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The PSN/Xbox Live gamertag thread

PSN: ergazoobi

I play whatever, don't really play online much but add me anyway.

XBL Gamertag: NeoSigma24

On Live I usually just play Halo: Reach and Halo 3 (and then I'm usually playing SWAT). I also play MW2 and BlazBlue:CS online
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I usually play Shooters. I got quite some games =D

Contact me,and we can play.
I am a bot. psn: vii_abm_iiv
xbl sickyoshi360- Alex01
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XBOX: Aww Son 69

XBL: kc g player

I'll be on after christmas playing some MW3 most likely.
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I don't really like the idea of posting my Xbox Live Gamertag here, so I'll instead acknowledge I have one and recently reacquired live. If you want to play with me send a PM my way and I'll give you the gamertag. Just make sure I'm somewhat familiar with you and know who you are before sending a PM, because otherwise I'll give you the wrong one! Bwahaha!......Ok maybe I won't do that. I play? I'm on the lookout for anyone to co-op Halo Anniversary, but I also play online on all the Halo games for 360. I play for fun though, I gave up competitive matches a long time ago. DeadRising 2 Off The Record Co-op is also something I'll play, plus maybe Resi 5 if you wanted.
Hmm... I never noticed this thread haha. Anyway my XBL Gamertag is AvengedxScrub =D Avenged is a clan me and a couple of friends started, which didn't hold together, but we still play together lol. Also Scrub is a nickname that my Best Friend gave me, he just started calling a bunch of people it randomly at his house haha, then he started referring to me as Scrub instead of my actual name, so I was like alright cool, no problem, not like I am an actual scrub, so whatevs haha.

And the games I play online are MW3, Halo Reach, sometimes Guitar Hero 3, an Indie Game called Total Miner, Ultimate MK3 (I am beast at that haha), and a variety of other XBL Arcade games.

My PSN is GigaX571. I mainly play Disgaea 4 and Little Big Planet. Not games people on here usually list, I know. =p

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
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my XBL tag is Atmapalazzo, I mostly play Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.
My Xbox live Gamertag is Rarewarrior980 or Rarewarrior908 i forget.

My Most Played game online would be Halo reach.
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Huh, haven't posted here yet? My Live GT is NismoZ58.
xbox live : Tristanrigdon (nospaces) add me.

my most played game is cod 4.
My Xbox Live gamertag is JWieg

I play MW3 a lot sometimes. I'm now into Halo: Reach.
60% of the time, works every time.

My XBL gamertag is evertXD.
I play shooter games like MW3 and BF3 alot.
Playing SMW is what I do! :D
Xbox Live Gamer Tag: slakkmichael

Games play: Grand theft auto 4, Minecraft, Halo reach, Saints row 3 and sometimes Battlefield 3.
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