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What are your holiday plans?

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I'm not quite sure what mine are I think I'm just going over to my grandparents house were we sort of share the holiday with our family.
Yay I finally got a layout! I feel like I am officially a member now, so this being the case, I don't know to much about chocolate hacks, but feel free to let me beta test any vanilla hacks.
well, on christmas eve, i'm going to my grandmas house, having dinner, talking, and what not.
Sitting around, doing English homework

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Sitting around checking this forum over and over and over...............and over again.

I'm probably going to be relaxing as much as I can.
Go to my grandparents house, get massive amounts of presents, hate everyone at my school, etc.
Sitting on my ass checking SMW Central all day.

Going to church for 2 hours, and to anxiously await my 30 minutes of sleep. *sigh* At least I wish it was like that. Christmas isn't like that anymore. I still go to church, but I sleep for like 12 hours. Present time isn't much more exciting either. Santa isn't real underage users!

I hate to feel like such a nihilist, but christmas isn't that fun anymore.

Probably lurk and post here rapidly due to my return, really glad im back, couldnt care less about christmas
not sure what im doing for the holidays though... :\

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
Stay home, rent a movie, and eat Chinese Food, which all Jews do on Christmas Eve.
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Sleeping and just sitting and doing makes me so freaking tired.

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A relaxing Christmas of eating good food and being lazy.
On Christmas day, my Grandmother is coming over for the day and on boxing day our family are going to my Aunt and Uncle's house.Free counters!
I live with my grandparents. Anyway, I'm gonna relax. Make my walkthrough I been wanting to do. Work on my hack. Open xmas presents & check smwc all day.
I'm tired.

Sonic 3 Restored patch coming soon
Probably gonna stay at home with my family, relax, do whatever I want and have a great Christmas and new years eve.
I'm at my parents' place until shortly after Christmas, so I'll be spending some time with them. I might go out with a few friends to see Sherlock Holmes on Christmas Day, but I haven't decided yet.

Either way, it'll likely be boring.
I'm going to the coast for ~2 weeks.
That'll mean no SMWC.

/me cries.
I don't plan to do anything for actual Christmas, but I do plan to go to New York for 2 days after. We're not staying for the ball to drop, because the costs of hotels and the pure crowdedness of the place would be ridiculous. There are only 2 things that I plan to do for sure in New York:
1. See a Broadway play
2. Go to the Nintendo store

So yeah, that's my plan.
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I'm most likely heading down to my grand folks house for 2 weeks but i still log on from time to time:) man i cant wait till the holidays though hangin out with some of my old friends
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I'm just going to be staying home, pretty much.
I've got two christmas parties to go to, one for each side of my family. Other than that I'll being working non-stop on all of the homework that was assigned for the holidays. Best vacation of my life.
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I am going to my cousins house. It is so fun there because it is 2 story and most of the time me and my 16 year old cousin wrestle.
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