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The PSN/Xbox Live gamertag thread


.... Sorry Ulti.. Just couldn't think of a name and I first checked this thread + it was available....
I'm mostly playing CoD 6, don't expect to see anything else #w{:>}

I cry when angels deserve to die <3
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PSN: Kibfy
Killzone 2 anyone?

Who knows when I'll have
something to put here.

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Mine is domo64. Not 64domo, domo64.

<-- I accept requests. To submit them, PM me.

Sincerely, 64domo

Tails is the best!
PSN: SyStemkraSh
XBL: Decimating DJ
Might as well post mine. PSN - Darkbuol94
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XBL: Wierdboo
PSN: Wierdboo

I mostly play on Xbox, and when I actually log into PS3 I'll either be playing Heavy Rain or MW2.

I mostly play MW2 on Xbox aswell, but I also play Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty 4.
reading my post history makes me want to drink bleach.

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did i post here?

oh well, My XBL gamertag is: Gx PoIsOn Gx (thats poison to u sir!)

I'm playing Halo3 mostly. I'm playing Castle Crashers too.

My XBox is currently suffering from intense overheating. So the risk that I'm not online for awhile is kinda high. (sometimes i play, but my XBox overheats and i log off)
YouTube <-- Let's Plays and stuff.
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I guess I should post my Xbox Live Gamertag. Right now it is Snowjoe123, it used to be something else. But that account got banned from Xbox Live because I had a level 256 on Castle Crashers. ._. Anyways, I like to play Halo 3 and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I don't really care if you add me.
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Xbox LIVE: The Randor

(Posting here because friendcode database was obviously the wrong place XD)
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

Xbox Live Gamertag: Hunter SCORPION

You can ussually find me on MW2.
Your layout has been removed.
Danny, I think you need to update the lists XD
Anyway, is there anyone who has Team Fortress 2 for Xbox?
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D³ Releases: RL1, [RL2], [RL3], RiS
SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

I have the 360 version of TF2.
Gaemrtag: TyrantRaveOmega

I mostly play Super Street Fighter IV.
Gamertag is Farooday, though I don't think I have any online games worth playing.
Ready for Halo Reach :)
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PSN - SyStemkraSh
Anyone want to join my "SMWC" clan on MW2? Darky and I are in it :D
Anyone wants to play Castle Crashers on XBL? =(

I can play it until next month, which is the month I will buy Reach.
YouTube <-- Let's Plays and stuff.
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My XBL Gamertag is:

Brad1725...( Brad172 was taken D: )

Probably going to be changed soon though.
I mostly play:

- Halo Reach
- CoD: Black Ops
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