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The Worst Mario Game(s)

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What in your opinion is the worst Mario game? I will list some categories for explanation purposes (also so you guys can use them) you can use them all for a single game or a different game for each category. Mine would be:

Graphics: Since this never really mattered to me much in any game, I cant fit a game here.

Difficulty: Definitely Super Mario Bros. 2 (JP), everybody knows this as the hardest Mario game in existence lol. If this wouldnt count, then I would say Super Mario Sunshine, since Mario is pretty much helpless without FLUDD, and even with FLUDD its hard to get to some places, and do some missions. (could also fit here, games that give away lives too easily)

Music: This is another category I can't seem to pick a game for, to me, all Mario games have great music. For this category though, you could list whether repetitiveness got on your nerves, or if the music was just plain bad. Even if it was a specific song(s) instead of all the music.

Gameplay/Physics: Again Super Mario Sunshine, for the Physics department. I just plain didnt like controlling Mario in that game. As for the Gameplay one, I would say the Mario Party series, since it really is only fun when you have other people to play with (which I dont) and playing by yourself, the CPU finds ways to cheat, especially if you put them on hard difficulty.

Feel free to add more categories if you so wish.
Back in my younger days, I used to hate Mario Kart because I could not even pass Donut Plains 3. :(
Graphics: Mario is Missing (Can you say, WEEGEE? :P)
Difficulty: Mario is Missing (don't ask)
Music: None, really.
Gameplay: Mario is Missing (being an educational game (I had no idea it was one until after I played it >_>), this is a given.)
Physics: Uhh... Can't really think of anything, but replace "Physics" with "Camera", and I'll answer with "Super Mario Galaxy". Fun, but disorienting if you run around to a planet's bottom over and over...)

Overall: Mario. is. Missing. EDUCATIONAL GAMES MUST DIE |-O
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Pikaguy said pretty much what I wanted to
I've liked just about every Mario game I've played (I don't dislike games, period; I just enjoy some more than others), but if I had to pick a least favorite, it would be Mario Party Advance. I got it expecting a full-fledged Mario Party like the console ones I'd always have so much fun playing with my cousin and brother - but instead, it was some kind of half-baked Monopoly/minigame collection that barely resembled an actual Mario Party. Not to mention that it was way too childish for my tastes. I haven't played it again since the day I got it. Fortunately, Mario Party DS delivered with proper portable Mario Party action.
Every single "Mario's Early Years" game.
Half of the time, education video games are total failures.
There's nothing wrong with educational games. It's just that most have no vision outside of "cram information down the player's throat and disguise it as a game." There's lots of potential in games for education if the people making them actually tried to make it fun.

Anyway, yeah, Mario is Missing gets my vote.
Originally posted by Kaijyuu
There's nothing wrong with educational games. It's just that most have no vision outside of "cram information down the player's throat and disguise it as a game." There's lots of potential in games for education if the people making them actually tried to make it fun.

Anyway, yeah, Mario is Missing gets my vote.

I remember seeing a video on Youtube discussing how a game can be educational without beating it into your skull. An example off the top of my head is Phoenix Wright- I probably never would have known what ballistic markings or double jeopardy was without playing the game, let alone anything about Japan's legal system.

On topic: Mario is Missing.
Originally posted by pikaguy900

Seconded. What about Mario's Time Machine?
Am I the only person who liked Mario is Missing? If you actually give it a chance and answer the questions it's fun running around crushing koopas...Mario's Time Machine on the other hand...FAIL

btw I was talking about Mario is Missing SNES not Mario is Missing PC erm WEEGEE
I'm somewhat surprised that no one has mentioned the Mario game that wasn't even a Mario game to begin with: Super Mario Bros 2 USA.

Sure, there were some cool enemies that have since become iconic in Mario games, but after how cool Super Mario Bros was, it was a HUGE disappointment (at least to me). To this day, I STILL haven't played it again (unless you count Super Mario Advance, which was a decent port and actually wasn't too bad - they added enough to make it fit in with the rest).
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Originally posted by Tom Snowshoe
Pikaguy said pretty much what I wanted to

Same here, but for difficulty I would have put Mario's Time Machine

There really isn't any Mario game I hate, but some of Super Mario Sunshine's toughest Shine Sprites really frustrated me. Also, I really hated Blooper surfing. I mean, if you hit something while riding the blooper, you die. What the hell? Plus, that storm drain level was pretty bad as well, as you have to be pretty well perfect in getting the red coins or you'll have to start over. So, yeah, if I had to choose a bad Mario game, Super Mario Sunshine would fit the bill.

I even had to resort to Action Replay cheats for a few parts toward the end, but that could just be me.
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You guys are also forgetting "Mario Teaches Typing" and "Mario's Early Years". Nothing like learning how to count to 3 with an excellent numbers lesson.

Also, Hotel Mario. Seriously, what were they thinking by making an Elevator Action clone on one of the worst consoles ever? Bah.
Silly SNN
Hotel Mario doesn't exist. What is this ridiculousness I always hear?
There is no Mario or Zelda CDI

Anyways, for worst Mario, I vote the tennis game on the virtual boy.
Virtual boy. Explanatory.
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Graphics: Hotel Mario (Cutscenes)

Difficulty: Hotel Mario (I've played it, and it's seriously difficult at some Hotels...)

Gameplay/Physics: Mario is Missing and Mario's Time Machine.

What is wrong with a floating dis-embodied Mario head?
Mario Teaches Typing is a crappy game but redeemed itself with " I'ma gonna fly for you!" and "Can you move on the ground? *Sings moving on the ground song*."
But I didn't really like SMB2 JP and US, well it was the black sheep. Umm... SMB3 wasn't spectacular but it was fun so that isn't my most disliked.
Probably Sunshine... I just couldn't get into that game, although the old skool sections where solid platforming action, they were a tad too hard.
Hotel Mario.
Enough Said.

i just lurk sometimes
Originally posted by Frosty
Hotel Mario.
Enough Said.

Actually, it's not. Nintendo has done worst in the past...

I think that this game is way less known than Hotel Mario, for 2 reasons:

1. It's made by Nintendo, but it's quite similar.
2. Luigi is purple. Nintendo, how did you manage to f&%# that up?

Anyways, this game was called Wrecking Crew, where Mario's objective is to break stuff. It's Hotel Mario, except with no Mario enemies, no coins, you have to hit many things multiple times instead of once, and you can't kill the enemies. If the lives counter didn't say Mario, Nintendo would have claimed it was someone else a long, long time ago.

Here's some of the early levels.

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For me, its a tie between Hotel Mario and Mario's Time Machine.
SMW rocks!
Luigi is the best.

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