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The PSN/Xbox Live gamertag thread

Seems like the other thread is just for the Wii, so why not make one for the PS3 and 360 also? Most people here have those too. So post your psn's and gamertags here. Also feel free to post your favorite and most played games you would like to play online with others. I made a list that I'll keep editing in my first post of peoples gamertags/psn's. In alphabetical order, the SMWC users name is on the left, and their gamertag/PSN is on the right.

Playstation 3

Amos DeFamos - InfamousAmos
Ancient Power - AncientPower
Bad luck man - blminspace
Carsr4carpeople1 - Carsr4carpeople1
Chikane - JELLJELL1111
Clay_Buster - Clay_Buster
cyphermur9t - cyphermur9
DannyB - Dadiro_01
DarkBuol94 - Darkbuol94
Darky - Iaintsuperman
HikariNoNanaki - HikariNoNanaki
Internoob - Internoob
LLawliet37 - LLawliet37/Ryuzaki37
Luigi-San - ces715
martin9172 - Martin9172
MrL - JHoliness
Rabees - Kibfy
revolversnake17 - revolversnake17
RogueBlazeZZ - RogueBlazeZZ
sfuller - doooomster
Sind - TheSind
SyStemkraSh - SyStemkraSh
That Guy - KamikazeKory
TheMonkeyBob - TheMonkeyBob
VMAN4567 - VMAN4567
Wierdboo - Wierdboo

Xbox 360

Atma - Atmapalazzo
Bille Dourado - Bille
BloodyToothBrush - Two Toned Tony
Blue_raven - AnRkyst
Buu - buu1992
Brad172 - Brad1725
Chikane - The Randor
Daboys121 - failface1337
Dadiro - Dadiro 01
darkshadowclone - CURBSTOMPER23
DDDchu - DDDchu
Decimating DJ - Decimating DJ
Delmaru - Delmaru
Desert-Fox - SameDesertFox
Dimentio - Twinleaf32
Domiok - Domiok255
Dylan Yoshi - Dylan Yoshi
Hobz - Hobz44
Holy Order Sol - TyrantRaveOmega
I8Strudel - Maj0r Mayhem 37
Kay Faraday - Farooday
KoreanWonderBoy - ChronosNinja
Kuriboh - InfiniteShindig
LLawliet37 - LLawliet89
Lotica - Lotica
Lost Thoughts - Snowjoe123
Magmar - Ghost_of_magmarawr
Marioman - Punisher1295
MasterMario96 - MasterMario96
metalgearhunter - Hunter SCORPION
Mugenman88 - Poper7899
Nagisa Furukawa - USMC Coldfire93
OGS93 - OGS93
RivalNightmare - Gx PoIsOn Gx
Soul2Limbo - Soul2Limbo
Spade - Spadingo
That Guy - KamikazeKory
The Bad Hacker - Timson the guy
TheMonkeyBob - TheMonkeyBob
Tornado - TORN4DO 94
Wierdboo - Wierdboo
Yoshi Master - Randy 355

My PSN: Carsr4carpeople1
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Xbox Live : Twinleaf32

How did I miss that...?
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Originally posted by Chrismentio
Xbox Live : Twinleaf32

You're already in the list.
Add me!
sfuller -> doooomster
Originally posted by sfuller
Add me!
sfuller -> doooomster

Add you for which one?
XBL GT is poper7899

EDIT: level up, took long enough
Xbox Live - Domiok255

Doubt anyone will add me at this point, but meh.
I have noticed people submitted their Xbox Live/PSN ID's while they are already listed. Please look in the list if your name is there, if it's not there then feel free to post your gamertag.
oh sorry, im on PSN

My Gamertag = Two Toned Tony

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XBox Live - Spadingo
fuck yeah meowingtons
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Me and my brother's (S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. & Metalgearhunter) is:

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Me+Xbox live=CURBSTOMPER23
My xbox live is Hobz44 (or Hobz 44, i forget) and im mainly on cod4.
Xbox Live account: BreakTargets
i am such a jackoff

used to play lots of COD4/WaW and MW2 but now cant stand WaW and MW2 so you'll see me mainly on COD4 (when in on) or some kind of sandbox game like farcry2 or sr2

dont have a ps3 and never will (no fan boy wars please)

if you do add me bare in mind i will be using my dads account till i move out of my parents house :) long story
If anyone here plays castle crashers then my gamertag is MasterMario96
You know its a kazio hack when theres munchers involed