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The Worst Mario Game(s)

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-Mario Teaches Typing <I have no comeback I just hate the game
-Mario's Early Years <Find...the...cow. 1 second delay per word = Fail
-Mario is missing <Need I say more?
-Hotel Mario <SMW2 my ass. Yes it was supposed to be SMW2 but Phillips screwed everything up
-Mario's Time Machine <Who plays an educational Mario game?

With that a side all the other mario games rule. Unless I am missing some other crappy mario game

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I, personally don't hate ALL the mario games but;

Graphics: Mario is missing! Man that game is horrible. Worse that Mario's time machine which was also bad.

Music: Mario early years, preschool fun! ... ... GOD THAT HAS ALSO BAD MUSIC AND SOUND!!!!!!

Physics: Super mario galaxy. ..............I know it's a space themed game but It took me a day to play it right.

End. All but super mario galaxy in this list is bad.
Nuff said...
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Mario Went Missing. omg, I gave up after 5 minutes. I wanted to rip my hair out.

Mario Teaches Typing. This game scares me.
I'm tired.

Sonic 3 Restored patch coming soon
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