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Basic Post Layout Base Codes

Link Thread Closed
Thanks Alcaro. I want ask another thing: I'm using a base code layout with a side-image. If you see good, it's visible the distance between my BG and the end of the post. Can I fix this in a certain way?
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Replace this with "sans-serif" or you'll show strange fonts to people without Century Schoolbook.

Either way, the solution is to make something larger. Increase padding, add another line to your signature, or whatever.
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Really thank you Alcaro for all the tips: look at my beautiful layer!
I never imagined doing this without the help of this thread!#w{=P}
...actually, it looks like you have some weird linebreaks at the end of your footer. Remove them. (Staff members have a bit more in those sidebars than normal users, so we may have some slight trouble finding the cause of your layout not using the entire post field.)
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I really can't figure it out. Can you do this for me?
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Originally posted by page source
<img src="" alt=""></div></div></div></div></div><br>


The <img> and </div>s are your layout. They should be there.
The </td></tr></table> is the forum layout. It's there for everyone, even if you disable layouts.

However, there are some <br>s there. Those are linebreaks, and they don't appear accidentally. Make sure you do not have any linebreaks or <br>s at the end of the post footer field.
To do this, click anywhere in it, hold the Down arrow until the cursor stops moving, press Right until it stops moving (not needed in all browsers). You will end up a few lines after the end of your layout.
Remove those extra linebreaks, then save. The cursor should end up directly to the right of an </div>; if not, you're doing something you're not supposed to do.
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Ok, I think I fixed. Thank you Alcaro.#w{=P}
How can i change the color of the text for a link?
I still want it to be a different color than my normal text of course.
I used to use this site a lot back in like, 2011. Hopefully you don't remember me.
a:link {
	color: #;

a:active {
	color: #;

a:hover {
	color: #;

a:visited {
	color: #;

Insert that into your layout if you have a stylesheet or have CSS within a style tag. You cannot change the colour of all links in your layout, say, if you have DIVs with style="", with inline CSS.

I know the tabbing and lines breaks weren't necessary but dammit I can't resist using this new tab feature.
Of course you'd have to put the classname of one of your divs (preferrably the very first one) in front of that, so it would look more like this:
<style type="text/css">
.classname a {
color: #xxyyzz;

.classname a:hover {
color: #xxyyzz;

Put that at the very top of your Post Header, where #xxyyzz is your colour of choice in hex (use this or something).
The selector with just a{} specifies the link colour for your links if unclicked and all other unspecified states, a:hover for while your cursor hovers above it, a:active for while you click on it, and a:visited for links that have been clicked on.

It would probably be best if you replaced .classname with .pokefreak and changed the following lines right at the start of your current header:

Edit Profile -> Post Header
<style type="text/css">table.ex1{background:url( center repeat;font-family:"Verdana";color:#000000;}table.ex1 td{background-image:url(;border:2px #000 solid;background-repeat:repeat;</style><table class="ex1" style="text-align: left; width: 100%;" cellspacing="20" height="215">

To this:
Edit Profile -> Post Header
<style type="text/css">table.pokefreak{background:url( center repeat;font-family:"Verdana";color:#000000;}table.pokefreak td{background-image:url(;border:2px #000 solid;background-repeat:repeat;</style><table class="pokefreak" style="text-align: left; width: 100%;" cellspacing="20" height="215">

That could be heavily optimized, but I can't do that right now, tell me if it doesn't work, I can't test it right now either.

UltiEdit: Table stretch
Originally posted by leod
The selector with just a{} specifies the link colour for your links if unclicked and all other unspecified states

Actually, a{} targets all <a> tags. I think you're thinking of a:link{}.
Of course a{} by itself is useful for stuff that should be on all <a> tags, and a{} can be overridden by a:blah{} if you prefer that. You decide what to use.
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Originally posted by Alcaro
Actually, a{} targets all <a> tags.

Originally posted by leod
and all other unspecified states

Just didn't bother adding why it works like that, because I doubt Pokefreak would care at all (or know what we mean, for that matter), as long as it works.
Your layout has been removed.
How would you make a different img. layout with a shorter sig?
Polaris is cool. I think. Can't confirm.
Aaaaaargh! Why have you destickied and closed this thread? Well, the base codes for layouts are now included in the Layout Request/Help/Base Code thread. They're the exact same base codes, so don't worry.

Thanks to Megafonzie for originally making these base codes, too.
Link Thread Closed