So far it's just Pokemon Emerald and a bunch of Nintendo plushies.
all i' getting is a DSi, and a gew new ds games.
Although I know this will never happen, I want a netbook.

...Even then, I will most likely get a laptop next year, so eh.
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
Mainly a DSi, and I'll probably ask for a few games like NSMBWii and Scribblenauts.
Good fucking bye.
A female to enjoy Christmas dinner with.

A new bass guitar so I can give back the crappy 40-year-old Japanese one that I borrowed from my uncle. Ironically, I'm probably going to be getting an Ibanez (another Japanese bass).

I want
-360 controller for PC
-New GCN controller (my current one has the stick stuck moving towards the left, hence my sucking at brawl)
-DVD-R's for wii isos

meh. Nothing special I guess.
<-- this is the dope on dope
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Well, I already know what I want and what I am getting because I work for my presents. Fun stuff!

I am getting a new computer that comes out with windows 7.
I am also getting something else. However, that has yet to be determined.

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