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If you were a Koopaling, which would you be?

I'd be Ludwig, cause we're very similar. We both love music, are the oldest sibling, and seem completely insane. Plus I want to have the coolest fight pattern and the most kickass airship that rules over Pipe Maze.

If I'm right about the names of them, I would want to be Larry.
Iggy, straight up.
I don't know enough about them to make a good estimate, but Ludwig is pretty rad

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Ludwig von koopa.
I choose roy hes cool!
I think I'd like to be Roy... He's just awesome.

Yeah, definitely Roy.
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I would definitely pick Ludwig. He's the oldest, strongest, and smartest of the 8.
We both love music and have bad hair!
(No offence)
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If I had to be one I would pick Ludwig.
I would be Ludwig, Cookie Mountain YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All you Ludwig pickers, just to be clear, I started this ludwig fad along time ago, but I'm sure others might try to take the claim. You all owe me $0.65. *Back on topic* There are alot of people who chose ludwig as a favorite. I expected more people to lean towards larry.
Ludwig von Koopa. I can come up with like 80 reasons why Ludwig is awesome.

One of those reasons being a game I like to call "STUFF YOUR FURNITURE DOWN THE DRAIN!"
It's funny... we had the same thread on the forums. Everyone there picked Ludwig too.

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
Larry wins.
I'd be Morton, because he has awesome Earth-shaking powers (at least in NSMB Wii), and he just looks hilarious. Then again, so do all of them.
If I were a Koopaling, I would jump into a lava pool be Roy, because I could walk up walls and cause earthquakes. That is Roy?
I would be Iggy, because he is just that awesome and crazy.
(play NSMB Wii, and just listen to him.)
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Ludwig, of course. I love listening to music all day like him, and he's just plain awesome, smart, the hardest boss in SMB3 IMO, and one of the few creative bosses in SMW. :>
Why not, just to break the streak I'll go with Lemmy. The fact that he can balance on a ball and use them in battle (well in SMB3) was awesome. He was much better in SMB3 than he was in SMW.
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