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The PSN/Xbox Live gamertag thread

My XBOX live GamerTag is:


I play Call of Duty.
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My xbox live is AnRkyst. I don't get online alot though, I mostly use the computer.
My gamertag is DDDchu

And i love playing left 4 dead 2
Xbox Live: Bille
I usually play Grand Theft Auto IV. Ocurring any errors, send me a PM.

Clay_Buster PSN

If you add, me just tell me that your on SMWC. And no, I don't use mics

Always good for CoD 4-7, but if ur one of those nutcases who still plays warhawk than I'm down with that.
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Ok, this thread OFFICIALLY needs to be updated, I mean look at the list in the first post.
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

  • If you have Resident Evil 5 (360), i love you, and you should play it with me.

    My gamertag is; Elvenking

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    PSN: ces715

    PSN : VMAN4567

    I usually play Guitar Hero: WOR (online), or Assassin's Creed 2 (offline)

    MrL's PSN is:


    I usually play Black Ops, but I occasionally play Fifa (11) and GTA 4.
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    Updated this thread because it was really needed (as Chikane mentioned). If you encounter any typos/mistakes, feel free to sign it.
    My PSN name is Martin9172. I know, I'm original like that...

    I mostly(read:only)play Modern Warfare 2.
    Message of the week: I'm going to be inactive, except for the Third Earth story posts. So I'll be on here once a week.

    World's saga is on the fourth chapter.
    Game progress is still on chapter one.
    Character progress: 11 of 18.
    Bug fixing: Initiated.
    Just got my PS3.

    PSN is blminspace

    I might change it later, maybe.
    My PSN is HikariNoNanaki the only multi game I play is MW2.
    Get Chance and Luck!
    I made a new ps3 account where I'm mostly online on.

    I mostly play CoD 4 when nobody is online. But feel free to add me and send me an invite to Mw2. I still play that game but only in parties ^^

    I cry when angels deserve to die <3
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    Usually on for COD: Black Ops, DW Gundam 2, and AC:Brotherhood whenever possible.
    Willing to test and record any nontroll smwrom hack.
    Starting LPer.
    XBL: Natty Narwhal

    Play Team Fortress 2, Halo: Reach, FortressCraft 1. You might see me play the original L4D or ODST.
    layouts suck
    Xbox Gamertag: Pl X3r0
    I usually am found playing Reach, but if you get bored and wanna start a metal slug 3 game... im there! :D
    Warning, Reading may cause cancer. Add me on xbox live: Pl X3r0. need any testing? ill help.